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What You Need to Know About Your HVAC and Indoor Air Quality Copy

Today my guest is Judy Rachel, a Home Performance Professional specializing in third party, independent home energy audits, best green building practices specifications and HVAC system design. We’ll be talking about the basics of how your HVAC works, choosing correct filters, why we have indoor air quality problems and how to solve them, and how to get to know your HVAC system so you can use it properly. Judy writes and teaches building science / energy efficiency curricula for various community and city colleges, as well as for workforce training programs. She provides both classroom and hands-on trainings. She is a senior lead trainer for Efficiency First California, training contractors in the Home Performance with Energy Star curriculum. She is a lead trainer for Energy Conservation Institute’s Building Performance Institute (BPI) Certification trainings. Judy is President of the Eco-Home Network, a non-profit devoted to greening as many homes as possible. She is the field mentor for contractors participating in the Southern California Home Upgrade program. Along with being certified as a Building Analyst, Envelope Specialist, Heating Specialist and A/C and Heat Pump Professional through BPI, she is a field proctor for these certifications. As a HERS rater (Home Energy Rater) she does diagnostic testing, verifications and inspections for residential and small commercial buildings to ensure compliance with California’s Energy Code. Certified by Build It Green, she is a GreenPoint rater for new construction and a Certified Green Building Professional. Through National Comfort Institute she holds their Air Balancing and Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Certifications. Judy thinks the most amazing part of what she does is that by creating energy efficient homes she is actually able to improve the comfort, durability, indoor air quality, as well as, occupant safety within homes.




Can There Be Such A Thing As Nontoxic Nail Polish?

My guest today is Ginny Cardenas, CEO and founder of Lila Natural Cosmetics, the makers of Scotch Naturals and Hopscotch Kids nail polishes. I met Ginny last month in Baltimore at the Natural Products Expo. We had a rousing discussion about nail polish and how I couldn’t find one I thought was nontoxic enough to recommend. She made some interesting points I want to share with you. Ginny has always valued the importance of safe, yet effective, cosmetics. In 2009, when she took a closer look at the chemical cocktail of ingredients in her daughters’ nail polish—including phthalates, acetates and other toxics—she was shocked. Determined to create a natural and safe alternative to conventional nail polish, she teamed up with a chemist to develop revolutionary water-based lacquers in fun, vibrant colors and a soy-based polish remover. And thus, Hopscotch Kids was born. In 2010, Ginny unveiled Scotch Naturals, the grown-up spin-off of Hopscotch Kids, which caters to an adult demographic with a sophisticated color palette and professional quality results. Passionate about using only the safest and natural ingredients in her products, Cardenas has been at the forefront of natural formulation with innovative technology and bold, fashion-forward colors since the company’s inception. Today, both brands are found in 225 boutiques across the US and internationally. and




Exceptionally Natural Pet Products

Deb-GuardianMy guest today is Debbie Guardian, Founder and President of Opie & Dixie, LLC, a small business that makes exceptionally pure pet care products. We’ll be talking about pet care, and also about principles of choosing pure ingredients, which apply to all products. In 2008, after a bout with breast cancer and an education on toxins, Debbie was reminded that what we put ON our bodies seeps right INTO our bodies. Unable to find the same toxin-free ingredients for her pets that she insisted upon using for herself, Debbie decided to develop her own line of safe, 100% natural products for both cats and dogs. While all her products are safe enough to be used by humans, they were developed for animals. Her ingredients are natural, organic and sourced in North America; her balms have been USDA Certified Organic. She steers clear of sulphates, parabens, propylene glycol and other chemicals, including synthetic fragrances. She believes in a complete “eco” brand, right down to their eco-friendly packaging. They use biodegradable labels that are made using plant-based, non-toxic ink and are printed on environmentally-friendly paper. Their containers are made of recyclable, BPA-free plastic and eco-friendly tins. They even print all our collateral on 100% recycled, 50% post-consumer waste paper which is processed chlorine-free, using soy-based ink.




The Simplest Products for Real Beauty

Tom Wennerstrand and Ben OkamotoMy guests today are Tom Wennerstrand and Ben Okamoto, who are developing a new approach to beauty products. Tom is the creator of the REAL Beauty approach and product line. Tom was Inspired and taught by his career of ten years as hair and makeup artist working at Paris, Milan and New York fashion week, and building “Noir Concept”, a unique lifestyle salon concept for Helsinki. His career combined with his personal quest for deeper understanding of well-being and beauty lead to the development of “REAL Beauty”. Tom teamed up with Ben Okamoto to bring the concept of REAL Beauty to life. Ben obtained his his BA majoring in Economics and Political Science and International Relations at the young age of 19. After a year of working as the Commercial Manager Australia’s biggest telecommunication company, Ben became disillusioned with corporate life and moved to Berlin where he fell in love with the REAL Beauty concept.They have been working together since, and now have a Kickstarter campaign to launch their products.




Improve Your Quality of Sleep With the World’s First Lightweight Wool Sleeping Bag

patrick-clarkMy guest today is Patrick Clark, creator of Lucky Sheep, the world’s first lightweight wool sleeping bag. We’ll be talking about how wool can improve the quality of your sleep and his new wool sleeping bag that can be used indoors or outdoors. Patrick graduated from University of Kansas with a major in Outdoor Recreation. He spent a few years in Wilderness Leadership work and then moved into the Organic Bedding industry. He loved to invent and he saw a wide open field of opportunity. He also saw a huge riff in principles in the Outdoor Industry. People are going outside to enjoy nature but they are bringing their plastic with them. Patrick wanted to make a dent in the burgeoning plastic burden that was afflicting the planet. He then proceeded to research, invent and blog until he created a mini-revolution in the Paleo Diet and Lifestyle movement. His article Sweet Dreams on a Hard Surface went viral to become the landmark work on the subject of minimalist sleeping. Eventually Mr. Clark decided to combine his work in outdoor leadership with his work in the organic bedding industry to come up with the world’s first lightweight wool sleeping bag.




Vaccines: Harmful or Necessary?

Pamela SeefeldMy guest today is Pamela Seefeld, a registered pharmacist who prefers to dispense medicinal plants and other natural substances instead of prescription drugs. Today we’ll be talking about vaccines. I asked Pamela tim address this subject after seeing a scary commercial on TV trying to get grandparents to get a vaccine so they don’t infect their grandchildren. We’ll discuss the dangers and find out when and if they should be used. Pamela is a 1990 graduate of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, where she studied Pharmacognosy (the study of medicines derived from plants and other natural sources). She has worked as an integrative pharmacist teaching physicians, pharmacists and the general public about the proper use of botanicals. Pamela is the owner of Botanical Resource and Botanical Resource Med Spa in Clearwater, Florida.




Evaluating A Study and Testing a Test

Pamela Seefeld My guest today is Pamela Seefeld, a registered pharmacist who prefers to dispense medicinal plants and other natural substances instead of prescription drugs. In addition to knowing an infinite amount about the dangers of drugs and the benefits of natural remedies, Pamela also a grant reviewer for the National Institutes of Health in Washington D.C. So today she’s going to tell us what we need to know about scientific studies and test, so we can understand what’s going on behind the scenes. Pamela has more than 25 years experience choosing and selling top quality medicinal supplements, so she’s seen it all. Pamela is a 1990 graduate of the University of Florida College of Pharmacy, where she studied Pharmacognosy (the study of medicines derived from plants and other natural sources). She has worked as an integrative pharmacist teaching physicians, pharmacists and the general public about the proper use of botanicals. Pamela is the owner of Botanical Resource and Botanical Resource Med Spa in Clearwater, Florida.




Backyard Green Exchange Grows Food and Friends

joyce-whiteMy guest today is Joyce Durnell-White, founder of Clearwater Green Exchange. We’ll be talking about why you should grow your own food and how to create an abundance of food with your friends and neighbors. This local group in Clearwater, Florida encourages members to share backyard produce and support each other in implementing self-sustaining and homesteading activities in this suburban area. area. All items are shared at no cost to members. Joyce has loved to garden since she was a child and takes joy in volunteering thoughout the community.




EMF Basics: Radio Frequencies

Oram-MillerMy guest today is Oram Miller, a Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant based in Los Angeles. Today we’re starting a series of shows in which Oram will be explaining the basics of EMFs. Today we’re starting with radio frequencies: what they are, how they are different from other types of EMFs, where they come from, how they affect your health, and how you can protect yourself from harm. Oram received his certification from the International Institute for Bau-biology and Ecology. He provides healthy home and office evaluations for clients throughout Southern California who have electro-magnetic sensitivities, as well as those who just want a healthier home. Oram also consults on the healthy design and construction of new and remodeled homes. Oram specializes in the effects of EMFs from cell phones, cordless telephones, Wi-Fi, tablets and smart meters, as well as health effects caused by basic EMFs from house wiring, including wiring errors and unwanted current on water pipes and other parts of the grounding system. Oram is available for on-site EMF consultations in Southern California and provides telephone consultations for clients nationwide. He writes extensively on the health hazards of EMFs on his website,




Toxics as a Right-To-Access Issue

adrian_ballouMy guest today is Adrian Ballou, a writer, artist, activist, and educator who focuses on advocacy around disability justice and transgender rights. I found Adrian when I discovered Get Mad When Folks Ask You to be Scent-Free? Here are 8 Things to Consider , which is helping to shape a mainstream conversation on chemical/fragrance sensitivities and access to public spaces. Adrian particularly enjoys writing and facilitating social justice education and youth organizing curriculum.





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