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polyester fleece

Question from Jennifer Hi Debra,I am curious about your opinion of fleece clothing. I am referring to the garden variety microfleece, not the greener, recycled six pack ring kind. Are there any health risks associated with it? How about children’s sleepwear that has NOT been treated with flame retardands? (I understand that polyester is inherently […]

January 2, 2007

Alternative to Aluminum Foil

Question from Mary Anne Hi Debra – Happy, Healthy New Year to you! I’ve been reading so much about the problems with using aluminum for cooking. I’ve figured out really good alternatives to aluminum foil for everything except baking in the oven (such as covering very large roasting pans and covering turkeys with foil tents). […]

How Do I Choose a Nontoxic Car?

Question from miko I am chemically sensitive and i am shopping for another car. i am very confused and overwhelmed by all the things to consider. New cars will reek all the formaldehyde, plus whatever is put in by the manufacturer ( would you know the specifics?) Used cars, usually if they have been well […]

Wood Wick Candles

Question from bev Rockey I received one for Christmas. I was told they are made of Soy and Pariffin and the wick is organic wood. Are the safe ? Debra’s Answer I hadn’t heard of this product before, so I looked it up. It was easy to find by typing “wood wick candle” into a […]

December 19, 2006

Need Advice on Latex Beds

Question from Cathi I was wondering if you could perhaps point me in the right direction. I have been looking into buying a tempurpedic bed, but would rather buy a natural bed along those same lines. From what I can tell, the Talalay latex bed might be the best bet. When I have been to […]

Black walnut goblets

Question from William Hello, I have recently turned some black walnut goblets, but Im stuck on a natural way of sealing them for use, I would like to use them for My own made wines and such so the seal would need to be acohol resistant as well. Thanks William Debra’s Answer I suggest you […]

Economical Source of Date Sugar in Bulk

Question from wt hello, I’ve been cooking with date sugar of late, and love it. however, it is very expensive, and difficult to find. does anyone have a good source for date sugar online? i’m currently paying about $9 per pound at whole foods. Thank you. Debra’s Answer Best price I could find is $3.60 […]

Winter Break

I’m taking a break to spend time with friends and family. Will be back at work on January 2. You are welcome to submit comments and questions and I will review and post them when I return. Have a wonderful holiday!

Teflon on George Forman Grills?

Question from bev Rockey I am really trying to do away with all my Teflon coated cooking pans. How harmful is the George Foreman Grill? I love mine. Debra’s Answer Personally, I don’t use any pot, pan, or appliance with a Teflon or other no-stick finish. There are different grades of Teflon, but it’s all […]

December 14, 2006

Fiberglass Insulation Problem

Question from CynthiaK Hello, We are thinking of buying a 1920 house that has fiberglass insulation haphazardly placed throughout the attic. My husband wants to have the the new air conditioning ducts installed there. I am afraid that the workers will track it through the house or worse yet, get it into the air ducts […]

Looking for Vitamin D3

Question from HAH Hello….help, Searching for a Natural Vitamin D3 (Cholcaliferol),encapsulated in Veggie Capsules or in Bovine Gelatin Capsules or if possible in Tablet form. Not the synthetic version (Ergocalciferol)! Really need your help! Thanks, HAH Debra’s Answer Readers? Anyone know where to get this?

December 13, 2006

glass food processor

Question from stacy I always worry that the polycarbonate plastic is leaching into the hot food that I put into the food processor. Does anybody know if there are any food processors made of glass? Thanks. Stacy Debra’s Answer I don’t know of one. Readers? I’d recommend using a high-speed blender to puree hot foods […]

toxic windows

Question from baf We are having a difficult time finding safe windows for our house. We put new windows in my sons bedroom and we are no longer able to go near that room. I called Jeldwin and asked for the material saftey sheet and sure enough they were vaccum sealed to the core with […]

December 11, 2006

Cleaning the barbecue

Question from Dalia We just moved to our first home and the previous owner left the barbecue in dare need of some cleaning…any natural way to do it??? Thank you Dalia Debra’s Answer Readers? What have you used?

Pesticide Residues in Brewed Coffee

Question from Dorothy You said that roasted coffee beans contain pesticides, but I’m not finding anything that verifies that. I’m finding plenty that suggests the coffee fields and outer plants are full of pesticides but, as I understand it, the bean itself is then soaked, fermented, dried, and roasted. Although it’s clear that the pesticides […]

Do some Visions cookware have Teflon?

Question from FRAN Debra, I have received help from your site countless times; but was confused when i searched for nontoxic cookware. I plan to throw out a Visions pan that is cranberry and seems to have a black Teflon coating, but I noticed that you recommended Visions. I finally confirmed that this is a […]

Domestic Spider Treatments

Question from josylo What would you suggest to control domestic spiders for a house in the woods. There is too much inside ! I don’t want to use the commercial treatments proposed. Any suggestions ? Debra’s Answer I’ve lived out in the woods and decided myself to just live with the spiders. For the most […]

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Cleaning Products

Question from Lisa Nyden Dear Debra and Readers, I recently purchaced an all purpose cleaning product called “Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day” I just have to say that I LOVE it. I chose the Geranium scent it is so nice and very refreshing. I was pleasantly surprised. It is made with safe ingredients and not tested […]

Cleaning a Humidifier

Question from Michelle Debra, My doctor recommends I clean our baby’s cool humidifier with bleach and hot water. I do not use bleach for anything else because it is so toxic. Do you have any recommendations on how I can clean the humidifier and remove any mold in a less toxic way? Michelle Clark Debra’s […]

Will a hemp or cotton shower curtain dry overnight?

Question from Nikki I’ve been working on turning our apartment “green.” Background: Our bathroom doesn’t have a window and the exhaust fan the manager had put in doesn’t work as well as the old one. Two showers are taken on a daily basis. I’d like to get a hemp or cotton shower curtain. Which curtain […]

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