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I received this question from a friend of mine who publishes a magazine:

What can I recommend to a reader who has a new couch and is afraid of day-to-day stains and wants to avoid Scotchguard?

I replied:

First, is it a new toxic-free couch?

If not, it’s already got some kind of stain repellant on it.

Scotchguard changed it’s formula, so it’s no longer as toxic as it once was.

If it’s a natural couch:

1. I would just put something on it like a blanket or throw to protect the sofa. That’s what I did.

2. AFM Safecoat makes a product called SafeChoice Carpet Lock-Out.

“This one-of-a-kind product is designed to perform two functions: to seal in the outgassing of harmful chemicals found in carpet fibers and to help repel dirt and stains.” You can also apply it to fabric as a stain protector. I’ve used this on carpet and it’s very effective.

It turned out that the sofa in question was a toxic couch, but I wanted to pass on this toxic-free fabric protection product.

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