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Naturepedic Mattresses Now Certified “Nontoxic” By New GOTS Standard

My guest is Barry Cik, founder of Naturepedic, the leading brand for organic baby and children’s mattresses (they now make adult mattresses too). As an environmental engineer with hi first grandchild on the way, Barry was appalled to learn what toxic chemicals were used to make baby mattresses, and designed a safe mattress of his own. Last week Naturepedic mattresses received a new certification for the organic and nontoxic standards of the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS). Barry will explain this new “nontoxic” GOTS certification, as well as what it takes to have a GOTS certified organic mattress.




Organic Cotton: Behind the Scenes

My guest is Harmony Susalla, founder of Harmony Art Organic Design. Harmony has created designs and products for every retail level from Target and Walmart to Nordstrom and Williams-Sonoma and many points in between. Personal conviction and a desire to show the world that organic fabrics can be beautiful led Harmony, in 2005, to become the first textile company to offer only printed organic cotton fabrics and make them available by the yard for businesses and home sewers alike. Harmony Art’s stock fabrics feature organic cotton, wide-width, woven sateens and twills as well as knits.




How Your Bra Affects Your Health

My guest is Maria Monti, founder of The Healthy Bra Company. The wrong bra can harm your health in many ways and the the right bra can improve it. My interest in the subject is that incorrect bras can block the natural flow of lymph in your body, preventing the flow of toxic chemicals through and out of the body, and contributing to the buildup of chemicals levels that contribute to illness. The right bra can actually help your body detox. Maria is a professional Postural Therapist with 18 years experience in analyzing posture and designing corrective exercise programs to relieve the stress and strain of the daily postural duress on the body. With her experience in assessing posture and re-aligning the human structure, becoming a custom bra fitting specialist was a natural next step. Maria founded The Healthy Bra Company, in 2002. With now ten plus years experience (and over one thousand hours) in custom bra fitting, she offers a “highly personalized fitting opportunity” which incorporates a revolutionary way of matching your BODY TYPE, UNIQUE ANATOMY and presenting STRUCTURAL ALIGNMENT with the bra styles(s) most suited to give you the best structural support, look, proper sizing and fit.



Why Your Newborn Baby Needs an Organic Crib Mattress

My guest is Barry Cik, founder of Naturepedic, the leading brand for organic baby and children’s mattresses (they now make adult mattresses too). As an environmental engineer Barry understands toxic chemical issues better than most product manufacturers and has a “no compromise” policy when choosing materials from which to make Naturepedic products. We’ll discuss why an organic mattress is so important for babies and children, toxic chemicals found in common mattresses and their health effects, and what goes in to designing and constructing a “certified organic mattress.”




Getting a Good Night’s Sleep on a Natural Bed

My guest is Marlon Pando, President and Owner of White Lotus Home. We’ll take an “under the covers” look at how natural mattresses and bedding are made, discuss materials, and best choices for various sleeping needs. Marlon worked in his family business until he purchased White Lotus Home, a company that has been making natural and organic bedding in the USA for 32 years.




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