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Question from Vanessa

I am desperate for some answers. I have been experiencing the most frustrating “medical mystery” for months now. At first I thought my feet were just dry because I have  Hashimotos Thyroiditis, but after many failed attempts at moisturizing with different foot salves, I started to realized it’s got to be something else. My feet, really just my heels, are  killing me! I can’t sleep at night because the pain is exaggerated at nighttime for some reason. They have fissures, some so deep, that I can’t walk on them without going on my tippy toes. They are itchy, peeling and driving me nuts! The dermatologist gave me strong steroid cream saying it was eczema caused by contact dermatitis, but what that contact was is still a mystery. I had to do research on my own and I came up with two possible culprits, my Nike Air vapormax sneakers which are worn without socks so my feet have direct contact with the rubber soles and my Lauren Conrad flip flops from Kohl’s, both shoes I wear every day,  religiously. Please help me figure out what can be causing this awful pain so I can know what shoes to wear and not to wear from now on. Thank you in advance!

Lisa’s Answer

I am not a doctor so I really can’t diagnose any type of reaction.  Take a look at Debra’s List to find non-toxic shoe options.  Readers, has anyone experienced these symptoms and found shoes that work?



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