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Question from Maryna


Hi Debra and Lisa! Thank you SO MUCH for your priceless work!
I’m going to buy a snowsuit for my one year old son. I’ve already chosen the one from Deux Par Deux,but then read it’s made from Teflon coated polyurethane fabric! Isn’t it safe? I know Teflon is dangerous in cookware, but clothes… I worry a lot as I don’t want to harm my baby. Please, let me know if it’s safe and if not, what can you recommend as a baby snowsuit for winter. We live in Canada. Thank you very much in advance!


Lisa’s Answer


Unfortunately, most snow-wear is coated with a DWR (durable water repellant) and most of those coatings use PFC chemicals.  The good news is that the outdoor industry has been working on finding safer alternatives and there are more products coming on the market.  While the new alternatives are safer than PFC-containing products there is not a lot of information about just how safe they are.  You can read probably more detail than you want here.

There are some PFC-free baby snowsuits available.  Here are some options:




Jack Wolfson in 100% PFC-free.  They have kids jackets and snow pants but they don’t have baby snowsuits.


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