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Question from Laura

I was using a novelty stainless steel spoon the past couple of weeks in my tea leaving the spoon in the cup after pouring the boiling water in. I also had broken out with eczema on my eyelids that progressively got worse and spread to my face beneath my eyes and on my cheeks. I kept smelling an odd smell that smelled like stainless stell cleanser, but couldn’t locate it until yesterday when I could very distinctly smell it in my tea. I discovered this last year that I am allergic to nickel. So, my question is: Can the leaching of nickel be the cause of the outbreak on my eyelids and face?


Lisa’s Answer

I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose your specific condition but nickel allergies can present as an icy rash.  Many people with known nickel sensitivities choose to avoid stainless steel altogether because it can leach nickel when it comes in contact with acid foods or beverages.



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