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Fruit & Vegetable Wash Safe?

Question from LM Hi Debra, I buy organic produce but I still feel like I have to wash it. Are the “non-toxic” fruit and vegetable washes safe? I’m reading the ingredients for a popular one by ECOS that sells at my local food co-op and the ingredients are: Water Alcohol Denatured. (corn-derived solvent)\ Decyl Glucoside […]

March 5, 2019

Aura Air

  Question from Catherine Hi Debra, This product says “The World’s First Total Air Solution. Detect pollutants then clean them right up. What do you think of it? Debra’s Answer I’ve been studying and reviewing air filters for forty years and I just want to say that this is an interesting piece of marketing but […]

Root canal vs implant vs excision & bridge for MCS

  Question from Colleen Hi Debra, Does anyone have experience with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and having a dental implant, root canal or excision and bridge put in. These are my 3 choices. Any thoughts or suggestions? What procedure did you choose, why, pros, cons,did you have the procedure in the oral surgeons office, any complications […]

Nature’s Fabrics

A great selection of natural fiber and fabrics, including cotton, hemp, wool, and bamboo, many organic. They also carry some synthetics, so choose appropriately. Many weaves and colors and some hard-to-find natural fiber blends, such as heavy cotton/hemp fleece. “We are a small family business living on a farm in NW PA. We strive to […]

February 12, 2019

Blue Q

Totes and other bags made from 95% recycled polyethylene rice sacks (don’t know the other 5% but it’s nothing that I can smell). These bags are unusually fun and functional. I have a shoulder tote and I love it. The nontoxic material is waterproof so it protects the contents of the bag when it’s raining, […]

Gudrun Sjoden

Bright and colorful clothing for women made of organic cotton, linen, and other natural fibers (some contain a small amount of synthetics, so read descriptions carefully). Styles are generous and flowing with a Scandinavian look, fabrics are solids and patterns with nature themes. Eliminating chemical use is part of their extensive “environmental thinking.”


A simple movie-timed sized strip “loaded with eco-friendly, ultra-concentrated cleaning power” brings nontoxic detergent to laundry. Ingredients were chosen specifically to be free of toxics—no dyes, chlorine, dioxane, parsons. Fragrance-free option.

POH Personal Oral Hygiene

Dental floss and toothbrush used by Preventive Dentists. “These are Dentists who have studied the science and art of preventing disease from ever taking hold in the mouth. These Dentists do not want to fill another cavity, or pull another diseased tooth…The science behind our toothbrushes and dental floss was developed by a Medical Doctor, […]

Toxic-Free Living as an Act of Love

In 2015 I was invited to speak at a summit called Self-Love Revolution. Of course, I spoke on the subject of Toxic Free Living as an Act of Love. Since it’s Valentine’s Day this week, I thought I would offer you the giveaway as a Valentine’s gift. I hadn’t read it since then, but I […]

New Survey Asks California Women About Consumer Product Use to Determine Exposure to Toxic Chemicals

  A new study is looking to survey about six hundred women across California about their use of consumer products “to better learn the types of products women use, how often women use them, and how women choose the products they use. This information will help us understand exposures to chemicals in consumer products. Responses […]

Coracao Chocolate

I found these chocolates at my local community food store, who often carries products not found elsewhere. Simple and delicious organic HEIRLOOM chocolate sweetened with coconut sugar. 81% dark heirloom chocolate comes in bars in several flavors, and they also have boxes filled with pieces in flavors you would recognize from a candy store. Great […]

February 5, 2019


This is a unique and interesting product designed to “combat hair loss and hair thinning and improve overall hair health.” It’s made with only four natural ingredients, including an herb from the Amazon rainforest. “When applied to the scalp, CRIA’s powerful antioxidants neutralize the toxins while the essential nutrients nourish the follicles. CRIA’s Sesame Oil […]

Alex Crane

“Breezy linen clothes” for men in the USA, made from “fabrics, colors and fits that make us feel playful and sharp, because we all do our best when we feel light.”

Aizome Bedding

Sheets and pillowcases “developed in Japan with dermatologists to give your body and skin a restful sleep experience free of any synthetic materials or irritants.” It is entirely organic and made from only two plants [cotton and indigo] without hidden extras: No polyester, no heavy metals, no micro-plastics, no formaldehyde, no gross stuff.” This bedding […]

Shop Vustra

100% organic, premium quality shirts for men. “We only use low impact organic dyes, pure, soft at first touch 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and every stitch is organic too! we ensure that our shirts are made with fashion-forward European style and feature the most intricate style details. Our entire collection is made with 100% […]

Call to Action: New Fragrance-Free Campaign

  A few years ago I was interested in doing a fragrance-free camping to raise awareness of fragrance issue and provide resources for people to easily eliminate fragrance from their lives. At the time, I wasn’t able to make that happen because there were other things going on in my life, but I also didn’t […]

Least Toxic Spray Foam Insulation?

Question from Lora Hi Debra, What would be the least toxic whole house spray foams to use for insulation. the type you would spray in your exterior walls (and interior?). the type that expand when you spray in walls. my husband just wants to get something from home depot or lowes and i’m really stressing […]


February 1, 2019

Organic Attire

I found this small business at my local Gravenstein Apple Fair. I saw a black shirt with autumn leaves falling whimsically down the front and then was delighted it was made from organic cotton. It’s one of my favorite shirts of all time. This artist-owned and operated business provides their customers “with beautiful and unique […]

January 29, 2019

Lead-free door knobs

Question from Terry Hi Debra, Do lead free door knobs exist? Debra’s Answer This is a very difficult question. To answer this question thoroughly you would need to know: * the types of doorknobs available * the materials used to make each type And then you would need to review each one and choose those […]

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