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See How I Search for a Non-Toxic Footstool

I’m in the market for a non-toxic footstool for my husband.  He has a chair that he uses in a quiet corner of our house and would like to be able to put his feet up.  Since it’s not in a main room of our house, I’m not looking for investment-quality furniture but I would […]

January 21, 2020

PVC-Free Adhesive Cord Cover

Question from Melissa I’m having trouble finding PVC-free adhesive cord covers to cover my long ethernet cables in the house. Optimally they are like these ones, but PVC-free:   Lisa’s Answer All of the plastic covers that I found were PVC.  Would you consider a fabric cover?  It would be safer to avoid the […]

January 18, 2020

Old Tupperware

Question from Theresa I have pieces of Tupperware that are now 30 years old in my kitchen. I’d like to make use of it, but am wary of old plastics.  Is there any health threat from it? What about 20-year-old Rubbermaid storage containers?   Lisa’s Answer BPA has been used in plastic since the 1940’s. […]


Question from Andi I got a new modem in early November and was concerned that it would produce smelly fumes.  I was pleasantly surprised – it was fine. But now,  just over two months later, when I am near it, it smells very strong from the fumes. Maybe I am just more sensitive right now […]

Oeko-Tex and Bedding Material

Question from Roger I try to buy organic or natural bedding but it can be expensive and I am not from the United States. For pillows I can’t use down/feather and want to avoid synthetic but all natural options are very expensive or have other issues (Kapok is very flammable). If I buy a pillow […]

Cutting Board

Question from Adriana I would like to know if there’s a wood and wood alternative cutting boards available that are toxic free; ie, they contain no formaldehyde, no mineral oil or any other toxin.  I’m looking for individual cutting boards for veggies, fruits and meats.  However, everything out there seems contain some type of toxin. […]

Sodium Ascorbate to Absorb Chlorine

Question from Fran I have chemical sensitivities and chlorine is one of my triggers. I just ordered filters (from Igor) for my kitchen sink, bathroom sink, and shower. Because Pure Effect does not have a whole house system anymore, I am also wondering about my laundry. What is your opinion of putting several teaspoons of […]

Where to Find Non-Toxic Clothing

Last week I wrote about toxins in clothing.  The thought of finding non-toxic clothing when there is so little transparency can be overwhelming.  Fortunately, there are many companies selling chemical-free clothing.  Here’s how to find them.   Debra’s List   There are dozens of companies profiled on Debra’s List that sell women’s clothing, men’s clothing and […]

January 14, 2020

So Many Chemicals in Clothing

Clothing can be one of the most challenging areas to navigate for people trying to live a non-toxic lifestyle.  Over 8000 chemicals are used in the production of clothing but the U.S. does not have a regulatory agency dedicated to overseeing textile production.  There is little transparency in the industry, but fortunately, some companies are […]

January 7, 2020

Low-EMF and Low Off-gassing Heater with 3 Prongs

Question from Sue I read through the recommendations for space heaters on this site.  I did further research, and though the suggestions are low-offgassing, they are not low-emf.  I have severe electrical sensitivities (as well as severe chemical sensitivities).  I had a Lakewood oil-filled radiator heater with 2 prongs which died, and then I found […]

January 4, 2020

Weighted Blankets

Question from Kiersten I’ve been searching for a weighted blanket to find and am having no luck finding one that doesn’t include some kind of polyester. The best I’ve found is this for example, with glass beads and certified toxic-free fabrics, but they still say the use a thin layer of polyester batting to hold […]

Coil Mattresses

Question from Viki What is your opinion on organic mattresses with coil inner springs in them? Does it work like an antenna, collecting waves? (I have heard that before but never researched it.)   Lisa’s Answer I am not an expert on EMFs (although I will be trained in it this coming summer).  But, based […]

Bad Smell

Question from Vangie A friend of mine made me a coffee table out of an electrical pole, its beautiful but it smell very bad and as if its toxic from where I read about electric poles… can Zinsser Bull’s eye shellac  block the smell?   Lisa’s Answer Shellac may block the smell but it will […]

Pressure Cooker

Question from Edy I found this pressure cooker online supposedly toxic free.  Any thoughts?   Lisa’s Answer The product looks to be non-toxic and they do independent testing for lead and cadmium.  I don’t have personal experience with it. I have an Insta Pot but do not use it very often and never use […]

Enameled Steel Tub

Question from Tami Hi I am wondering if you know anything with the Kaldewei enameled steel, porcelain bathtubs. We are going to have our bathroom redone and I am looking for a non toxic tub to replace a fiberglass surround. Any advice would be appreciated.   Lisa’s Answer I don’t have personal experience with the […]

New Refrigerator

Question from Audrey I may need to get a new refrigerator.  I called Needs in Syracuse and they said that the moso bags will not help with the outgassing/plastic smells in new refrigerator.  She had no suggestions except keeping the door open and putting an air cleaner in front of it.  Can you please post […]


Question from Sandy I am looking for safe dinnerware sets that would be heavy metal free as possible that is affordable? Is there any brands I could check into that you would know of? I did check with corelle and they said it meets prop. 65 but I know no amount of heavy metals are […]


Question from Shirley I read the comments from people hoping to find unscented or garbage bags without fragrance. Why did the makers of household products and trash bags start adding fragrance anyway? In most places a garbage can is provided or used for trash disposal. Where I live, we put our trash to the curb […]

Eczema and Furniture

Question from Bryan I have very severe eczema and sensitivity to all things. I’ve noticed that i tend to break out badly whenever i touch a couch with my bare skin. Same goes for carpet, rugs and stretchy fabric. I’ve heard that this is because of synthetic fabrics. How on Earth can I find furniture […]

Safe Finish for a Table

Question from Stacey I am trying to find a safe kitchen table. Is a table with a lacquer, or water-based polyurethane finish safe? Is one safer/preferable over the other?   Lisa’s Answer It really depends on the specific product used.  Some lacquers are now water-based.  You might consider buying a floor model that has already […]

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