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About Debra

June 17, 2019

Totally Non-Toxic Harwood Floors

  Question from Marcia Hi Debra, My home has two levels. The upstairs and stairs have subfloor, but the downstairs has a concrete slab. I would love to install solid hardwood, but I can’t figure out what would work for the whole house. I wouldn’t mind nailing, but that won’t work over the concrete slab […]

May 9, 2019


Shoes for women and men made with exceptional craftsmanship and materials. “In 2004 FEIT [fight] was born as a response—an evolution of consumerism and production that moves away from volume and excess, and towards quality and sustainability. FEIT footwear is built for longevity, from natural materials via human construction. All FEIT footwear is hand sewn […]

May 7, 2019


These shoes for men are a cut above ordinary shoes. Their about page starts with this quote “A man who works with his hands is a laborer; a man who works with his hands and his brain is a craftsman; but a man who works with his hands and his brain and his heart is […]

District Leathers

Vegetable-tanned hides for creating your own leather projects. In addition to the vegetable tans link here, also see the “cow hides” and lamb hides” menus and choose “vegetable tans.” See their very informative Leather Buying Guide . Free swatches. “Vegetable tanned leathers are tanned using strictly organic materials such as tree bark. They possess warm […]

Marlondo Leather

complete range of leather goods—including purses, backpacks, travel gear, and accessories—handmade individually by artisans using vegetable-tanned leather. Classic styles, reasonable prices. About their leather.

Etsy Vendors of Vegetable-Tanned Leather Purses

I had to include this because there are so many small artisans now working with vegetable-tanned leather that it was a joy for me to see their creations. You’ll find unusual designs here as well as traditional classics. Note the country items are shipped from as they are not all use. But here’s where you’ll […]

Frank Clegg

Fine leather goods handcrafted in the USA. These are very high quality and very expensive. About the leather.    

Eating “Plant-to-Mouth” From My Organic Garden

  I spend a lot of time writing about how we can choose consumer products that are made without toxic chemicals, but “toxic-free” also includes doing and making thing yourself without toxics. Such as organic gardening. This year we had a lot of rain, so my little garden is popping with plants I planted last […]

Is Silicone Inherently Antibacterial?

Question from Jennifer Hi Debra, Does anyone know if silicone touted as antibacterial and antimicrobial is that way because it is naturally a deterrent or if it is treated with a chemical? And if treated with a chemical to be antibacterial, is it inert in silicone in the final product? I can’t find any information […]

Ant Invasion in Home

  Question from Caroline Hi Debra, My home is prone to ants; and this time , as well as regular foundation spraying with Termidor, and placing advion ant bait in heavily infested areas within the home 3 x over the past month, it has been over a month that the ants invade the master bath […]

GDC/Building For Health

The global leader of healthy home material supply, specializing in interior finishes and furnishings such as AFM Safecoat Paints and others,, toxin-free flooring, custom air purification systems and solutions, and other nontoxic building products. Healthy building expert Andrew Pace has over 25 years experience in the education of home health and human wellness. With over […]

April 30, 2019

Hemp Huggers

“Organic, eco-friendly, hypollergenic clothing and swimwear for women, made in the USA since 1992” They offer more than 100 individual hypoallergenic latex-free organic colors and fabrics to choose from, made from organic hemp and organic cotton, plus lycra/spandex . Also visit their sister site Jita Swim and Island Wear for more hypoallergenic clothing.

Scarf Shop

Long and luxurious scarves made from organic or conventional cotton or wool,dyed by hand in small batches in Minneapolis, MN. Low impact materials and methods are used whenever possible. Kettle dying in small batches with water based dyes gives fabric a rich and mottled appearance. These are gorgeous scarves. Lots of beautiful colors.

Pamut Apparel

Simple yet styish clothing for women made from organic cotton, organic linen, or raw silk. “We use only natural fibers, sustainably sourced, in all of our clothing. We source only the softest natural fibers available. Our organic certified cottons and linens and sustainably sourced raw silks are beautiful, long-lasting, and pesticide free.”

Nutmeg Fibers

US Merino wool yarn hand-dyed with natural dyes. Also dye supplies. [looks like they are starting a series in their blog about a history of natural dyes. Episode 1 is Korean Natural Dyes.    


Bags of all sizes and natural fiber scarves “hand dyed naturally…We use plants, not pollutants, to create color for our accessories collection. The beauty of aligning our design, development and production with the East Coast seasons truly defines how guided we are by nature. Each season nature brings us many gifts, including the colors we […]

Camellia Fiber Company

Natural fiber yarns colored with plant-based dyes. “We believe in the inherent beauty and superiority of natural fibers, and work exclusively with them. From cotton and linen to wool and mohair, our yarns lend beautiful texture to your most cherished projects…we dye our carefully sourced mill-spun yarns in small batches with the utmost care. Our […]


Natural fibers…vegetable dyes…small batch production…exploring origins…handloomed organic cotton…Himalayan wild nettle…A beautiful collaboration of east and west making backpacks, totes, small accessories, and caps.

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