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Question from Cathy C

As one with allergies and moderate chemical sensitivities, I have always been leery of RV’s. However, we are getting closer to retirement and enjoy visiting state and national parks….and finding hotel/motels can be problematic and limited. We found a dealer in our region who carries AIRSTREAM, as we have always wanted to look at them and have basically ruled out other small/medium trailers we have viewed. We found very interesting in several that they had the aluminum skin on the inside, too, as a wall covering. That was intriguing as it would be one less man made covering to outgas formaldehyde and such, and would provide more of a seal. There still was, of course some cabinetry and such of man made components. Also, the dealership owner is one of the few we have found who understood thoroughly about the formaldehyde issue (although there was a lot of press about the sick folks in FEMA trailers). They carried a few other brands, and he was talking about last summer when he was out working/tidying in the trailers in high heat that he got sick in one of the other ones, from the outgassing of the fumes. After stepping into a Denali at the dealership, we were able to tell the great difference in air between it and the Airstream. We have learned in our home to have as much solid wood as possible and no particle board, plus no chemical cleaners, fragrance, etc.

We are nearly scared to make an investment, but…..Any information, suggestions, experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

I have bought several of your books over the years and always enjoy the blog.



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Readers? Your experience?

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