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Question from K

I live in an apartment so I have to bring my wet, snowy and salt filled boots inside from a day in the snow. I have not been able to find a mat that does not smell awful. Any recommendations? Right now I am using a silicone kitchen drying mat but they are so small. Maybe what I am doing is the best idea? I need to find a really large silicone mat then. If using the silicone as I am, no toxins would escape into the air correct? Is there any way to know if the silicone is made out of sand vs. plastics?



Lisa’s Answer

Silicone is made out of sand, but like plastic, it can have additives that are not disclosed by the manufacturer.  Some silicone may be safer than others.  This is a topic I plan to do more research on.

Have you considered a metal tray.  Here is one example, but they come in many styles and price points.  Just make sure it does not have a finish or coating on it.


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