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Question from Justin

I suffer from mold illness and moved into a tiny house so I could control my environment better. The tiny house came with an All/In/One Washer Dryer made by Best Appliance. Whenever I run it I get heart palps and terrible headaches. It’s off gassing or something. I need to replace it and have just enough room for a side by side 24in washer dryer set. (I’m guessing the All/In One components may off gas, or this is not a quality brand) Are there any brands you trust? It seems everything has that Prop 65 Cancer sticker on it too.


Lisa’s Answer

It’s impossible for me to say what you are reacting to because everyone is different.  I’m not aware of any washer or dryer that is completely free of chemicals that could off-gas to some degree.  You might consider getting a floor sample or used model that you could test before you buy it.


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