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Safety of Rubbing Alcohol

Question from D. M. I came across a recipe for a homemade shower cleaner using equal parts water, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and a couple drops of liquid dish detergent. Is rubbing alcohol a non toxic ingredient to use for cleaning? Thanks for your reply and I am looking forward to receiving your e-newsletter as I’m […]

August 28, 2006

Nontoxic Lice Shampoo

This product was sent to me by a reader. Lice R Gone ¨ is an enzyme based product that “has such low toxicity it is essentially harmless to people, pets, wildlife and crops…is completely biodegradable upon application…has no residual contamination…and is quick acting and totally effective against head lice and their nits.” It contains Purified […]

June 28, 2005

Liver and Kidney Detox

Question from B. K. Do you have any special natural remedies to detox the body……the liver and kidneys??? I think sometimes feeling fatigue all leads to a good cleansing of the liver….getting it to be strong and flushing out all the toxins! Thanks! Debra’s Answer I’ve used the Kidney Rejuvenator and Liver Rejuvenator products from […]

March 16, 2005

Nontoxic Outdoor Grill?

Question from B.R. I want to purchase an outdoor grill for my husbands birthday. Is there anything that would be nontoxic? Debra’s Answer The burning of all fuels produce combustion by-products and smoke, which make food taste delicious, but are harmful to breathe. So regardless of which type of barbecue you choose, try not to […]

Green Bathtubs

Question from C. H. I am looking for an airjet tub that would be safe. One company [name deleted] said that their urethane tubs are the only green product around. My HVAC guy says that 100% acrylic tubs are inert. However, as far as I can see, the acrylic tubs have a fiberglass and resin […]

High Cocoa Dark Chocolates

Question from C. W. I’m wondering if you could recommend a dark chocolate bar plain that is at least 74% cocoa. I don’t know how to “read” the labels to tell. For instance this Hershey’s Dark Chocolate I have here Ingredients: Sugar, chocolate, cocoa butter etc. I would think cocoa would be at the top […]

Safety of Talalay Latex for MCS?

Question from H. G. I am a regular reader of your columns and refer to your book regularly, however I must take exception with your recomendation of Talalay latex for the chemically sensitive. Talalay is processed with and contains 3% preservatives like poly ethylene glycol. Dunlop latex is probably a better choice for MCS types. […]

Clean Salad Spinner With Baking Soda

Question from J. B-G I want to tell you how fantastic baking soda cleans up the salad spinner “cage”! This salad spinner of mine has been in regular use for about 25 years; periodically it gets hand washed with warm soapy water and after being rinsed, put out in the California sun to be sanitized; […]

Water Filter Basics

Question from J. L. I just bought a water filter and I’m not sure I bought the right one. What should I be looking for in a water filter? Debra’s Answer This is a big question. There is a whole chapter on choosing water filters in Home Safe Home, and I’m also in the process […]

Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Question from J. P. Can you tell me about Sodium Laureth Sulfate? I know labels often say it is “derived from coconut”, but is it really a natural ingredient? Debra’s Answer To answer your question, here is an excerpt from my book Home Safe Home about natural ingredients bold added. Sodium Laureth Sulfate is also […]

Nontoxic commercial cleaners

Question from J. S. Can you direct me to nontoxic commercial cleaners? I am chemically sensitive, and I would like to promote safe cleaners to my medical providers. Debra’s Answer Yes. There are three that I know of. Naturally Yours products are made from natural ingredients; Safe Source products are made from nontoxic petrochemical ingredients; […]

Safe Dinnerware

Question from J. W. Do you have a suggestion for safe, non-toxic everday dinnerware? Debra’s Answer Personally, I stay away from plastic dishware of any kind. I have an assorted collection of dishware and glassware that includes clear glass, handmade pottery, recycled glass, and an old set of Wedgewood china that was given to me […]

Dyes on Imported Fabric

Question from J.G. I’ve been looking for flannel sheets but noticed that many are imported. Not real clear on this issue, so do I need to be concerned about the type of dye that is used in any imported fabric? Which would mean only made in U.S. cotton or organic would be safe. Thanks for […]

Is silicone cookware safe?

Question from L. G. I am looking for materials that works well as a non-stick baking and stir-frying surface and that will not harm my family. What do you think about silicone bakeware for environmental and health issues? I know Teflon is dangerous but what about silicone? Debra’s Answer Silcone bakeware and other kitchen utensils […]

Controlling Ants With Kindness

Question from L. S. I would like to share an update on dealing with the annual ant visitation which seems to coincide with the winter rainy season. As you discovered, they can be washed away with a sponge [I wrote this in Home Safe Home – DLD]. However, mine come back, and keep coming back […]

Safety of ACQ Pressure-Treated Wood

Question from M S-M I live in Orford Qc where there is a conservation national parc, a very delicate ecosystem. Unfortunately , it is a very beautiful mountain also and a promotor is now on is way of exchanging the land for another to built around 2000 condos and new golf courses. The builders have […]

Cotton Lunch Bags

Question from M. B. Love the newsletter. I cannot wait to buy the revised edition of your book! I have a quick question – are there alternatives to vinyl lunch bags? My nine year old son has a vinyl lunch bag the cooler type that really needs to be replaced and we hate the smell […]

The Safety of Pewter (Old and New)

Question from M. C. I have an antique pewter salt shaker I bought it at an antiques store in Boston in the 1950s, and gave it to my parents then–it is old, old. I use it at the stove when I add salt rarely to food I’m cooking. Is it safe? It seems to me […]

Sofa Cushions

Question from M. G. I purchased a used sofa and would like to replace the seat cushions. What can I use instead of foam? Debra’s Answer You could use natural latex foam like the kind used in beds or cotton or wool batting. Many years ago, I replaced the foam cushions on a sofa with […]

Natural and Synthetic Latex Pillows

Question from M. K. I am thinking of buying some latex bed pillows but I know some have a mixture of natural and synthetic latex. Since you would be breathing so close to the pillow for 8 hours a day, does synthetic latex outgas? Debra’s Answer Home Environmental Consultant and Certified Bau-Biologist Mary Cordaro says […]

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