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Washers and Dryers

Question from Dalin

Do all dryers have the prop 65 warning?
I looked at some at Home Depot and I didn’t
see the prop 65 label on them.When I was shopping I only saw the prop 65
label on the GE stack combo washer and dryer
Which I bought now I’m really worried.

Lisa’s Answer


Unfortunately, I am not aware of list that tells which washers and dryers have the Proposition 65 warning.  You can call GE and ask them what chemical is used in your model that requires the warning.  Then you can ask where it is used in the machine and what the consumer exposure is.  Often times, the warning is for something that is used in the cord or another component that the consumer has little or no exposure to during normal use.

Ozone Deodorant

Question from Whitney

Hello, I hope you’re doing well and staying safe. I was using to it website to find a non toxic deodorant. I came across a post on your website from 2016 about Ozone Deodorant. You sad they don’t us actual ozone, but on video on another site the co-founder does say they use actual ozone. I’ve included the video below. Does this change how safe you find this product? Based of my research ozone can be pretty dangerous stuff, would using it in this form be dangerous as well? Thank you so much for your help!

Lisa’s Answer


Indeed it does say they use ozone!  I have removed it from Debra’s List.  I will need to do further research to better understand the risk.  In the meantime, I would chose another deodorant.

Toaster Ovens

Question from Joseph

Hi. Thank you for this great website. We are looking to replace a toaster oven and are wondering if you have recommendations. It’s almost impossible to find out if they’re prop 65 compliant. We definitely want stainless steel and NOT non-stick. Thank you for any recs.

Lisa’s Answer


I am working on a Buying Guide for Toasters that will be posted next week.  Check back then!

Aluminum and Toasters

Question from Lisa

Hi, I was wondering if you have ever looked into toasters? I have been doing some research and it seems that often the interior part of the toaster where the bread is toasting is commonly made from aluminum which concerns me. Knowing the health concerns of aluminum, this concerned me. I just thought I would reach out and see if you happened to have looked into this topic.

Lisa’s Answer


I am working on a Buying Guide for Toasters that will be posted next week.  Check back then!

New Air Purifier Reviews: Air Doctor, Airpura and More

I hope you have had a chance to read my new Air Purifier Buying Guide. I received a lot of questions about other air purifiers that were not discussed. The guide is designed so that you can evaluate any air purifier you are considering by comparing the outlined criteria. I did get multiple requests to look specifically at the following brands:
* Air Doctor
* Airpura
* Aireox
* Austin HealthMate Plus Junior

Here is a review of these additional brands. I hope you find it helpful.


New Air Purifier Reviews

Sur La Table Green Pan

Question from Ron

1) Do you have any further information about the safety of Man Pans? You last wrote about them on 8/6/17 and said: “
“…They say their [new] non-stick finish is Gem-X2, “a two layer sapphire/quartz-like natural mineral finish permanently bonded to our tough aluminum pans. It will not flake, chip or rub off and is metal utensil safe. ..
However, their new website Lloyd Pans says they have developed their own “water-based, nontoxic” finish, with no further information and a different name than before.”

I will call them for further info. What questions should I ask?

2) Do you think that Sur La Table’s green pan is a safe one to use?
Thank you for your help.

Lisa’s Answer


Sur La Table’s GreenPan is a hard anodized aluminum core with ceramic non-stick coating.  Studies have shown that ceramic coatings can release nanoparticles into food.  According to the study, chronic exposure can cause immune system disruption and pre-cancerous lesions to the gut.  Most manufacturers do not specify exactly what is in their coatings because it is proprietary.  Without further testing to prove safety, I don’t recommend any cookware with non-stick coatings.

Man Pans are anodized aluminum with a non-stick coating.  They also do not reveal what is in their coating because it is proprietary.  While they claim that the coatings do not chip or flake, I would also be concerned about the possibility because aluminum is very prone to leaching.

I wouldn’t use either pan.

Pipes Used in Renovation

Question from Melissa

Hi Lisa, thank you for this wonderful resource!  We are in the process of a home renovation project, which includes moving our kitchen and several lightly used bathrooms (powder room
and guest room/office bathroom).

Our contractor was planning to use PEX piping for all incoming water.  I know there are concerns about leaching from PEX pipes.  Would you share that concern?

One alternative is copper pipes.  The contractor is pricing this for us for our kitchen only, as it is likely too expensive to use everywhere (the kitchen is our highest priority for uncontaminated water).  Do you have health concerns with copper pipes and/or joint materials that would be used with it?

For the other locations, I know that polypropylene pipes are sometimes considered safer than PEX, but that there could be concerns about joint material used with polypropylene pipes.  What do you think about polypropylene  vs PEX?

Lisa’s Answer


Here is a very good guide by EWG on pipes.  Perhaps use copper with lead-free joints where affordable and polypropylene pipes on the remainder.

Nylon Shower Curtain

Question from TJG


After an exhaustive search for a 100% nylon shower curtain (untreated) I settled for one that some websites touted as having the lease toxic material (Berning).  But when I received product which was labeled as 100% nylon, I cross referenced it on manufacturers sight (Carnation Home fashions) and it was classified as polyester. There is no chemical odor to it but is nylon a safer material for those with chemical sensitivities and allergies?

Lisa’s Answer


If the product is labelled 100% nylon, it should be nylon.  I looked at the manufacturer’s website and see where it says it is 100% nylon but then goes on to say it is 100% polyester.  You could call the company to clarify.  Perhaps it is a typo.  I can’t tell you what any sensitive person will react to because everyone is different.


Question from Joyce


I have a small teapot, sugar and creamer labeled L.H. Vaughn, Taunton, Mass.    In searching I discovered he started in business in 1915.  They have not darkened in the 6 years I have had them.  Did he use lead in the making of his pewter items?  Because they have not darkened in time can I assume there is no lead in them?

Lisa’s Answer


I can’t tell you about that particular maker, but old pewter (made before the 1970’s) was typically made with lead.  Did you purchase them new 6 years ago or are they older pieces?  If they were made in the early 1900’s I would assume there is lead in it.  It is generally true that the darker the pewter, the more lead.  However, since there is no safe level of lead, I would not recommend using it.


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