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Question from Lisa


So glad I found you in my research! Seems you have proof that I may not be a crazy person. I found it strange the few days after we purchased a Tempurpedic mattress, that I started wheezing and could hear whistling coming from my breath! (Never had issues before) but I’m aging and friends say asthma comes with age???
Hence, I went to my Dr., then was sent to a pulmonologist…and both Dr’s tell me my labs “look great for 56 years old and you must be having asthma with hormonal changes”?? But, my hormones are normal according to my bloodwork, so why are you giving me 2 inhalers, prednisone and nose spray?? Ok, so I did all that and notice I’m fine, until I go to bed at night and it starts up again… then I feel fine all day …when not in my bedroom? Not hard to figure it’s “maybe” the new mattress.
So , my husband says it’s the carpet… so we took out carpet…still wheezing at bedtime. I decide to sleep in another room for a week to see if issue goes away. Hmmm, wheezing got better, but not entirely gone? Husband feels bad and said how can they sell this mattress if it’s so toxic to people??? I can only find one lawsuit on tempurpedic and 2 comments from parents that had children with asthma like symptoms that started from when they had a tempurpedic mattress.  Can I please ask you if you have better proof or solid research information if tempurpedic mattresses cause issues like mine?? I did look on you pages, but only saw polyurethane & latex or down feather info? Do you have any research on tempurpedic mattresses causing breathing issues?  I’ve tried doing my own research, but feel you’re the professional with answers I cannot find? Help…tired of sleeping in the other room and want to know I’m not crazy that this started (I think) with new mattress.  THANK YOU DEBRA FOR THE WORK YOU’RE DOING TO KEEP US ALL INFORMED & SAFE XOXO! Many Thanks & hope you have some info for me.

Lisa’s Answer


Unfortunately, I can’t give you proof that the mattress caused your asthma.  Tempurpedic mattresses are made of polyurethane foam which can contain many different chemical additives.  Companies are not required to disclose the ingredients in the foam and if they purchase their foam from a supplier as opposed to manufacturing it themselves they may not even know what is in it.

The company claims that they do not contain formaldehyde which is an irritant and can cause respiratory symptoms.  If you search the internet for Tempurpedic and formaldehyde you can find claims that tests have found formaldehyde in their mattresses.  I can’t verify if these claims are true or not.

I don’t recommend any mattresses made with polyurethane foam.


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