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Question from mimi

I live on a narrow lane where distribution power lines are very close to homes. One side of my house is located only 5 feet from such power lines (that run parallel to the back of the house); & a corner of my carport is just 5 ft from a transformer mounted on a power pole. All members of my family are at least 22 years old. Our sleeping areas are on the opposite side of the home from the power lines. The carport is attached to the residence. If we physically separated the car port from the residence, & removed all electric wiring from the now-freestanding carport, would that reduce ELF exposure inside the house?

Debra’s Answer

Info about safe distances from power lines is at Q&A: Safe Distance From Electrical Transformer. Since you’re only 5 feet away–I think that’s too close–I suggest hiring an EMF professional to work this out with you.

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