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Question from Julia

I must have a back wedge for my bed that will allow me to sit up straight for eating and recline a bit as well. I can only find them in foam. I need a 12″ one.

I hate using foam but I need something sturdy, that will not loose its firmness, to support my awful upper back.

Ordinarily I’d assume that a barrier cloth cover would be the best type cover. I am pretty broke from years of living on disability, which leads to two, no, three questions.

I need this asap for I’m quite ill. My preference would be to get a craftmatic type bed with a safe mattrass (organic wool and cotton I guess) so that I could change angles for my back at the push of a button and it would also give me the needed lift for my knees (I have an old wedge for that with a reg cotton cover). But this option, while best for my health, is way, way out of range.

Thanks so much.

Debra’s Answer

Readers, do any of you have experience with this? I would probably go in the direction of making it with latex foam.

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