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Is Your Tap Water Safe?

This past summer I wrote a post about PFAS chemicals in farm produce.  The source of the chemicals was from ground water that had been contaminated from firefighter foam used primarily on military bases.  At the time, the contaminated ground water seemed relatively contained to areas in close proximity to military bases.  Now, EWG has […]

December 10, 2019

Versatile Almond Cookie Recipe Will Let you Make Almost Any Holiday Cookie You Love Gluten-Free, Egg-Free, and Dairy-Free

I know many of you reading this have enjoyed my holiday cookies recipes in the past in my food blogs. This year I don’t have a food blog, but I will be launching a new food blog in January. It’s called Wholefood Cuisine, and all the recipes will be made with whole foods, like this […]

December 9, 2019


Question from Sandi I can’t find a radiant heater that doesn’t smell& also have small duraflame which only supposed to smell at first but I still smell have sinus issues & allergies bad headaches t,nausea wondering if from fumes & if toxic?I need heat for bedroom. I’ve googled and called companies with no good answers,all […]

December 8, 2019

Non-Toxic Sofa

Question from Stacey I am trying to find safe/safer, affordable furniture. I see one popular store (Crate and Barrel) makes a sofa that has “soy-based polyfoam” cushions, “wrapped in fiber-down blend and recycled fiber, encased in downproof ticking.” There are also springs in the sofa. What do you think about this sofa? Is it better […]

Wool Blanket Marked “Mothproof”

Question from Eugenia bot in thrift store. label states: 65% new wool 35% reprocessed wool Mothproofed looks in good condition  – cant judge age of blanket – has one small tear on an edge. I want to cut it  up for mini blankets to put in Catio (indoor/outdoor)  cat beds for extra warmth this winter […]

Safe Bakeware

Question from Reenie My niece wants to buy her mom new cake baking pans.  She wants to buy some sort of coated copper bakewear. Is there some writeup in Q & A that you could point me to that reviews best green bake ware.  Thank you!   Lisa’s Answer There are several types of bakeware […]

Silicone Bakeware

Question from Judy Are silicone bakeware products safe for cooking/heating food or liquids?   Lisa’s Answer Studies have shown that silicone is safe up to about 350 degrees.  Read this detailed thread.

Elevated VOCs

Question from Kristen We have lived in our home for 10 years. My daughter is now 18 and her health has steadily and drastically gone downhill over the same time period. She has been seen by every specialist you can think of but they’ve all been stumped. It recently occurred to me that maybe our […]

Safe Toys

Question from Shelley I would like to get some Peppa Pig play sets for my granddaughter. I wrote to the company about materials, and this is the response I got: “Thank you for contacting Jazwares LLC and for your interest in our products.  All of our toys comply with CPSA standards as required by law. […]


Question from Sheryl My daughter got some earings that come with a warning that says this product may expose you to chemicals such as nickle and cyanide which are know in the state of California to cause cancer, etc. Would you be concerned or is this just one of those Prop 65 warnings that has […]

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

I’ve put together a list of holiday gift ideas for friends, family, and for yourself.  Most of these items are ones I own or plan to buy.  Please leave a comment if you have additional ideas to share!   Hostess Gifts/Stocking Stuffers   KeepCup Glass Travel Mugs  A great alternative to plastic or stainless steel […]

November 26, 2019

Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet Sprayer Replacement

Question from Miriam Whew, that was a long title!  We need to replace ours, as the  part that pulls down has sprung a leak.  What ought one look for in this type of purchase?  It seems important as it will be in contact with our water. I’ve found a few on Amazon that look decent […]

November 25, 2019

Living Near Power Lines

Question from Stacey We are currently looking to move to a new twin and have found two possible houses. The house that is closer to school and more convenient is situated near large power/transmission lines ( approx.  .25 mile away). I’ve called the town for more information, but since I do not own the house, […]

Fiesta Dinnerware

Question from TG Is Fiestaware (claim to have glazes free from lead and cadmium) safe to use in any color?  Historically, their famous red Fiestaware had uranium from  the ’30’s to the ’50’s.  They  are manufactured here in the USA and are beautiful. Lisa’s Answer All of the colors are lead free.  Here is a […]

Xtrema Cookware

Question from Beth Asked Debra and never got a response on Xtrema cookware. Based on her recommendation I purchased hundreds of dollars of this cookware. A friend told me about Tamara Rubin online site is Lead Free Moma. She found the cookware to be toxic based on her testing. Wondering where you and Debra’ stand […]

New Tire Odor

Question from CMP I never thought about it until after the fact…got 4 new tires put on my SUV today & the smell of them & in the inside of my vehicle is now intolerable. I have MCS, multiple allergies (including latex) & asthma. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to do? I […]

Picture This!

When I moved into my new, non-toxic home I was very careful about which furnishings to bring with me.  It didn’t make senses to invest so much time, effort and money into building a clean home only to fill it with items that could off-gas or leach harmful chemicals.  Most of our old furniture was […]

November 19, 2019

More About Blenders

Last week I wrote about PTFE as an ingredient in the seal at the bottom of Vitamix containers.  I want to reframe this discussion because this is not an issue about one brand.  I have researched further and found that other blenders, high-speed, professional-grade blenders in particular, also contain PTFE.  And some that do not […]

Plastic-Free Holiday Lights

Plastic-Free Holiday Lights   While shopping in San Francisco last week I found these wonderful little holiday lights. I bought a box and brought them home and hung them up.    Even though they are very tiny, they produce a lovely light.   These are tiny LED lights on a thin copper wire, but the […]


Question from Shana I’m looking for bedroom furniture for my son’s room, as well as the master bedroom.  I’d like to find non-toxic furniture that’s traditional, rather than contemporary.  The more I look, the more confused I get!  There are many Amish manufacturers that use solid wood furniture, but the stains are low VOC.  I […]

November 18, 2019

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