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Question from Mimi


I was gifted the Poang Ikea Chair for nursing. It is very comfortable, but there is a distinct chemical smell. A quick google search has sent me down the rabbit hole of polyurethane foam and its potentially toxic qualities. I found your website through this search.

Instead of getting rid of the chair, I’d like to find an alternative foam/ cusion to replace the existing polyurethane foam. Can you recommend a vendor that can provide custom sized,  non-toxic alternative cushions? I’d like to replace just the foam part and stuff a new non-toxic alternative in the existing upholestry.


Lisa’s Answer


Here is a source.  It is not GOTS certified but they claim not to use any chemical additives to the natural latex.  You might also call mattress manufacturers who use GOTS certified latex foam and ask if they will sell you custom cut foam.


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