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Question from Shelly

Do you onow anything about the daniel sofa from four seasons? My daughter is toxic week from aldehyde and we moved and I haven’t really found the source of it but now it might be our bedroom furniture so I can paint that will save seal but I’m wondering if I need to cancel my new sofa order. My bedroom furniture is from Ashlea and it says made in Vietnam. We’ve had it for three years. And my daughters sofa says that it’s phase 2 California formaldehyde compliant. So her issues might be from my furniture. It might be really bad because I’ve really suffered with constant UTIs and pain. Now I’m wondering if it’s some chemical in the furniture or maybe it’s the formaldehyde anything that you know that you can share is much appreciated.

Lisa’s Answer


There are several chemicals of concern that could be found in a traditional sofa.  The most concerning are flame retardants.  You could call the company and ask if they contain any.  Here is an article that references other concerns.  Most traditional sofas, including the one you mention, is made with polyurethane foam, which can have many chemicals of concern.  California Phase 2 (CARB Phase 2) only measures the content from the wood components.  It does not tell you about the foam and fabrics.  You can check out Debra’s List of safe furniture makers.


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