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Question from Kelly


Do Mikasa Intaglio, Corelle Indian Summer, Fire King green dinnerware, any corning Ware or pyrex contain toxins? Does gold rimmed Monet glassware?   Does Monroe (Lenox) stemware contain toxins?


Lisa’s Answer

For the glassware, I don’t recommend any with rimmed decoration.  You can read more about glassware, including Pyrex in this article.  Regular clear glass that is not leaded crystal is very inert and does not typically leach.  The US Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment has limit levels for the externally decorated lip area of drinking glass.  Glassware in the U.S. must meet these levels (200 ppm lead and 800 ppm cadmium) but they are fairly high considering there is no safe level of lead.  Unlike glass that that is inert, the decoration could flake off and be ingested.


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