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Question from Candace

Hi Debra,

Is there a nontoxic bath tub mat? I know there are some made from rubber, but they stink! I want to so soak in the tub and not slip getting In and out of the tub but I don’t want to soak myself in PVC or vinyl chemicals, etc.

Debra’s Answer

Ah! Well The Soft Landing has already researched this and compiled a list of non-slip bathmats made from natural or synthetic rubber. No PVC.

Both of these rubbers may still emit odors, but not necessarily toxic. I’d go for the natural rubber myself, but I’ve had experiences where I had to return items made from natural rubber because I couldn’t be in the same room with them and others where there was hardly any odor at all.

CLEAR + WELL: In Search of PVC-Free Non-Slip Bath Mats.

Readers, any experience with non-slip bathmats you love?

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