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Question from Nicole


I was wondering if the Stokke crib was a good none toxic crib option just so long as I get a different mattress?

Lisa’s Answer


I would need more information than is provided on their website but there are some red flags.  The crib is described on some reseller websites as made of 100% beech wood.  On the Stokke site it is described as solid beech wood but then further down in the details it says it is a combination of solid beechwood, Beech laminate and beech plywood.  I find this very misleading. Laminate is made with adhesives so I would need to know what type of adhesives are used.  Plywood may contain formaldehyde.  I don’t see any certifications to confirm that they use formaldehyde-free plywood.

Also, the natural color has a finish that I would need to know more about.  The white and grey are stained and I would need to know more about the stain used.  You can call the company and ask if the have Safety Data Sheets for the finishes and materials used.  If you get those I can look at them to tell you more.


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