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Question from Kate

Hi Debra,

Do you have any recommendations for nontoxic hangers?

Have you found any wood ones with a nontoxic finish?  Can’t seem to find anything!

The finishes are all polyurethane finishes and they are generally nickel or chrome plated hooks.  Not sure how you feel about the nickel hooks and if they are an issue as well.  

Thank you!

Debra’s Answer

Nickel hooks are only a problem if you are sensitive to nickel.

I’ve never had a problem with any of the finishes on any of the wooden hangers I have purchased.

I use only wooden hangers, which I have collected over the years from various places.

Recently I wanted to buy more but couldn’t find them at all in all the stores where I used to buy them.

When choosing hangers I recommend those that say “natural wood” or that are the natural color, which may have a bit of finish. I stay away from dark stained or finished wood which often have odors in the store.

I looked online and found these online:

Basics Wood Suit Hangers Home-it (24 Pack) Natural wood hangers Whitmor GRADE A Natural Wood Dress or Shirt Hangers Zober Solid Wood Suit Hangers

More wood hangers online.

Wood hangers are also available online at Bed Bath & Beyond and other retailers.

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