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susan-smith-jonesToday my guest is leading holistic health educator and author Susan Smith Jones, PhD. We’re doing two-part series about detox. Today we’ll be learning about how a toxic environment affects or health and vitality and how detox can help: how you can know your body needs a detox, how your detox system work, channels of elimination in the body, benefits of detox, and more. For over 35 years, Dr. Susan has relied on herbs, spices, foods, and a variety of natural remedies to detoxify, cleanse, and rejuvenate her body and maintain vibrant health and youthful vitality. She embraces her personal detox/rejuvenation programs at least 4 times a year, with each change of season, and teaches her clients worldwide how to do this, too. Because of her effective detox/rejuvenation regimen, Susan has never used prescription medicine nor had a cold or the flu in almost 30 years. In her books Recipes for Health Bliss (a full color cookbook), The Healing Power of NatureFoods, Health Bliss, Detoxify & Rejuvenate, and Walking on Air, she shows you exactly how to fully detoxify and rejuvenate your body so you can look and feel your very best, no matter your age. Susan’s 3 books incorporate her best-of-the- best health-enhancing secrets to reverse aging, glow with vitality, achieve high-level joy and balance, and live with gusto.

Coming August 11—Part 2: 12 Steps to an Easy Body Detox & Rejuvenation





Detox Matters Part 1: How Detoxing Your Body Fosters Vibrant Health

Host: Debra Lynn Dadd
Guest: Susan Smith Jones, PhD

Date of Broadcast: August 05, 2015

DEBRA: Hi, I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. This is Toxic Free Talk Radio where we talk about how to thrive in a toxic world and live toxic free.

It’s Wednesday, August 5, 2015. I’m here in Clearwater, Florida where the sun is shining today after two weeks of almost solid rain, so I’m so happy to see the sun.

And today, we’re going to talk about one of my favorite subjects. We talk a lot about toxic chemicals where they are in consumer products, how they affect your health and how to avoid them, how to eliminate toxic chemicals in your life, in your home, in your workplace. But the other side of that is to eliminate them from your body.

If you’re walking around today alive, you’ve probably had a lifetime of exposure to toxic chemicals. Unless you’ve done something to detox and done the right things to detox, then you probably are carrying around something that the Center for Disease Control calls body burden, which is a lot of toxic chemicals of different kinds. They’re they’re all in this toxic soup in your body and they’re interacting with each other. One of the things that chemicals do is they can combine and become even more toxic.

So it’s really important that we detox. I do all kinds of things to detox personally. And I didn’t do this for many years. I’ll tell you that I started out thinking that all I needed to do was avoid the chemicals and my body would recover.

How many years has it been now? Four or five years ago, I started doing detox things to remove toxic chemicals from my body and other body wastes from my body. I felt so much better almost immediately. I mean, not in the first second, but within a few days. I have been detoxing ever since.

I think it’s absolutely vital to detox if you want to be well in today’s world.

So my guest today has been – well, her bio says that she has over 35 years. She’s relied on herbs, spices, foods and a variety of natural remedies to detoxify, cleanse and rejuvenate her body and maintain vibrant health and youthful vitality.

I love that description because so often we’re just talking about, “Let’s just not be sick.” But how about if you had vibrant health and youthful vitality? Doesn’t that sound good? I love that.

So my guest today is holistic health educator and author, Susan Smith Jones. Hi, Susan.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Hi, Debra. How wonderful to be with you.

DEBRA: Thank you. It’s wonderful to have you too. So tell us, how did you get interested in all this stuff so long ago? I guess you started when you were three years old?

SUSAN SMITH JONES: No, I was a teenager though, not much longer after three years old. It’s amazing how the universe just gives you a course and a path to follow. I was lucky enough to have a wise grandmother.

So I’ll sort of bottomline it. When was a teenager, my dad unexpectedly died. And I didn’t handle it well. And so for about 14, 15 months after he died, I pretty much ate everything in sight. I was depressed (although on those days, we didn’t know it as depression). I gained about 45 to 50 pounds in almost 15 months.

And I also overdosed many months after he died. I developed, as a teenager, terrible acne, allergies, asthma and arthritis.


SUSAN SMITH JONES: Yeah, I know! That’s what happens when you just eat and eat the wrong kinds of foods.

So my grandmother, I always thought of her as this kooky health nut. She took me under her wings. One day, she could see that I was very depressed and didn’t want to live anymore. And in those days (and now too), in those days, kids make fun of you. I was bullied for gaining so much weight and terrible acne.

And she took me to the doctor who gave her a pile of prescriptions to fill, which we didn’t do. She took me home to her home and had a heart to heart with me.

And she said that if I would live with her for 30 days, she promised me in 30 days that much of the extra weight would be gone, all those ailments that began with the letter a, acne, arthritis, asthma, allergies would be gone. And I would go from being negative to positive. So she had my attention.

I went to live with her. And little did I know, because I wasn’t interested in it in those days, but I learned that even though she was not a doctor, she was wise in the ways of living close to Mother Earth. People from her little area, her neighborhood and community would come to her and she would help them heal by using foods and herbs and fasting and spices and other lifestyle choices.

If someone came for depression, she’d have them take off their shoes and socks and walk in her beautiful garden. And she would just listen and let them talk. And their feet would be touching the grass and walking. And by the time they finished a 30-minute walk and she gave them chamomile tea, they left happy.

So in 30 days, all of my ailments went away. I had to follow her guidance 100%. I lost much of the weight. It took four more months after that to get almost 50 pounds off. And for the next seven years until she passed on, I lived with her a lot and watched what she did with all these people.

Debra, as a result of her wisdom, I have never taken any medication in my life, haven’t had a cold or flu and it’s now almost 31 years. Since the early 80s, I’ve had my private practice where I see people around the world or they come and see me and I teach them how to be vibrantly healthy, how to heal the body in the most natural way possible.

And this always includes keeping your body detoxified. Fritzie was her name. She was from Denmark. She always told me (and I followed this since I was a teenager) to take one day a week, three consecutive days monthly and 7 to 14 days with each change of season to embark on some type of detox program.

DEBRA: I know that you know what you’re talking about because the reason I’m having you on the show is because one of my readers and listeners had worked with you and she suggested, she says, “You absolutely have to have Susan on the show.”

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Well hi, Katherine.

DEBRA: You helped her so much. Hi, Katherine.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: That’s great to hear.

DEBRA: Well, tell us how toxic environments affect our health and vitality.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Well, I wish we had three hours. When I do workshops – I just got back from the UK where I did many, many workshops all about detoxing, looking younger and being vibrantly healthy. I tell people that there’s an epidemic that’s sweeping America, but not just America, but all the industrialized countries. I refer to it as an internal toxic pollution.

Many people suffer from chronic diseases and loss of health not only as a direct result of unhealthy conditions environmentally (we know that), but internally as well, within the body. There is so much evidence to demonstrate that health or sickness is a process that develops over a period of time, often years, right down to the cellular level.

And I’m sure you’ve talked about this a lot on your program.

DEBRA: We have.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: There are thousands of toxic chemicals all around, pesticides in the food, chemicals in the water, pollutants in the air, in our cosmetics. Like you said, a ‘toxic soup’.

And sadly, our level of toxic exposure far outstrips our body’s natural elimination mechanisms, which is why you want to help your body along when you can to help it remove the harmful and potentially deadly waste products.

You’ll know this about me as we work together down the road. But I’m one of the most positive people you’ll ever know. So I’d like to put things in a positive light. And one of the greatest health secrets is that you have control over the pollution in your body. If you keep your body balanced and clean, the environment internally, you won’t succumb to the toxic build-up so prevalent in most people’s bodies.

And those who cleanse regularly will look and feel younger, much healthier and live longer than those who ignore the need to internally cleanse.

DEBRA: And we need to go to break. When we come back, we’re going to hear from Susan about how our body’s detoxification systems work. We’ll be right back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Susan Smith Jones. You can go to her website at And she has a lot of information about detox. She has other interviews that you can listen to. She’s got some books. She’s got all kinds of information there at

So Susan, tell us briefly how our body’s detoxification works.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: In a nutshell here, our bodies were designed by our Creator to do their own internal clean-up. So under normal conditions, the waste is released into the circulatory system. It’s neutralized in the blood. And then it’s safely passed out of the body in four channels of elimination – in the skin is sweat; in the lungs, it’s carbon dioxide; in the kidneys, it’s urine; and in the intestines is the fecal matter. We know this process is continuous. It’s happening right now just as you are sitting or lying down or standing, and breathing.

So creating energy is what drives our existence, but expunging all those waste products is just as crucial to sustaining life. And if anything goes wrong with our detoxification systems along the way, then toxins build up and can cause disease and death.

So I know many people are thinking, “Well, if my body already takes care of its own detox, why do I need to engage in any sort of detox program?”

Like I mentioned a few minutes ago, studies show that our level of toxic exposure far outstrips our body’s natural elimination mechanism. So I always say to people that if you want to stay strong and healthy in this chemical-ridden world, it’s essential to help the body increase its removal of harmful and potentially deadly waste products on a regular basis, not just the first month, or let’s say, January 1st through 7th, after all the heavy holiday eating. It’s good to do it as a preventative measure throughout the year, weekly, monthly and every season and at least every season.

DEBRA: I totally agree with all of that. I wanted to just make a comment here before we go on.

In the past few years, I’ve done a lot of research on detox, and particularly, about detoxing chemicals. And one of the things that I’ve learned is that some chemicals need to have very specific things to detox them. There are lots of examples.

But then there was also the detoxification of the body wastes that are in our cells and in our body. And even if we weren’t exposed to any toxic chemicals at all, our bodies are still having those wastes. And if our bodies are not functioning properly because things like toxic chemicals will harm the kidneys, toxic chemicals harm the liver, because they get exposed to so many toxic chemicals, these organs of detoxification are overstressed.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: You’re absolutely right.

DEBRA: And so anything that we can do, even if we’re not doing any of those specific detoxes for the chemicals, if we do the detoxes that support our kidneys and liver and helps our skin sweat and all those kinds of things, we’re going to be able to tolerate whatever we come in contact with better.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Yes, you’re so right, Debra.

DEBRA: Yes, I just wanted to just interject that there are these two kinds of detox and two purposes of detox. And so, they really work together. I used to think, “If helping my liver isn’t removing this specific chemical, why should I do that?”

But the answer is because your liver is overstressed and your liver is one of those organs that needs to be functioning tiptop in order to process all the toxic chemicals. And your intestines need to be working so that it’s your intestines that move those toxic chemicals out of the body that were processed by the liver.

So all these things need to be working or else you end up with a huge body burden and that’s when you get sick.

So now, I’ll let you talk about detox.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: No, I love that. That’s great, excellent, because I agree with everything you said. I think we’re kindred spirits now, Debra.

DEBRA: I think so too.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: I’ll talk a moment about diets because I believe our modern diets are to blame for many of our most common ailments. Debra, so many people are digging their graves with their knives and forks and are making life and death decisions every time they sit down to a meal or snack.

And disease often occurs as a result of unhealthy lifestyle, which then causes the body to become sluggish, congested, acidic and polluted.

And then you add into this equation the antibiotics, excess sugar, carbonated beverages, chemical food additives and over-the-counter drugs. All of that alters the acid/alkaline balance of the intestinal tract, which kills off those wonderful, beneficial bacteria and creates the perfect environment for harmful microbes to grow.

So without the good and friendly bacteria to keep them in check, the bad bacteria can eventually overrun the body and severely depress our immune system.

DEBRA: I totally agree with all of that too.

So how would somebody identify that they need to detox? Are there symptoms of toxic build-up in the body that we can easily notice?

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Very good question. And we hope nobody is eating a meal while I describe these.

But they include – there are more than I’ll give you now, but some of the big symptoms of toxic build-up include constipation, chronic yeast infection, brittle fingernails and toenails, frequent colds, weight gain, acne, dry and pale skin, mood swings, depression, low sex drive, lack of concentration. And add to the mixture here poor short-term memory, sleeping problems, frequent headaches, chronic urinary tract infections, arthritic bone pains, rheumatism, allergies, gas, bloating, flatulence and, of course, feeling weak and lacking energy.

I bet many of the listeners went, “Oh, my goodness. How many of those have I already checked off?”

But those are just a few of the symptoms.

DEBRA: And another thing I want to say – and we need to go – let me see how many seconds do we have.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Take it away.

DEBRA: I just want to say quickly that there is a difference between what’s called acute illness and chronic illness. Acute illness is something like if you were to –


DEBRA: Short-term. And like if you were to drink a gasoline accidentally, you’d immediately get sick. But the problem is that so many chemicals have a chronic effect, which means that you’re around them, maybe you’re around perfume or something and you don’t have any symptoms, but you’re on perfume over and over and over and days and days and years and months. And then you start getting sick.

And it’s not that these things are safe, it’s that you don’t see the chronic effect.

And we do need to go to break. You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest is Susan Smith Jones. She’s at We’ll be right back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Susan Smith Jones. She’s at She has a lot of information about detox there, some interviews that you can listen to, some books.

There are so much more information than what we’re talking about today.

Today is just the beginning. We’re actually doing two parts here. The next part is coming up next Tuesday, August 11th, where she’s going to tell us about how to actually detox. Today, we’re talking about the basics of detox. You’ll want to make sure to tune in next Tuesday (I think it is August 11th) and listen to part 2.

So Susan, how do probiotics fit into the detox process?

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Probiotics, remember, a moment ago, I said that often, if we don’t have the right acid/alkaline balance and we have a toxic colon and small intestine, it kills off the friendly bacteria.

And let me mention this too. Again, if you’re eating, stop eating right now. Especially if you eat a lot of dairy and grains, lots of mucus is formed in the lining of the colon. And then mucoid plaque is this slimy gel-like substance that covers the inner lining of the intestines and the bowel. And the plaque harbors toxins and it interferes with nutrient-absorption. The colon is known to hold up to 30 or more pounds of old matter that can be packed in with all these undigested foods and disease-promoting bacteria.

If that isn’t cleaned out, if you don’t have the good, friendly bacteria (and I’ll talk about probiotics in just one second. This is not pleasant but it’s important to know), then parasites can develop in the colon and they’re a toxic menace.

When you have faulty digestion, it keeps the food from being properly processed and sent out of the body, which means all these undigested food matters can remain in the colon and create fermentation and putrefaction. This can cause little parasites and the germ life to develop.

Parasites thrive in an unhealthy, unclean colon. I don’t know if anybody listening has ever seen any little tapeworms in the bathroom looking back up at them in the bowl because tapeworms can be microscopic organisms, the parasites or tapeworms up to 15 inches long. So it’s important to keep the colon clean with wonderful, fermented food like probiotics.

Debra, I recently wrote – in fact, two weeks ago, I posted it. If you look at the navigation bar on my website and you scroll down three, it says “Fermented Veggies: Healing with Probiotic Foods and Recipes.” I know our time is limited, so I’ll direct people to a couple of places to go to. Fermented vegetables, or miso or the Kombucha drink or other –

DEBRA: We’ve talked about these on the show before too.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: They’re all great to take on a regular basis. I think everyone should take a good probiotic. I like to get it in the fruit source.

DEBRA: Let me ask you. People can take probiotics in a capsule, but they can also get it from fermented foods. I think you’re going to say that you prefer the fermented foods than the probiotics in capsules.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: And I’ll tell you what though, I do take capsule as well because I’m on the road a lot and I can’t always get my fermented foods. However you get them in your body, you definitely want to take them because so much of our immune system is literally in the digestive tract.

DEBRA: It is, yes.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: You have to keep the colon as healthy as possible.

Have you ever talked about this? All these pleasant topics, I’m so sorry, but John Wayne, when he died, he had about 40 pounds of fecal matter left impacted in his colon. Elvis Presley had about 70 pounds. And he died on the toilet, by the way.

DEBRA: I didn’t know that.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: I don’t know if you know that.

So why am I saying all of this? Because it’s important to stay in the flow and have everything moving. And probiotics help you. You never want to be constipated.

DEBRA: That’s exactly right. Now, let me just say this. Let me just say that – I said this earlier, but I want to say it again.

What happens with chemicals is most of the chemicals go into the liver. They’re either processed by the liver or strained out by the kidneys. But I think it’s the fat soluble ones that have to go into the liver and be processed. And then they go out through the colon. And if the colon isn’t moving, the toxic chemicals are not leaving your body, period.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: And they’re recirculating.

DEBRA: They’re recirculating because they’re sitting there in your colon, in the fecal matter, waiting to leave your body. If they’re not moving, they’re getting re-absorbed into your body.

I could just imagine Elvis Presley with all the drugs that he took and all those toxic chemicals, they couldn’t leave his body.

They couldn’t leave his body. The colon is the train out. If it’s not moving, you’re just recirculating everything with all the toxic chemicals.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Let me talk about transit time since we’re on these pleasant topic. We might as well finish with this. There’s a way to see how effective your colon, your digestive system, is working. You can go to the market. Buy an ear of corn and take the husks and the silk off. Keep it raw and cut off the corn kernels. And then take two tablespoons of them and chew as little as possible, almost like they’re little vitamin tablets, with a big glass of water.

You could do it with sesame seeds, but it’s easy with corn. You can see it a little bit better. You mark the time that you took the big glass of water with these two tablespoons of raw corn kernels. And then Debra, you note the time you see them looking back up at you again, that’s your transit time. You don’t need to go to a doctor to tell you.

So many people come to, and I always have everybody – they do it at home, obviously. And they tell me. I said, “I need to know your transit time.”

And even people that exercise a lot and eat a good diet, it shocks me to hear them sometimes say 48, 72 hours, 24 hours.

You want it to be about 12, 14 to 15 hours. Clearly, if it’s four hours, that’s too quick, things go through too quickly, you don’t have enough time to absorb everything. But that will tell you how efficient your digestive system is.

DEBRA: Wonderful tip. That’s a great tip.


DEBRA: We need to go to break.

You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest is Susan Smith Jones. We’re obviously talking about detoxification and getting those everything that needs to be removed from the body out of the body. Her website is We’ll be right back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Susan Smith Jones. Her website is and you can find a lot more on her website about detoxification, which is the subject of today.

So Susan, what are the channels of elimination in the body? And once you’ve gone through all this cleaning, what are the benefits?

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Excellent. The four channels of elimination are the bowel, lungs, kidneys and skin. And actually, each of these organs, ideally, should release two pounds of toxins per day. And our skin is responsible for getting rid of nearly, obviously, a fourth of our daily toxins every day.

If the skin is not doing its job, then the kidneys, lungs and bowels will have an extra load to deal with. That’s why I’m a big believer in dry skin brushing.

And Debra, let me just say really quickly that on my website, click on the free August newsletter. You’ll get lots of information about detox, health and weight loss. And then right there on the sidebar, there’s an exclusive monthly letter, uplifting letter.

Lots of it is about detox for this month of August.

The general public never sees it. So when you give me your e-mail address, you sign up, it takes 10 seconds (and I only send something out once a month. I don’t inundate you with e-mails), you get this wonderful letter with lots of photos. So the one this month focuses on summer detox.

My latest book is called “Walking on Air: Your 30-Day Inside and Out Rejuvenation Make-Over.” And on my homepage, if you scroll down, you’ll see a way to get an autographed copy of it with a bonus gift of my series of seven natural remedy booklets. So that’s all there.

So those are the four channels of elimination. And in my book, Walking on Air, I talk all about how to do dry skin brushing.

Maybe today or next time, we’ll have time to do that.

What can you expect when you cleanse is depending on how toxic your body may be. If you’ve never cleansed before, or if it’s really toxic, if you haven’t done one in a long time, you might feel a bit more tired than usual, which means you get more rest.

You might find that your skin breaks out with rashes because your skin is detoxifying. Your skin is your biggest eliminative organ. You might have slight fever or headaches. You might release lots of mucus in your throat and in the toilet bowl. You might have mood swings or depression.

Now, you’re all thinking, “Why would I want to do all of that?”

DEBRA: Because you feel so good after.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Exactly! Because at the end of the detox, you’ll feel lighter, more peaceful, more in control over your body and you’ll experience an increase in self-esteem and confidence.

Everyone tells me – some of the benefits are you’ll have a flatter abdominal area, you’ll have relief of gas and bloating, you’ll be thinking more clearly, greater sense of well-being, stronger immune system, younger skin, whiter eyes, the white part of the eyes and you’ll feel energetic and confident.

Simply put, internal cleansing can dramatically improve the quality of your overall health. And by the way, Debra, it’s also one of the best ways to break bad food habits you might have such as always salting foods, or being addicted to white sugar, white flour products.

Remember, we’ve been talking about colon and liver. When the colon and liver are clear of excess toxins and wastes, it frees up energy to be used by the rest of the body. And it helps the liver and intestinal tract to manufacture nutrients as well as absorb them from your food more efficiently.

And this supports the healing, repair and maintenance of your entire body, which is why you want to do it weekly, monthly and with each change of season.

DEBRA: When I first detoxed, it was a revelation for me. I think that it probably doesn’t matter what. There are so many different detox methods that it probably doesn’t matter which one you do as long as it leads to removing something from your body. And I happen to do a heavy metal detox. Excuse me today. My body giving off detox stuff.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: That’s good though.

DEBRA: It’s good. The first time I did it, after about 10 days, I went, “Oh, my God! I’ve never felt like this before.”

SUSAN SMITH JONES: Well, describe it better. I want to know exactly how you were feeling.

DEBRA: I felt ecstatic in terms of, I could think really clearly. And my body just felt better. Instead of my body feeling lack of energy, I had more energy. I felt happier. There was this clarity that I just felt in every way. My mind was clearer and my body just felt clearer. It was easier to function in life.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: It’s almost indescribable. You just feel blissful, joyful. You feel more in touch with everything around you. You live more mindfully. There are so many spiritual benefits to keeping your body detoxified.

DEBRA: But also, it was like I felt – let’s see. There is some phrase, I don’t remember exactly, where it’s like if you’re hitting your hand with a hammer, you don’t know how it feels unless you stop hitting your hand with that hammer? You remember that phrase?

SUSAN SMITH JONES: That’s right.

DEBRA: I remember it exactly.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: You get so used to living toxic…

DEBRA: You don’t know how good you can feel because you’re in a toxic state and you think that that toxic state is normal.

You don’t know how good you could feel until you get out of the toxic state.

It’s something you’ve never experienced before.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: I can’t agree with you more. And you can use the same example with sleep.

So many people are used to living in tremendous sleep death of four, five, six hours a night, and maybe even less than all of that. They think that’s all they need. But they don’t know how fantastic they will feel if they would get good sleep.

And while this will be for next Tuesday, I’ll give you a sneak preview and tell you that sleep is when your body renews, rebuilds, rejuvenates and detoxifies. So it’s got to be a non-negotiable habit.

DEBRA: Your body will not detox unless you sleep enough. That’s one of the main rules of detox, is you have to sleep.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: I wish we lived on the same block. We could have so much hanging out together. Can you imagine?

If you hiked with me in the morning here (because I can’t find anybody that will get up early enough to hike with me), you and I would have so much fun.

We’ll get you out here to visit in Brentwood, Santa Monica area. We’ll go hiking.

DEBRA: Okay, good.

So we only have about three minutes left. So why don’t you tell us whatever you’d like to say to wrap up?

SUSAN SMITH JONES: I’ll say this now because people always say, “What foods are good to help detox?”, if someone says, “Okay, I want to start today. I don’t want to wait until next Tuesday to hear all the rest of our discussion,” always put fresh lemon water in your water, lemon juice, in your water, your tea, your juices. You can never get enough lemon. It’s very detoxifying.

Leafy green vegetables are high in water content. My grandmother, Fritzie, always used to say, “When you’re green inside, you’re clean inside.”

DEBRA: I love that.

SUSAN SMITH JONES: And that’s because green means chlorophyll, chlorophyll detoxifies your body.

For 30 years, every day, and I remember, I haven’t had a cold or flu in all of this time. And it’s no coincidence. I take the spirulina that comes from the coast of Hawaii. I own no stock in any company. I do not get a commission. But if there’s something I take and I recommend, I mention it. You can read all about it on my website.

So I take that every day. It’s had over 500 scientific studies, many of them on how it detoxifies your body, your livers, your kidneys, your colon.

And then I also take these – by Michael’s Company, Michael’s Naturopathic Program. It’s called Ultimate Detox and Cleanse. I used to get them at Whole Foods years ago, but I know Michael, the owner of the company, in San Antonio, Texas. These are the most popular detox products in stores.

Go to my website. You can learn about this, but he has a 7-day and a 14-day. For example, the 14-day has 42 packets of four tablets. The tablets help with blood and liver detox, fat metabolism, fiber. And when I cleanse, I take these and he gives to anybody I want to give the code too, which is Vitality15, a 25% discount.

So I buy these by the case. I take them with me when I travel. This is what I use one day a week, three days a month and with each change of season, either 7 or 14-day, little kits. And it just helps the body’s natural elimination process.

And I like these things that are done for you. You don’t have to buy 20 bottles of detox products. It’s all in one little kit that has 42 packets. I pull out three a day and I take them three times a day and it’s simple and it’s done.

Even if you don’t want to do all the other stuff with detox, these tablets work. And truth be told, I take one tablet, on package of the four every day because it’s got good stuff in it. So I know – especially, when I travel.

DEBRA: I’m sorry to interrupt you, but we’ve only got 10 seconds left. So thank you so much, Susan.


DEBRA: Susan’s going to be on again next Tuesday to tell us what to do to detox. That’s Tuesday, August 11th. You can go to and find out more. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. Be well.


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