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Last week I wrote about toxins in clothing.  The thought of finding non-toxic clothing when there is so little transparency can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, there are many companies selling chemical-free clothing.  Here’s how to find them.


Debra’s List


There are dozens of companies profiled on Debra’s List that sell women’s clothing, men’s clothing and baby & kid’s clothing.  A good way to start the process of detoxing your closet is to focus on pajamas, undergarments and basics like tee shirts and jeans.  Here are some good sources to get you started.



Invest in a couple of pairs of GOTS certified organic pajamas.  This way, you will spend roughly one third of your day in chemical-free clothing.  It’s a good start.


All of Coyuchi’s pajamas (and all of their other clothing) are GOTS certified organic cotton.  Their products are expensive but they are the highest quality and will last for years.  These are the most comfortable pajamas I have ever owned.



Try to wear GOTS certified undergarments so at least the clothing that touches your skin is free of chemicals.


You can’t go wrong with this brand.  “Super soft organic cotton.  No toxic dyes.  No toxic pesticides.  No sweatshops.  No child labor.”  All of their products are GOTS certified.  Great for underwear and socks.

Maggie’s Organics 

Maggie’s Organics is a great source for socks.  All of their products are GOTS certified organic cotton or wool.  Some of the socks have a small percentage of synthetic fabric for elasticity which is allowed under GOTS rules.  They have athletic socks which can be hard to find.  Maggie’s also has a full line of clothing and accessories.


This company specifically provides clothing for people with skin contact allergies to latex and other common allergens.  While not certified by GOTS or Oeko-tex, they use organic cotton and are very transparent about the chemicals used in the process.  They focus primarily on undergarments and socks, but also have basic pants and tops for loungewear.  “All of our products are made from natural and chemical free 100% combed cotton material.  Our elasticized garments are made from a newly developed material that is both latex-free and spandex-free.  Our Cottonique fabric is…PH balanced to conform with the body’s natural acidic level and is totally free of dyes, bleach and textile chemicals commonly used in other apparel.”



Clothing basics like tee shirts and leggings that can fit often into your rotation will help you build a non-toxic wardrobe.


Pact sells more than underwear.  They have a full collection of clothing for women, men, babies and children.


Coyuchi has recently expanded their clothing line and now sells tees, sweaters, cotton pants and shorts.


Sustainable Clothing Websites


The websites, which is based in the U.S., and, which is based in Australia, feature brands that do good for people and the planet.  Be careful, though.  Not all brands or items are entirely free of harmful chemicals.  Fortunately, most of the featured companies are transparent about their materials and manufacturing processes so it is easier to find non-toxic options.  Many of the brands are GOTS certified.


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