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This morning I came across this post RAISING NATURAL KIDS: Lead in Stanless Steel Water Bottles which also referred to a post she had read at NATURAL BABY MAMA: Toxic levels of lead found in stainless steel water bottles.

Natural Baby Mama noted that many moms trying to find an alternative to plastic turn to stainless steel, thinking it is safe. When she found that some of her readers had found lead in their stainless steel water bottles, she and some of her readers decided to collectively test items they owned for lead. They hired Tamara Rubin, a lead-poisoning prevention advocate, to test some household items with an XRF. She is certified and approved to use these machines.

I want to be clear that the lead found in these water bottles didn’t come from the stainless steel. It came from paint, exposed lead solder and other points of exposed lead.

Each of the bottles where lead was found claimed to be “lead-free.” One was even certified nontoxic by MadeSafe.

The posts give the brands with exposed lead and the brands without exposed lead.

One of the bloggers then went on to give other references about heavy metals leaching from stainless steel. So while stainless steel doesn’t leach lead, it does leach nickel, chromium, and iron.

ARCHIVES OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY: Stainless steel cookware as a significant source of nickel, chromium, and iron

BULLETIN OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY: Leaching of heavy metals (Cr, Fe, and NI) from stainless steel utensils in food stimulants and food materials

You can also read more about stainless steel leaching heavy metals in my post Q&A: Stainless Steel Leaching Into Food and Beverages.

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