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Question from Lauren

Hi Debra, Thanks so much for your site. I have found helpful information here that I could not find elsewhere, and I really value your insight!

I have recently been reading about PTFE or Teflon coatings on razor blades, and I am having an extremely difficult time finding blades that don’t have a coating. Are you aware of any that don’t have a coating? Also, I have heard that PTFEs are only harmful at high temperatures, so would they be safe for a razor blade (used in the shower, and I do shower with pretty warm water)? Thanks so much!!!

Debra’s Answer

While I am in favor of eliminating Teflon in any way shape or form, if you need to use a razor and there are none available without, it’s not so toxic that it falls into the category that it could kill you on the spot. Use your Teflon-coated razors and cut back on some other chemical exposure or do more to support your health.


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