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Jessica-ArmanMy guest today is Jessica Arman, mother of four and founder of My Magic Mud, “The Original Detoxifying Tooth Powder.” An avid entrepreneur, Jessica developed My Magic Mud after months of experimentation. She wanted to create an effective whitening and deep cleaning remedy for her children that was natural and safe. Although My Magic Mud started off as a simple home remedy, it has quickly turned into a successful small business that has impacted thousands of lives.





A Detox for Your Teeth

Host: Debra Lynn Dadd
Guest: Jessica Arman

Date of Broadcast: June 10, 2015

DEBRA: Hi. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. This is Toxic Free Talk Radio where we talk about how to thrive in a toxic world and live toxic free.

It is Wednesday, June 10th, 2015. Today, we’re going to be talking about a very different way to clean your teeth. We’re going to be talking about a tooth powder. Most people use toothpaste, but tooth powders actually work. People use toothpowder all the time. I love toothpowder.

And this one actually detoxifies your mouth while you brush your teeth. Of course, I had to have the creator of this tooth powder on today to talk about this and tell us how this is different, what she’s done and why it’s important to be looking at detoxifying your mouth, what kind of toxic things might be in your mouth. Anyway, we’re going to talk to her today and learn all these things.

She’s Jessica Arman. She’s the mother of four and founder of My Magic Mud. Hi, Jessica.

JESSICA ARMAN: Hi Debra. How are you doing?

DEBRA: I’m doing fine. I’m hearing a little back thing in my microphone. Do you hear that? Anyway, I’m hoping that they will handle that in the studio. Anyway, I’m doing really well. How are you doing, Jessica?

JESSICA ARMAN: I’m doing excellent. Thank you so much for having me on. I’m actually very, very honored to be speaking with you today. This is excellent work.

DEBRA: Thank you. Thank you. You’ve done some excellent work too and I want myself to find out all about it today. So how did you come to do this?

JESSICA ARMAN: Actually, I was trying to find something to help my children that was nontoxic, very natural. I didn’t want to be dealing with a lot of chemicals. And my children frankly had problems with their teeth and regular toothpaste just wasn’t cutting it at all. My daughter had extremely sensitive teeth and even brushing was really difficult for her. It was painful. So it was always a fight to get her to brush.

Really, this quest that I went on was just really to solve a problem that I was having in my own family. So I did a lot of research on some natural ingredient and there’s quite a number to choose from. Basically my three goals that I was trying to solve were to fix my daughter’s sensitivity, to try and help strengthen her teeth, to get a better clean. And then also because my children were very young at the time, I wanted it to be something that they would use. So taste was really, really important.

And a lot of tooth powders and toothpastes out there, especially the natural ones, there are some great ingredients, but they don’t taste very good. So I couldn’t get my kids to use it. If they’re not going to use it, it doesn’t matter how great it is. It’s not going to work.

I just really did a lot of research and a lot of tinkering in my home and my kitchen, trying to solve these three issues. Thankfully, I came up with My Magic Mud and it actually did basically cure my daughter’s sensitivity. I do notice that if she doesn’t use it in a while, she’s start to feel that sensitivity coming back. But really if she does, then it’s such a fortification of her teeth and she can drink cold water.

We’ve gotten this from a lot of our customers, how it really does take away the sensitivity as well as detoxify and whiten the teeth. It’s pretty amazing and I’m so grateful that I stumbled on it.

DEBRA: Tell us. What was that aha moment when something is really different? I’ve never seen any kind of tooth product like this. What made you – what happened that you thought that it should detoxify as well as clean? You’ve got some ingredients in here that I don’t see in tooth powder.


DEBRA: What led you to even think of this is the thing that is amazing to me.

JESSICA ARMAN: The interesting thing was I actually started looking into these particular ingredients because I also wanted to create a tooth pack. Every so often, you get food stuck between your teeth and you can’t get it out or maybe it starts to fester a little or bother you.

I really like try to do things the natural route first before we go to the doctor or go to pharmaceuticals of any kind. So I didn’t want to just get on a prescription drug or anything. So the reason why I looked into the bentonite clay and the activated charcoal was to create a tooth pack and that is for detoxifying.

So it really got me thinking. Why do we just use this in extreme circumstances? Wouldn’t it be better to do them more on a daily basis?

DEBRA: I’m smiling as you’re saying this because it’s so logical. It’s so logical.

JESSICA ARMAN: Yeah. So maybe I could stop this from happening if I was more proactive. Especially applying that to the children, I felt really, really good as a mother having that idea and wanting to prevent extreme circumstances like that in their mouth. That was really what led me down that path.

And then I did a bunch of research because I thought I should put them together. I think that it would be really good together. And it was mindboggling to me that these two ingredients have been used for oral care for thousands of years and there’s not one instance where somebody was like, “Hey, let’s put them together and see if they work synergistically.” I found that they truly, truly do.

DEBRA: That’s so amazing. I want to just skip back to something that you just said earlier and really reinforce this point about doing things proactively and not waiting until you’re sick or that there’s something wrong. I really came to that conclusion in my own life too. I had, until age 24 just lived the toxic, unhealthy way that everybody lives in, in the America culture, unless you do something different.

But the standard American culture, we all use toxic consumer products and each sugar and all those kinds of things. That’s what I did until I was 24 when I got really, really, really sick, like almost disabled sick. I looked like disabled sick. It was the experience of getting sick and then saying, “What do I have to do to not be sick?”

That led me to do my work and to change the way I ate and the way I lived and everything. And I found that there is a way to do it so that the things you do in your life support health.

But more importantly, as I started looking into different illnesses, the answers were always the same on what to do to cure the illness, which was remove the toxic chemicals, eat good food, give your body nutrition instead of bad breath and your body will get well. And why should I or anybody else – why shouldn’t we just do that to begin with and not have to get so radically ill that people can’t work and can’t live a normal life and things like that because of just lifestyle questions?

So you apply that basic concept of “Let’s do it right first” to a tooth powder. I think it’s amazing and wonderful.

JESSICA ARMAN: I love it. It’s awesome.

DEBRA: So anyway, we need to go to break fairly soon like in less than a minute. So I’m not going to ask you another question until we get back from the break. What’s the general response to your tooth powder? Did people like it?

JESSICA ARMAN: They love it. It’s weird. The first response is “I can’t believe this actually whitens. It’s black. There’s no reason why it should.” But the second that anyone tries it, it’s just overwhelming. It’s been such an overwhelming response.

I’m so happy that I have been able to touch so many lives and change so many lives. They’re just really happy. It’s weird and fun and it worked.

DEBRA: Well, I found about you from one of my readers who tried your product. He said, “You have to try this product.” And he thought it was one of the best tooth products that he ever used.

We need to go to break, but we’ll be right back and talk more about Jessica’s amazing tooth powder. You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Jessica Arman. She is the founder of My Magic Mud. We’ll find out about it when we come back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Jessica Arman. She’s the mother of four and founder of My Magic Mud.

Jessica, in addition to wanting to proactively make something that your children needed with their particular needs, were there ingredients in regular toothpaste that you didn’t want them to be using?

JESSICA ARMAN: Absolutely. The filming agents, there’s just absolutely a bunch of things in regular toothpaste that are not necessary, that are toxic. The fluoride is just not necessary I believe.

Even the natural toothpaste, like I said, they didn’t really taste good. I couldn’t get my kids to use them. Some of them also had deforming agents or things that were in there that made it seem like it was more like regular toothpaste, but really truly unnecessary.

That was honestly one of the reasons why I stuck to a tooth powder. I didn’t want to put any glycerin or anything in there just so that it would be a paste.

DEBRA: I love how you stuck to your concept because I know one of the things that happen in the world, I am guilty of that in the past, is when you’re doing something that you’re accustomed to like using regular toothpaste.

In my case, I went through this when I was [inaudible 00:15:21] the way I ate. So I would say, “Well, I want to eat chocolate cakes, so I’m going to do something that tastes as to close to chocolate cake as possible but make it with better ingredients.” So I have always been trying to make the bad thing better.

JESSICA ARMAN: Yeah, I have done that on so many occasions.

DEBRA: Yeah. What I found was that if I just let go of the idea of what the old thing was and what I did was just say, “Okay, I have these ingredients. I have these lovely organic foods and vegetables that I got at the farmers’ market. And what am I going to do with them?” I would come up with things that taste so much better. I was ordering the ingredients and I was doing something that was real instead of trying to say, “How am I going to make this tomato taste like chocolate?”

JESSICA ARMAN: That’s excellent. I love it.

DEBRA: And that’s what we’re doing. This is what you’re doing. You said, “I’m going to start with my concept here. I’m going to do something good for my kids. I’m going to order the ingredients. I’m going to find those good things that work and I’m not going to make it be toothpaste.”

JESSICA ARMAN: Yes. And that was actually really difficult when I turned this into a business. That was one of the main things that I got from consumers. And even family members and friends were like, “Just turn into a toothpaste. It will be a lot easier.”

And I fought tooth to nail, just trying to educate people as to why I didn’t turn it into toothpaste. Once I told them the story behind it and that it was for their benefit, everyone was totally on board. They were like, “Thank you so much for doing that.”

But before they got the whole story, they’re just like, “Please, just turn them into toothpaste. Make this easier.” I would have loved to have done that, but I just couldn’t, in my conscience, do that. I couldn’t do it.

DEBRA: Yeah. Tell us more now about your product. I want to hear all the details about it.

JESSICA ARMAN: It does so many different things. It detoxifies your mouth. It really does basically suck out or pull. It has a magnetic pull and then also it has this absorption process as one of the ingredients.

There are really two ways that it detoxifies the mouth, which I find is the beautiful synergy because with whatever toxins are left behind with one process, I really find that the other process does pick up the slack. So you’re really getting that ultimate clean that you wouldn’t get with any other product that you’ve ever tried. That’s really what the feedback that I’ve gotten. It’s just that it gives you that dentist chair like cleaning.

It also remineralizes your mouth, your teeth and your gums. Not only is it taking out the toxins, the infections, the bacteria and really giving you an opportunity to have whole mouth health, but it’s also putting minerals back into your mouth. Excuse me. I’m sorry about that. It’s also putting minerals back into your mouth to help your immune system in your mouth to be at perfect health to fight off future bacteria, to fight off cavities and toxins. It really has a dual purpose.

It also gets rid of bad breath, which is excellent. And also I talked earlier about how one of the things was that I didn’t want it to taste bad. Stumbling on these ingredients, not only did I not get it to taste bad, but it doesn’t actually have a taste. Wouldn’t you say?

DEBRA: I know you sent me a sample, but it didn’t arrive in time for the show.

JESSICA ARMAN: Oh, I’m so sorry about that.

DEBRA: So I can’t answer that question. I really wish that I had it because I wanted to say, “I tried this and it’s really wonderful.” But I don’t have the sample.

JESSICA ARMAN: You will next time. So it is tasteless. It’s a totally flavorless formula and it’s incredible.

DEBRA: I can hardly wait to try it. I know the reader that recommended this to me. He couldn’t say enough how impressed he was with this and how he was using it and how his teeth felt better and just everything. He said it’s in a cause by itself. I really think it is because I haven’t seen anything like this before.

JESSICA ARMAN: I love that. That makes me feel happy. I love hearing people say those like that.

DEBRA: Yeah, he was really excited about it. And this particular reader actually sends me a lot of product recommendations. He is very appreciative of my work and wants to contribute to it. So he’s looking for the best of the best that he can find to give to me and here is one of them.

JESSICA ARMAN: What a great support. I love it. I love it.

DEBRA: Yeah.

JESSICA ARMAN: It’s such an honor.

DEBRA: So when we come back from the break, I want to talk more about the individual ingredients because I think that you have some unusual ingredients that people might not be familiar with.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Jessica Arman. She’s the mother of four and founder of My Magic Mud, a very amazing toothpowder. We’ll be right back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Jessica Arman. She’s the mother of four and founder of My Magic Mud.

So Jessica, the thing that really caught my attention about what your product does is the detox factor. I want to ask you particularly about the bentonite clay and about the activated carbon. I think one of the things going on in general in the world today is that people don’t really understand the whole idea of detox and there are different things that one can detox that require different types of detoxes.

One of the most misused words that I’ve seen in the English language is the word toxin because there is actually a definition of the word toxin and people don’t know the definition. I’m not saying you don’t know the definition. I’m saying people in general don’t know the definition. So I see it frequently misused. So I just want to give the definition of toxin so that we can have a discussion and the listeners can listen.


DEBRA: The actual definition of toxin is something that is produced in the body of a living organism. So a toxin would be a metabolic toxin like the wastes that are produced by cells.

I think that most people don’t think that all the cells in your body are little systems. They are like their own little bodies and they have inputs and they have outputs. So those outputs are the poops, so to speak, of the cell. I don’t know how else to describe it.

JESSICA ARMAN: That’s a great way to describe it. I think that’s really perfect.

DEBRA: Thank you. So the poop of the cell is in your body and it’s just floating around in the blood. And then your blood gets filtered through your kidneys and there are other detoxification processes that your body has. And that is supposed to remove all those things.

But what ends up happening – for example, like the kidneys that perform that function – the kidneys are now being exposed to all these toxic chemicals. They get overloaded. They’re not functioning right. They can be destroyed. So then what are the kidneys supposed to do with all these poops from the cells if it’s trying to get the toxic chemicals out of your body?

What’s going on in the world today is that instead of being removed from the body by our natural systems that are supposed to be doing that, we’re getting a lot of buildup. When you look at something like a detox diet or a juice cleanse or something like that, those are really designed and have been used for many centuries to remove these kinds of bodily toxins.

Now, there’s a whole other cause of things that are called toxics , short for toxicants. These are the actually toxicology words and those are the things like the toxic chemicals, heavy metals, all these things. These are things coming from outside the body into the body and are poisons. They’re both poisons. One is produced by the body and the one comes from outside. That ends our science lesson for today.

JESSICA ARMAN: Actually, I have to tell you that you taught me something. I love that. I love learning new things every day, so it’s exciting.

DEBRA: Okay. So now let me ask you my question.


DEBRA: Let’s talk about bentonite clay first and then let’s talk about activated carbon. If you’re saying that it’s removing toxins, then exactly what is being removed?

JESSICA ARMAN: Bentonite clay is negatively charged. So it’s going to be attracted to anything that’s positively charged. That would be your bacteria, infection, things that are foreign to the mouth that we pick up through less than perfect water or food that we eat, even just breathing air.

The air that we’re around these days unfortunately has foreign particles in it that get deposited into the mouth. And really just we’re bombarded with a bunch of different types of things that really shouldn’t be present in our body, especially in our mouth.

There was recently a study – I know that this has come out over the past probably 20 years, but it resurfaced again. A university did a study and over 80% of the issues that we have healthwise in our body can actually be linked to the health of your mouth.

DEBRA: My dentist told me that.

JESSICA ARMAN: Yeah. So I think that’s huge. That is really big when you think about it. I have talked to so many people who eat organic food and work out daily and drink the best filtered water that they can buy, but they forget to remove all the toxics and toxins from their mouth. That’s a huge part.

If 80% of the issues that we have in our body can be linked to the mouth, but we don’t focus on detoxifying our mouth, you’re not really ahead of the game. So that is really…

DEBRA: That’s why. I think a lot of people don’t focus on that. They think about cavities, but this whole idea of all the other things that – your body is a system, so if something’s wrong with one part of the system, then the whole system starts going down.


DEBRA: So we have to be considering what’s going on with each part of our body.

JESSICA ARMAN: Absolutely. And I really feel like starting with your mouth is really the entry point for so many things into our bodies. I love that you changed your diet and really started focusing on what you were putting into your body.

So many people in today’s society don’t think about that. I mean it is starting to be more acceptable to be more picky and to really view what you put into your mouth. It’s very, very important. But I would say that really the general population, especially in America doesn’t really consider that. It’s all about the fast food and the soda and all that stuff.

Do what you’re going to do, but at least if nothing else, clean up the damage that you’ve done during the day. I would love for it to be more than that. But just focus on the mouth at all, just by doing Magic Mud one time a day. It makes me feel a little bit better that I’ve educated somebody and gotten them one step closer to having not only oral health, but good full body health really.

DEBRA: Yeah, I agree with you. I agree with you. We need to go to break again. You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd.

My guest today is Jessica Arman. She’s a mother of four and the founder of My Magic Mud. I just realized that I haven’t been constantly giving the website, which is You can go there and find out all about it and order it. We will be right back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. I’m here today with Jessica Arman who is the founder of My Magic Mud and they’re at

Jessica, the thing that I wanted to say particularly about bentonite clay is that yes, it handles those toxins that are in the body. Actually I was reading about bentonite clay and it’s so good if you put a pack of bentonite clay on your arm then it will pull the toxins out of your body.


DEBRA: So I can imagine that if you put it on your gums, even temporarily it will pull – and you recommend not just brushing for 10 seconds. You recommend brushing for – what is it? Two or three minutes or something? Four minutes?

JESSICA ARMAN: Absolutely, two minutes.

DEBRA: Two minutes.

JESSICA ARMAN: I would do it for longer, but actually your toothbrush bristles if you brush for longer than that can be harming to your enamel and to your gums. A lot of people brush really vigorously, so it’s not a good idea to do it for longer than two minutes.

But one thing that I really like to tell people is that you can hold this product in your mouth. You brush for two minutes. A lot of people – I hop in the shower and just hold the Magic Mud in my mouth for about five minutes and then rinse it out in the shower.

Like I said before, it’s flavorless. So it’s not unpleasant to hold in your mouth. You don’t really even notice that it’s there. And the longer that it’s on your gums and your teeth, the more toxins are going to be pulled out.

DEBRA: That’s the whole point of bentonite clay. I’m reading several websites here. It will also bind with heavy metals.


DEBRA: So if you’ve got mercury fillings, that’s going to take away some of that excess mercury and it also binds with aluminum, lead, arsenic, cadmium, all those heavy metals. It will also pull out pesticides, herbicides, formaldehyde, PCBs, chemicals, teflon, plastics, vaccines, chem trails. I’m reading this off of a website.

That makes sense to me because bentonite clay does have that absorptive quality that will just pull. It pulls and binds. So if you would have it in your mouth, it’s going to pull and bind whatever is in your mouth.

JESSICA ARMAN: And the great thing about the binding is that even if you were to swallow this product, you don’t have to worry about digesting any of that that you just pulled out of your mouth. It actually will further detoxify your intestines and in your insides and then you’ll just expel it.

That was one of the main reasons with the two ingredients, the charcoal and the bentonite clay that I love because I could safely know that everything would be okay when brushing my two year old teeth with this because if he swallowed any of it, it would just be actually internally beneficial to him.

I think that’s one of the great things about this product. It’s safe for all ages.

DEBRA: It is. And there is a warning label on toothpaste that says, “Don’t let kids swallow the toothpaste because of the fluoride.”

JESSICA ARMAN: Exactly, yes. Why would you put something in your mouth that you can’t swallow? Yes, exactly.

DEBRA: What’s wrong with that warning label is it doesn’t understand that it just gets absorbed right through your skin, right through all those mucus membranes in your mouth. It’s just very absorptive.

JESSICA ARMAN: Yes, very quickly to get some not good things into your body.

DEBRA: So would you tell us about the process of using it because I know you give some special instructions about how you’re supposed to use this tooth powder?

JESSICA ARMAN: Absolutely. So it is the finest granular charcoal out there. I know that there are a lot of people that say you can just go to charcoal capsules and bust them open and brush with it.

The only reason why I would advise against that is you don’t know how fine the granular, the charcoal is. So it really can scratch or wear away your enamel. That’s really counterproductive. You don’t want to do that.

Our product, all of the ingredients are ground down into a dust-like quality. So you do need to handle it gingerly. What I recommend is that you wet your toothbrush, take off any excess water so that it’s not too watery. You want to really get it into a mud consistent base so it has the ability to stick into all those places of your mouth. Then you just simply tap the top of your bristles to the top of the powder and that’s all you need.

This is really, really potent stuff, so you don’t need to have a bunch on there. And if you do, you’re just going to be wasting it. So just put a light layer on top of your bristles, brush for two minutes like we talked about earlier, getting all of the areas, the little crannies and nooks of your mouth.

You can hold it in there for longer, which I recommend, but you don’t have to. In fact for most normal cases, a two minute brushing actually does wonders. If you have more severe gum issues, I would definitely recommend holding it in there for longer.

And then you’re just going to simply rest it out and it comes out. You’re going to want to floss in between your teeth and then maybe do a little tidy up with your toothbrush afterwards. But it really does come out easily.

Then the only thing that I recommend is because it’s black, I tape a dark towel next to my sink and I use that for cleanup because a lot of people don’t want to look into their sink and have black splatter everywhere. That’s it.

DEBRA: I’ve had that experience with tooth powders.


DEBRA: However, I haven’t used the black one yet.

JESSICA ARMAN: Yeah. So it is really simple to use when you know what you’re doing. So it takes a little bit of time to realize, “Okay, this is the powder. It’s a really fine powder.”

You don’t want to just brush with your lips open because you splatter saliva and toothpaste on to your mirror. You just really don’t see it that often because it’s white or clear, but with the black, you will see it. So I would recommend also while you’re brushing to keep your lips close if you’re around your toothbrush as much as possible. It is totally worth the extra effort.

People tell me all the time that they cannot believe that insane clean feeling that they get when they’re done with the hygienist. They get that every day with this product.

DEBRA: I can hardly wait to try this.

JESSICA ARMAN: Yeah. I absolutely love it. I would say I’m close to addicted to that clean feeling in my mouth. If I go longer than a couple of days and I start to feel that feeling that comes on your teeth after you’ve eaten something, it drives me crazy. So it’s really an excellent product and I know that you’ll love it.

DEBRA: I know I will too. So how long will it take to whiten your teeth using this?

JESSICA ARMAN: A lot of people see results in as little as one use to around seven uses. We recommend that you start by using it every single day, once a day at night instead of toothpaste. But once you get the desired shade that you like, you really can go to every other day or every three days depending on what you feel is best for your mouth.

DEBRA: We’re almost running out of time, so I’m going to ask you this really quick. If you’re only using the toothpowder at night, aren’t people supposed to brush twice a day at least?

JESSICA ARMAN: Yes. Well, we recommend that you use your regular natural toothpaste in the morning. A lot of people do use Magic Mud morning and night. The reason why I don’t recommend that everybody, besides the die-hard users, use it in the morning is because it is a powder and you do need to be very present when you’re using it and it is black.

DEBRA: That can wait.

JESSICA ARMAN: Yeah. So I’ve noticed, especially being a mother of four, that sometimes in the morning, that morning brushing is like, “Okay. Get it done and then get out the door.”

DEBRA: Right. At night, you can put a little more.


DEBRA: Take a little more time to take care of yourself.

JESSICA ARMAN: Exactly. So that’s really the only reason why I don’t recommend that you use it in the morning. I would hate to have somebody who’s not quite awake to use it and spill it on their shirt that they just got dressed in or something. That’s really the only reason why I recommend doing it at night so that you can really be present and not be rushed.

DEBRA: Yeah. We’ve got only about a minute left. So I just want you to swing quickly about why all your ingredients are not organic.

JESSICA ARMAN: You cannot actually have organic bentonite clay and you cannot have organic activated charcoal.

DEBRA: Which is why you don’t have a 100% certified organic product.

JESSICA ARMAN: Exactly. But everything in there that can be organic like the mint and the orange peel, they are. But the two main ingredients physically cannot be organic.

DEBRA: I’ll just swing to my listeners who might not know this, organic refers to an agricultural product. So anything that’s not agricultural cannot become organic, but that doesn’t mean that they are toxic in any way. It’s just that they are not agricultural.


DEBRA: Yeah, good. Thank you so much, Jessica. I learned so much and I can’t wait. Maybe it arrived in the mail today.

JESSICA ARMAN: Yes, I hope. I do apologize for the delay in getting that to you. I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

DEBRA: I will certainly let you know and I will try it as soon as I get it. I mean I don’t even think I’ll wait for the night. I think that as soon as it comes in.

JESSICA ARMAN: Awesome. Thank you so much Debra. This is so enjoyable and I really enjoyed talking to you.

DEBRA: Thank you. So Jessica’s site is This is Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. Be well.


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