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Question from Beth

Asked Debra and never got a response on Xtrema cookware. Based on her recommendation I purchased hundreds of dollars of this cookware.
A friend told me about Tamara Rubin online site is Lead Free Moma. She found the cookware to be toxic based on her testing.
Wondering where you and Debra’ stand on this. It looks like u are still recommending this cookware. Maybe I am missing something.

Lisa’s Answer

I still recommend Xtrema and use them myself.  While I admire the work Tamara Rubin is trying to do, I believe what matters for cookware is what leaches out of the items and into food.  I have spoken at length to the owner and founder of Xtrema and know that the company is very transparent and dedicated to creating the healthiest products.  They use third-party testing to verify that their products are free from extractable lead and cadmium.  Read more here about their testing.  Plus, they are having a site-wide Thanksgiving sale.


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