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Question from Angela

Hi Debra,

I got a letter from the city water department to inform us the drinking water has higher level of Trihalomethane for several months now, basically about a year they said.

They told us we should not be alarmed or boil the water or take corrective action on our part.

I buy water from my local health food store in my glass container thus I am not worried about that because I don’t drink the tap water.

But, I am concerned because I shower and clean my organic vegetables and dishes with the water. I live in an apartment thus I really cant get a whole house filtration.

Is there a filter that removes this contaminant, Trihalomethane (THM). Is there a cleanse or something I need to do to get rid of this contaminant out of my system(body) since I’ve been exposed to it.

Also, any food or supplements to take protect my system from the Trihalomethane (THM) exposure.


Debra’s Answer

You should be concerned about bathing in water that contains Trihalomethans because absorption through the skin is the greatest route of exposure for this chemical. And THMs are known to cause cancer.

The solution for you is a shower filter, which will allow you to take showers that are free from THMs. You can also get a countertop or under sink filter for your kitchen that will filter out THMs for drinking water and washing vegetables.

The best source I know of for both filters is Pure Effect Advanced Water Filtration.

I have used both the shower filter and the undersink filter in my own home and was very happy with both. In forty years of looking at water filters, this brand is the best.

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