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Question from John Cochell

This is the way to go everyone get rid of your Analon, Teflon, Circulon and all other on’s.

Check it out. Google Green Pan With Thermalon


Debra’s Answer

I did check it out. I went to, and they didn’t have any information on what the coating is made from, so I emailed the company.

They emailed me CompositionofThermolon.pdf, which states that the composition of Thermolon is a trade secret, but it “is based on silica, which of course originates from sand.” This is basically glass. Other raw materials in the coating are oxygen and carbon. During the process of making Thermolon, the carbon is eliminated. So it’s basically some type of glass.

I’ve not examined a pan with this coating, but from the description, it seems fine to me.

It is sold on many websites. Not hard to find.

The company also wrote to me: “Thermolon has been thoroughly tested by independent Labs in the US, UK and Germany – it has even been tested by the Swiss government. All have certified it to be completely safe, with no toxins or anything harmful to man or beast.”

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