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About Toxic Free Body

Toxic Free Body is about how you can help your body be toxic free by supporting its natural functions that remove toxic chemicals, through using nutrition and other natural substances. And it’s also about choosing the purest and most effective nutritional supplements that are free from toxic additives and contaminants.

You already know that eating good whole foods, exercising, taking vitamins, getting a good night’s sleep, and other common sense practices are good for your health, and you are probably already doing many of these.

But unless you are doing something to detox, toxic chemicals that are already in your body are working against every action you take to improve your health.

I post weekly articles about detox here, which contain tips for simple things you can do at home to help your body detox as well as information on how you can use wholefood supplements to create health, and how to tell which supplements are real foods and which are toxic synthetic nutrients.

The first step, of course, is to reduce the amount of toxic chemicals you are being exposed to, which is covered abundantly in other parts of this website. But even if you are living in a perfect nontoxic home, your body is still carrying around toxic chemicals from past exposures as well as collecting more toxic chemicals every time you leave your home and go out into our toxic world.

If you are living on planet Earth today, you need to detox your body if you want to be healthy.

There are many types of “detox” programs, each one suited to a different purpose. The purpose of this site is to help you do the type of detox that will remove toxic chemicals from your body with methods and products you can easily use yourself at home.

Here are some simple things you can do to get started.

1. Drink water to help flush toxic chemicals out of your body
One of the major pathways through which toxic chemicals leave your body is through your kidneys. And to do that, your body needs lots of water, at least 8-10 8-ounce glasses of water per day (or drink the number of ounces of your body weight divided by 2, for example, 150 lbs body weight divided by 2 equals 75 ounces, or 10 glasses). Without doing anything else, just drinking enough water will help your body detox. Be sure to drink good, toxic-free water so you don’t add more pollutants to your body from the water. Here’s the water filter I use in my own home.

2. Exercise to release toxic chemicals from their hiding places in your body
Another major pathway for your body to eliminate toxic chemicals is through your lymph system. Your lymph system collects toxic chemicals from every cell in your body and eliminates them through your kidneys via urine. But your lymph system doesn’t have a pump to move it, like your heart moves your blood. You need to move your body to move your lymph. When you exercise, you both release toxic chemicals that are stored in various parts of your body, and you move your lymph system. So get up and move! Any exercise will do. Walking is great! Here is an article about exercise in our blog…

3. Take Pure Body liquid zeolite detox drops to remove toxic chemicals from your body in 4-6 hours
Touchstone Essentials Pure Body drops contain zeolite, a natural minerals that attracts toxic metals and chemicals that are in your bloodstream and carries them out of your body via your urine. They work to reduce the load of toxic chemicals in your body even if your detox organs aren’t working well. This is an easy and affordable first detox step that anyone can do, priced so everyone can take them every day. Read more about activated liquid zeolite and order

4. Populate your intestines with billions of probiotics to support detoxification
Half the detoxification for your entire body occurs in your gut, and probiotics are the beneficial bacteria that do all the work. Without them, your body could not digest the food that fuels every function of your body. Every day toxic chemicals in foods and beverages are destroying the beneficial bacteria in your intestines. Even the chlorine or chloramines in a glass of water will kill the bacteria in your gut, just as it kills bacteria in the water. Taking probiotics gives your gut a chance to work properly, restoring it’s natural function after years of toxic assault. Read more about probiotics and order…

5. Read my book Toxic Free, contains many simple things you can do to begin to remove toxic chemicals from your body.
Take a look at the BODY chapter, which covers:

  • Your Body’s Detoxification System
  • How Toxics Move Through Your Body
  • How You Can Support Your Detox System
  • How You Can Protect and Strengthen Your Detox Organs
  • How You Can Remove Toxic Chemicals from Your Body



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