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Why I Don’t Recommend Bake-Outs

Bake-outs are a frequent topic of discussion on Toxic Free Q&A.  Many people have reported success reducing odors from off-gassing building materials and household items using the bake-out method.   After reviewing available research, I believe the risks outweigh the potential benefits. A bake-out is a method of heating rooms to make chemicals from paints, finishes, […]

October 22, 2019

Blackout Shades and Curtains

Question from Deborah I’m looking for advice on a few toxic free items such as blackout shades and curtains and couches. My husband died from leukemia so I’m very concerned about toxins in the home. I’ve searched but have been unable to find zero VOC blackout shades and curtains.   Lisa’s Answer If you are looking […]

Organic Wool Dress Slacks

Question from Jamison I’m wondering do you know of any Organic Wool or Cotton Suit dress slacks available for purchase. I have some wool ones however they are not organic and i know non organic natural materials has toxins in it but im dealing with it at the moment ssince im unable to find these types […]


Question from Mary I’m wondering if there is anyway you (or one of your associates) could comment on the toxicity of OdoBan? I am disabled due to autoimmune problems. I live with my Mother – along with my five rescue cats, including one of whom has asthma). My Mother uses a lot of OdoBan to clean […]

Blenders and Juicers

Question from Marcella I have decided to start eating healthier by going plant-based. This will require a blender. Are there any companies on this website that sell toxic free blenders and juicers? I look forward to hearing from you.   Lisa’s Answer It really depends on the level of functionality you want with your blender and […]

Non-Toxic Sealer and Pre-finished Flooring

Question from Brenda We are looking to find a good non-toxic sealer to seal plywood sheathing from entering our living space. Also, looking for non-toxic hardwood prefinished flooring without formaldehyde or pesticides. Need to know a company ? I’m on the east coast . Any updates on safe building materials would help. I have MCS! Are […]

October 19, 2019

Space Heaters

Question from Michael I have a toxic brain injury and I just moved into a condo and it has natural gas heat. I turned it on and got so sick we could not get my pulse down. I react to mostly hydrocarbons and toluene very bad. I have a Gaba / glutamate receptor Damage. I have […]

Electric Slow Cooker and Skillet

Question from Linda I can not use my stove due to Electromagnetic hyper sensitivity so I am looking to buy an electric Slow cooker and a skillet. William Sonoma has an Electric All Clad Ceramic Cooker and Stainless Skillet. Have these products been tested for chemical leaching? Lisa’s Answer All ceramic slow cookers have tested positive […]

Foam Packaging

Question from AJ I have been using  supposedly non toxic  and safe cribs for my two little ones, with all the conversion accessories for toddler bed to full bed etc. I am curious about the storage of these  accessories. They are in the original cardboard boxes  with rigid foam/some bubble wrap or foam wrap for protection. […]


Question from Jane Are K-Cups (Keurig or generic) made of toxic plastic with bpa or other toxins that will contaminate the coffee with toxins? ALSO, the plastic bags at the grocery store to bag the groceries. I am cutting them in strips and attaching them so that I can use it like yarn (called plarn) crocheting […]

Are All Plastics Toxic?

We often hear that some types of plastics are safer or less toxic than others, but what does that really mean? There are many guides available that categorize plastics according to their toxicity.  These guides can be misleading because most plastic consumer products have additives to enhance their functionality.  A single plastic product can contain dozens […]

October 13, 2019

Elastics in Clothing

Question from Larry Was wondering what your opinion on spandex,elastane,or etc in clothing. I’m in the middle of buying some clothing such as jeans and short most of it is organic cotton and organic wool.There is also some non organic cotton pieces as well but on most of them (shorts and pants mainly) they all seem to […]

October 10, 2019

Nylon in Socks

Question from Larry All the socks I like to workout in have a decent percentage of nylon included in them.I’ve heard nylon is also quite toxic.  Do you, or readers, know of a good, sock to run and/or workout in without nylon or is nylon ok to have in small percentages when buying socks? Lisa’s Answer […]

Non-Toxic Sleep System for Sale

Question from Jackie I am trying to sell my non-toxic sleep system because it is not comfortable for me.  Our king size bed has 2 coconut coir bed mats, medium dunlop latex from Savvy Rest, Shepherd’s Dream Wool mattress, and 2 wool toppers. Lisa’s Answer Readers, if you are interested submit a note to me on […]

Off-Gassing Furniture

Question from Clara I am currently doing a bakeout in my garage. I have a pleather couch I am trying to off gas and a table and chairs. Will the bake out off gas furniture? if so how long would it take? Lisa’s Answer I am no longer recommending bake outs.  Debra has had success in […]

October 9, 2019

Non-Stick Cookware

Question from Nancy Is there a truly “non-stick” safe skillet? Even with Xtrema cookware they suggest using some type of oil and their skillets are on backorder. Lisa’s Answer I use an Xtrema skillet and a cast iron skillet and I rotate them.  I have a small stainless steel skillet that I use occasionally for eggs. […]

Crumbling Polyurethane Coating

Question from JoAnneh I am a Pilates fusion teacher and yoga teacher.  In many of the corporate group exercise rooms I teach in, we use weights coated with polyurethane or neoprene.  In many cases these coatings are cracked, chipped or falling off in pieces. I have read that these disintegrating materials are quite dangerous to 1) […]

Is Marble Toxic?

Question from Anonymous Is marble non-toxic or does marble cause cancer? I have a black marble mortar and pestle from IKEA and I’m wondering if black marble is safe and non-toxic or should I be concerned about using a black marble mortar and pestle? Lisa’s Answer Natural marble is non-toxic.  I don’t know if the product […]

Choosing a Safe Steam Iron

Many of you have asked for help finding a non-toxic steam iron. The main concern with steam irons is that several models have non-stick coatings such as Teflon, the best-known brand name for polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). When PTFEs are heated to high temperatures they break down and release toxic chemicals. Some non-stick coatings may be free […]

DriCore Subfloor Panels

Question from Llya I’m currently finishing my basement and planning to use DriCore subfloor panels. It is almost impossible to find health effects of this product. Would you know if the product emits formaldehyde or other chemicals dangerous for health? Lisa’s Answer The MSDS states that it is bonded with formaldehyde adhesive, so I would […]

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