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Inexpensive Water Filters

Question from S. M. I read your tip about avoiding water stored in plastic containers. We’ve been using a Brita pitcher as an inexpensive solution for the water we drink at home. The problem is that the Brita pitchers are plastic. Is there an alternative that is comparable in cost? Debra’s Answer I think the […]

March 16, 2005

What Pillow Do You Sleep On?

Question from S. M. We are curious – what pillows do you sleep on? Debra’s Answer Organic wool pillows from Shepherd’s Dream. I have slept on cotton and feather/down pillows, but when I tried wool, I fell in love with them. :- We have the standard size bed pillows and also the wool neck rolls. […]

Floor Wax Stripper

Question from S. P. I own a small janitorial company. My mother and my wife both experience symptoms of chemical sensitivity and over the past year I have been converting to all green products. I enjoyed your book on the non-toxic home and office. I liked the fact that instead of dwelling on negatives until […]

Is the Sentricon Termite System Safe?

Question from S. S. What can you tell me about Sentricon Colony Elimination Systemfor termites? The pest control people say it is nontoxic, but I don’t believe them. Debra’s Answer I looked up this product on the Internet because I wasn’t familiar with it. It is a bait station filled with bait that is placed […]

Silicone baking mats vs parchment paper

Question from S. T. Why do you recommend silicone baking mats? Isn’t cooking parchment safer? Debra’s Answer Cooking parchment also called parchment paper, kitchen parchment, greaseproof paper and cooking paper is a sheet of paper impregnated with silicone, which makes the paper grease- and moisture-resistant as well as relatively heat-resistant. It is commonly used to […]

Natural Black-out Curtains

Question from T. A. We need black-out curtains for our baby’s room, but I can’t find all natural material. All have some polyester, or vinyl, in them. Debra’s Answer Readers ~ I tried to find all-cotton black-out curtains or even black-out fabric, to no avail. All contained polyester. When I couldn’t find an all-natural solution […]

Is there formaldehyde in gelatin capsules?

Question from T. S. I have recently heard that the capsules used to package vitamins and herbs are not good for you. Is this true? if so, what is a good alternative to getting the benefits of the these nutrients if not in pill form. It seems difficult when most of us have neither the […]

Cotton Swimsuits

Question from A. Z. What kind of swimsuit do you wear when you swim in your chlorine-free pool? Are cotton swimsuits available, or swimsuits made from other natural fibers? Debra’s Answer I have had cotton swimsuits in the past, but today I wear standard nylon swimsuits for a couple of reasons. One is because nylon […]

Safe tile grout and backerboard

Question from B. C. Thanks to all your tips, my wife is really feeling much better with her MCS. In fact, we’re now carefully considering putting a tile floor where the carpet used to be in the bathroom adjacent to her bedroom. Using your recommendations we have found safe tile adhesives and grout sealers but […]

Nontoxic garden hose

Question from R. G. I was wondering if you know of a safe nontoxic garden hose, one that doesn’t leach any toxic chemicals or plasticizers into the water? Debra’s Answer All garden hoses are made from either polyvinyl chloride “PVC” or “vinyl”, rubber, or a combination of the two. Vinyl hoses are the least expensive […]

Safety of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides

Question from R. R. I’ve recently found some cosmetic powders mostly made of cornstarch and iron oxides. Are iron oxides just as bad as zinc oxide and titanium dioxide? After reading about these ingredients in your e-book Debra’s Guide To Choosing Natural Sun Protection I’m wondering if iron oxides are just as bad. Thanks! Thanks […]

Types of Wood Flooring

Question from R. W. We want to replace carpeting in our daughter’s bedroom. She is chemically sensitive and so we were comparing prefinished wood flooring with laminate wood flooring. At our local Lowe’s store we saw Bruce wood floor and a Pergo laminate. Is the laminate more toxic than the wood ? We hope to […]

Fels Naptha Soap

Question from Z. X. I’ve seen many recipes for cleaning items using Fels Naptha soap. Do you have any idea of whether this has toxic ingredients? Debra’s Answer 100 years ago, Fels-Naptha was the most commonly used laundry soap. It is hard to find now, but is still available on the internet, if not at […]

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