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Tips for Non-Toxic Holiday Gatherings Copy

One of the best things about the holidays is gathering together with family and friends for special meals and gift-giving.  Unfortunately, all of that cooking and decorating can add to indoor air pollution and toxic exposures.  Here are some easy tips to keep your gathering safe and healthy.   Avoid Candles and Scented Décor Candles […]

November 22, 2020

Where to get custom non-toxic foam or stuffing

Question from Mimi   I was gifted the Poang Ikea Chair for nursing. It is very comfortable, but there is a distinct chemical smell. A quick google search has sent me down the rabbit hole of polyurethane foam and its potentially toxic qualities. I found your website through this search. Instead of getting rid of […]

November 15, 2020

Computer, Hemp, and Shoes

Question from Petra   I have MCS and I am looking for a new computer / laptop, which is working for people with MCS. Do you know something? Do you know hemp fleece for making filling for a futon by my self? Which are the best shoes and sandals for MCS?   Lisa’s Answer   […]

Indoor Door Mat

Question from Judy   I’ve been looking for a nice looking indoor mat to place inside the apartment front door now that the weather is getting sloppy. I’m not finding anything I like. Either the bottom is smelly rubber or there is Microban. Do you have any information on what would be appropriate for a […]


Question from Beth   Can you tell me what you suggest and where to purchase cookie sheets that are not aluminum or coated?  The best, safest one out there? Thank you!   Lisa’s Answer   I use one by All Clad.  It is uncoated stainless steel.  It is expensive but great quality.  You can read […]

Teflon Coated Baby Snowsuit

Question from Maryna   Hi Debra and Lisa! Thank you SO MUCH for your priceless work! I’m going to buy a snowsuit for my one year old son. I’ve already chosen the one from Deux Par Deux,but then read it’s made from Teflon coated polyurethane fabric! Isn’t it safe? I know Teflon is dangerous in […]

New Carpet

Question from Jane   We just had regular new carpet installed in our Master bedroom 2 weeks ago and the Smell is terrible!!!  It’s still giving us headaches and congestion even with running our air purifier And whole house fans!  Is there anything else we can do to get rid of it?   Lisa’s Answer […]

Moisture-Wicking Technology

Question from Mir   I was looking at a simple sweatshirt that says it has ‘Moisture-wicking technology’.  Does this always refer to a chemical treatment of some kind?   Lisa’s Answer There is no specific standard for the term “moisture wicking” so it could vary.  Wool can be considering a natural moisture-wicking material.  Synthetic fibers […]


Question from Alex   I was wondering if you could go through the melaleuca ingredient glossary and let us know what you think of this list? It still bugs me that the individual product labels don’t clearly list the names of each ingredient instead saying “fragrance” or “plant-derived surfactants”. Lisa’s Answer   I agree […]

Stainless Steel Dishrack

Question from Becca   I purchased this “brushed” stainless steel dish rack. It appears painted silver. Is this safe?   Lisa’s Answer   I submitted a question to Lifetime Brands which licenses the Kitchenaid brand name to product this.  I will update this when I hear back.  I don’t know what it is coated […]

Space Heaters

Question from Melanie   I live in Minnesota, but will not be using my furnace this year. I believe there is mold in the air ducts. Had everything else checked but when I put it on I feel really out of it and last winter there was a lot of water dripping into my closet […]

Getting fragrance out of leather seats

  Question from LA Our college daughter who lives with us bought a used car, and realized afterward (when it heated up and especially when the seats are heated) that it has been treated with a fragrance. It does not seem to come out of the heating and cooling system, however, the surfaces smell like […]

Is It Toxic to Eat Off Depression Glass?

Question from TA Hi Debra, I’m wondering if you’ve ever looked into whether “Depression glass” is toxic to eat off of. I have a set that was gifted to me years ago; it was a collection that was built up over time, just as a collection, not for actual use. I am now wondering whether […]

November 8, 2020

Glass Cooking Jars

Question from Karen   I’ve been shopping for large containers to hold whole grains. I’d like to keep the grains in their original packaging so the jar needs to be big to accommodate that. Basically my concern is keeping mice out (as we speak they are making their annual pilgamage in). And I’m not wanting […]

October 27, 2020

Mattress Cover

Question from Summer   I am writing to learn more about what mattress cover to purchase. Are you familiar with Boll and Branch’s organic mattress cover? This looks good to me and I thought I’d check here in case there’s another brand/company/consideration I haven’t thought of.  Thanks in advance for any suggestions!   Lisa’s Answer […]

Bedframe Stains

Question from Stefany   Hello Lisa, do you recommend any of the finishes in this furniture website? Or is it better to get it unfinished and keep it unfinished (worried due to potential mold or termite). Or would it be better to finish it myself with Vermont natural coatings? (Even though I’ve never done it). […]

Children’s Nap Mats at Preschool

Question from Mathew   Does pu leather pose the same risks as PU foam? Is PET (PE) foam generally safer than PU foam? I work at a preschool where all the mats are 100% Polyurethane foam. I want to find safe and viable alternatives. I’ve just started learning about the unsafe nature of these materials. […]

October 21, 2020


Question from Madelyn   Hi Lisa! I have some questions about the toxicity of burning candles. My husband and I completely revamped our lifestyle a few years ago to a more healthy and non toxic life. We are very careful with what we buy and or bring into our home, especially with 2 young kids. So […]


Question from Sheryl   Have you found any affordable unfinished wood dressers that are not made with toxic materials? Thanks!   Lisa’s Answer   You can check out Debra’s List for safe furniture brands.  One of those listed is Unfinished Furniture Expo and they have reasonable prices.  You can also opt to have them painted with […]

Styrene Butadiene Latex Toxicity

Question from Viki   Having trouble finding information, I am able to understand, on the toxicity of latex mattresses made with blended [synthetic 60%/30% natural}latex. Most of what is available on line is connected to businesses selling competing products and seems biased. Wondering if you could provide any insight or suggest a source for this information. […]

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