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Question from Nikki   If an item that uses organic cotton is blended with 5% spandex is it considered fairly safe? I am trying to get natural products for my baby but some things are very hard for me to find without a small percent blend. I’m very limited it seems. Also I am finding many […]

October 20, 2020

Covering Lead Cords with Washi Tape

Question from Mary   I have seen several discussions on this site about the lead in cords.  Would covering them in washi tape be a good idea to reduce lead exposure?  Are there any concerns with washi tape? Or what about painter’s tape?   Lisa’s Answer   I’d recommend a fabric cover.  You can find hemp […]

Cover for Cochlear Implant Cords

Question from Miriam   My daughter wears cochlear implants, which have cables that connect the magnet to the processor.  Her audiologist kindly gave us some covers to strengthen then and keep them from kinking up but when I asked the Etsy vendor about them, she informed me they are made from PVC.  Could you PLEASE help […]

No-VOC Exercise Equipment

Question from Greg   Any recommendations on no-Voc home exercise equipment?  Looking for options from stationary bicycle to resistance bands. -Here is an example of resistance bands : -Home gyms are heavy on plastics. -There may be some good examples of stationary bikes. Lisa’s Answer   I think it would be a great business idea for […]


Question from Stefany   At the moment I can not afford real wood drawers or cabinets. Would metal drawer organizers be non toxic? I want to buy some down below for clothes and kitchen/pantry as well. Lisa’s Answer   Unless you are sensitive to EMFs I think metal dressers are […]

Cowhide Rug

Question from Stacey   I’m wondering if cowhide rugs are toxic, or if the end product is toxic to touch. I am aware that the tannins used in the process of leather-making are toxic, so I avoid leather furniture. Would a cowhide rug be safe for my home? Lisa’s Answer   Most cowhide rugs are made […]

Jewelry Glue

Question from Mir   Could you help me find a good jewelry glue? This is not something I intend to use often; just to repair a few pieces of jewelry, so perhaps it’s less of a concern and the exposure is only while it’s drying? I googled non-toxic jewelry glue but not sure what to look […]

Non-Toxic Vehicle

Question from John   Good Afternoon, I am chemically sensitive and searching for another vehicle to replace my current 15 year old van.  I live in Boston and looking for a reputable dealer that anyone has had success in New England. I am currently outgassing my wife’s 3 1/2 vehicle we bought new. Vehicle is still […]

Convection Ovens

Question from Duane   I saw an article about convection ovens on Debra’s site . Is there an updated list on buying convection ovens? Lisa’s Answer   I haven’t done a full investigation on ovens in general.  If you have read my guide on Toasters and Toaster Ovens you’ll understand how challenging it is to get […]

Toaster and Toaster Oven Buying Guide

It’s hard to find safe, non-toxic kitchen appliances because manufacturers don’t always list the materials they use.  Here’s a guide to help you find a toaster or toaster oven that uses safer materials. Toaster and Toaster Oven Buying Guide

October 13, 2020

Non-Toxic Dishes

Question from Lisa   I have 2 sets of Villeroy and Boch dishes that I received as a gift.  I have the Manoir pattern and the basketweave pattern.  I can not find any good info on whether or not there is lead or cadmium in them. I have heard that there are stricter laws on manufacturing […]

Stokke Oval Crib

Question from Nicole   I was wondering if the Stokke crib was a good none toxic crib option just so long as I get a different mattress? Lisa’s Answer   I would need more information than is provided on their website but there are some red flags.  The crib is described on some reseller websites as […]

Toy Dinosaurs

Question from Mir   My kids have been begging for toy dinosaurs.  I am looking for your advice on the toxicity levels of a few, and what you’d do 😉 Depending on your answers, I think I may just make these ‘outside toys’.  Please let me know if the risks of any of these materials, in […]

Tempurpedic Causing Asthma?

Question from Lisa   So glad I found you in my research! Seems you have proof that I may not be a crazy person. I found it strange the few days after we purchased a Tempurpedic mattress, that I started wheezing and could hear whistling coming from my breath! (Never had issues before) but I’m aging […]

Futonshop Products

Question from Anu   I am looking for toxin free living room furniture. Is the Amish Chemical free futon truly chemical free? What mattress should I choose- natural latex, wool, organic cotton, coconut ? What do I ask to know if the mattress is truly non-toxic? Lisa’s Answer   The Amish futon frame looks to be […]

Austin Air Purifier

Question from Roya   I wanted to get more information about Austin Air purifier. I just bought the standard one and and turned it on for the first time on full blast. It made me feel light headed and queasy. Just wondering is this normal because of too much toxins in my home? I bought this […]

Carbon Water Filters

Question from Pia   i just got a cuisinart coffee maker and it has a carbon water filter-is this safe? Lisa’s Answer   I assume you are referring to the carbon in the filter.  Carbon is safe.  Just make sure you are replacing it as directed.  When the carbon becomes saturated it can re-release impurities back […]

Cottonique Underwear

Question from Bonnie   I know organic framing uses manure fertilizer. I buy cottonique drawstring undewear and did a one time bleach in the past to disinfect. I recently received their socks that had a strange smell which my friend and I wondered if it was a manure odor. I just purchased more undewear. If I […]

Can You Use Lead Test Kits on Ceramic Dishes and Cookware?

I’ve written recently about the possible presence of lead in ceramic dishes and cookware.  The FDA recommends using lead test kits as a way to determine if it’s safe to eat or drink from your ceramic ware.  This type of test is helpful but limited.  It’s important to understand what you can learn from it […]

October 6, 2020

Is Borax Safe?

Question from Dylan   I basically wanted to know what the verdict was on borax? I have seen various things in various places about it and I am considering using a wallpaper adhesive that contains less than 1% Sodium borate, decahydrate.  Just wanted to get your thoughts on the safety of this product as I will be […]

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