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Question from Karen

Hello, my name is Karen. My husband and I own a roofing company in Tampa, Florida. I am interested in learning more about solar tile roofs. I had heard of a community in Arizona that had solar tile roofs. I would be excited to provide solar tile products and installation, if it were to be approved in Florida. Any information you have would be appreciated.

Thank you

Debra’s Answer

My husband and I thought this was a good idea too and looked into it. There are a number of different manufacturers making them now. For those of you that are not familiar with solar roof tiles, they fit in with your roof tiles instead of being large panels that sit on top, so you can have solar energy that is almost invisible (photo)

Here are some links to get started with. And I hope you do this as Florida is a prime area for solar energy and it’s not being utilized. So lead the way!

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