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batting in sofa

Question from ib I purchased a cotton sofa with foam batting wrapped in down; is this safe? If not will a cotton slip cover prevent the off gassing. I looked up afm safe choice capret lock out, but it says it’s only for carpets. I emailed them to find out if this product can be […]

November 18, 2006

Petroleum Distillates and Petrochemicals

Question from Lynn Hi Debra, What is the difference between petroleum distillates, and petrochemicals? Is one more toxic than the other? Lynn, Michigan Debra’s Answer Petrochemicals are any chemicals made from coal tar or crude oil. Petroleum distillates are petrochemicals that have been distilled in a refinery and then usually processed further and purified in […]

Healthy rug grippers

Question from kt Hi, I’m looking for non-toxic, high quality rug grippers for throw rugs that I take up and wash and also larger wool rugs. I know that there are some nasty chemicals in a lot of grippers sold out there. Anyone know a good source for non-toxic ones – and what they are […]

November 17, 2006


Question from Leah We recently visited Chicago and went to the IKEA store there. Based on what I have read about this company, the store seemed like a dream. The prices were incredibly low and they had tons of furniture amd things to choose from. This is what I read on “IKEA : This furniture […]

Another Side of Being Sensitive…

This morning I received an email from someone with MCS with a gift for everyone with MCS. She said her MCS often reminded her of her favorite childhood story “The Princess and the Pea”. And that sensitive young lady turned out to be a princess! It just reminded me that inside, we are all princesses […]

November 16, 2006

Oxygen bleach

Question from Dalia Frydman Now that Oxigen bleaches are all over the place (even 99c stores have them…) I wonder which ones are really effective because the prices really vary…Dalia Debra’s Answer I contacted Natural Choices Home Safe Products, a small company who created their own oxygen bleach based products, and asked them to respond […]

November 15, 2006

Steam Cleaners

Question from Mary Anne Hi Debra – this is Mary Anne Stern in Los Angeles (the person who sent you the organic manicure/pedicure recipes). THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the help you give to us persons with MCS (I have fibromyalgia also). Anyway – Can we pretty please get your “take” on the value […]

Non-toxic Bathtubs

Question from Susan H. Debra, Thanks for the great information on your blog! We are planning to remodel parts of our bathroom, such as using porcelain tile on the floors and inside the shower. We are trying to find out which bathtubs are the least toxic. The old acrylic tub that we’ve had for 15 […]

November 12, 2006

Reacting to organic cotton

Question from Merilee Eggleston Here’s a strange question: Any idea why I might react strongly to organic cotton but not to conventional cotton? This is true of all the organic cotton I have tried over the years, from the least expensive to the purest of the pure (SuiteSleep)–clothing, sheets, mattress and pillow covers, you name […]

November 10, 2006

Diatomaceous Earth

Question from Deanna Hi! I was wondering if you, or anyone out there has heard of this or has used it, and if so, what kind of results did you get with it? I am including the web site where I purchased this (see below) because it has lots of information that seemed in line […]

November 8, 2006

Window Treatments for Insulating the House

Question from Robin debra And All, I’ve been through all the sites mentioned in the “window coverings” section of Debra’s list, and am still wrestling with this problem. I want to buy a curtain for a sliding door situated on the bottom level of my house. This room gets very cold in the winter, and […]

Removing mold from wood cutting board

Question from Amy I got careless and let the underside of my big expensive cutting board get wet, and stay wet without checking it. Today I found a black mold spot 2″ x 4″. I don’t know what to do. I tried peroxide (one treatment) and ultraviolet lamp (grow-light-one treatment), and sandpaper to remove the […]

November 7, 2006

Green Building Resources

Question from D. W. Hello Debra, Love your website. We are about to start building a home, can you recommend a book or resource to try and build it as ‘green friendly’ or non-toxic as possible? Thanks. Debra’s Answer Actually, I can recommend lots of resources. The Building page on Debra’s Bookstore lists many books […]

Washing Wool Blankets

Question from Helen We inherited several old wool blankets that have been stored for many years. They are nice blankets and we would like to use them, but they have a musty smell. Is there a healthy way to have them professionally cleaned? Otherwise, all I can think of is to wash them by hand, […]

Natural latex mattresses and latex allergies

Question from Maureen Anderson I have been using Talalay Latex pillows for a few months and am considering purchasing a natural latex mattress. I have MCS and worry about developing a latex sensitivity, which can be very serious if one needs surgery. What I find on the internet indicates that it is the protein in […]

Floor Underlayment

Question from Leah Is there any type of floor underlayment for wood or cork floors that is low or non-toxic? I have looked at cork underlayment, but it is expensive. Did you use any type of underlayment with your wood floors Debra? Thanks! Have you had any experience with SOUND SOLUTIONS floor underlayment? We are […]

Are neoprene lunch boxes safe for my kids?

Question from Becca Hello, There are some soft neoprene lunch boxes that lie flat (making them easy to store) for sale in our neighborhood and I’m not sure about wether they are “safe” or not to use for my children’s school lunch. They are in bright colors and I’m not sure about the dyes used […]

November 3, 2006


Question from Francesca I am so conflicted about what to with our roach problem. Does anyone have any effective ways of getting rid of roaches? We are going crazy. We clean up completely, spotlessly everynight but still have a problem.. We are getting desparate and really don’t want to have to use a spray.. Help? […]

November 2, 2006

Space Bags

Question from Carol My mom died of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and she was a very healthy eater. I have to assume that she contracted this cancer from her environment. I am trying to become more conscious of the things I use in my home as a result. My question has to do with plastics and storage. […]

Heating Pads or Other Heat Sources for Relaxation and Pain Relief

Question from Robin I experience muscle tension and pain in several areas of my body, and one of the treatments recommended to me is the apllication of heat. I have a hot water bottle, but this doesn’t work well for neck or shoulder pain. I’m looking at getting an electric heating pad so I can […]

October 22, 2006

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