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genita-masonMy guest today is Genita M. Mason, HHP, NC, MH, Founder and Medical Director of The Biosanctuary Health Clinic & Retreat.  We’ll be talking about all the toxic “obesogens” and how these toxic chemicals make people gain weight, plus the plan to lose weight by removing them from your body.  “So refreshing to get into this area,” she told me, “I didn’t realize what I had going on until a woman who had gone through over 30 weight loss programs in the last 12 years came into the clinic for something else and begin melting it off.” Patients come to Genita’s retreat for her advanced detox program based on orthomolecular and naturpathic models. In 2014 she was given the American Naturopathic Medical Association’s High Achievement’ Award. I met her in 2010 after she won a human rights award for the High Impact Biological Medicine “Green Body & Mind Medical Model” she developed which practices the best of Functional Medicine for a long list of today’s epidemic physical and mental diseases and metabolic disorders such as addiction.

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How Toxic Chemicals Can Make You Fat and How Detoxing Can Make You Skinny

Host: Debra Lynn Dadd
Guest: Genita M. Mason, HHP, NC, MH

Date of Broadcast: January 08, 2015

DEBRA: Hi, I’m Debra Lynn Dadd and this is Toxic Free Talk Radio where we talk about how to thrive in a toxic world and live toxic-free. It’s Thursday, January 8th 2014. And it’s cold! It’s cold even here in Florida. It’s 55° today. I know that doesn’t sound very cold to some of you, but that’s very cold for us. And did you hear in the news up in the northern part of the United States, it’s 40° and 50° below 0. Very cold today!

But we’re going to talk about warm things. We’re going to talk about how toxic chemicals can make you fat and how detoxing toxic chemicals, removing them from your body can make you skinny.

My guest today really knows what she’s talking about on this subject. Her name is Genita M. Mason, HHP, NC, MH. She’s the founder and medical director of the Biosanctuary Health Clinic and Retreat. I met her a few years ago when I learned about her work, helping people with mental health issues by removing toxic chemicals from their bodies.

You just go to her retreat, she puts you in a non-toxic environment, she feeds you the right organic foods, she makes special programs for you to take the right supplements and everything and people get better. She found that as a side effect of this, people losing weight. So she started looking at what’s happening with weight.

We’re going to hear all about this today, all about what toxic chemicals make you fat, where they’re found, what to do instead, so keep listening.

Hi, Genita.

GENITA MASON: Hi, Debra! Thank you for having me. I couldn’t be more happier than to be on your show taking this off for the new book.

DEBRA: Thank you. I couldn’t be more happier than having you here and having you kick off your book on my show.

GENITA MASON: Yeah, it is so refreshing to be talking on this subject because I know that this is going to touch so many people and help so many people out of the mystery of why they’re not losing weight when they should be as well.

DEBRA: Yeah. You mentioned that one of your clients had gone through over 30 listed weight loss programs.

GENITA MASON: She listed over 30. You name any of those popular ones and she’s done it.

DEBRA: Yeah. Yeah. I know because I’ve done a lot of them too and I think a lot of my listeners have. So just before we start talking about the book and the program, I want to ask you just a couple of questions so that the listeners understand who you are and what you do.

First of all, could you tell us what all those letters after your name mean, HHP, NC, MH?

GENITA MASON: I’m licensed by the Board of Naturopathic Medicine as a holistic health care provider. It means that I don’t have the emergency room and I don’t have a prescription pad, which I don’t need because when people follow my programs, they’ll never need one of those.

DEBRA: Right!

GENITA MASON: So I’m happy with that. And then the other acronym is ‘nutritional consultant’. But beyond that, I’m a nutrition biochemist. Just remember that all doctors before the 1930s who were biological medical doctors – now, I practice biological medicine. They had biochemistry degrees. To be a doctor, you had to understand how the body works because you were using natural substances before big pharma got a hold of the standards of care.

So really, I lean more on science than I do anything that I learned in school. I’m also having the blessing of being mentored by famous doctors, biological medical doctors who trained early on in the early 1900s, 1930s and 1940s such as Dr. Abram Hoffer, Dr. Alighieri and Dr. Thomas who I work with here in Costa Rica.

DEBRA: So tell us how you became interested in approaching medical problems from your viewpoint? How did you veer off the path of becoming just a standard medical doctor?

GENITA MASON: Well, at least to me, because I’ve trying to have been involved in this for decades, it’s only common sense that the body has – call it a ‘divine design’ or call it ‘[inaudible 00:05:26] biochemistry’ if you want to approach it scientifically. There is a way that the body is designed to function and that design has evolved over three million years with the human cells surviving and developing into what it has over three million years now.

Call it your spirit or anything you want, but our bodies are a product of the earth. We need that relationship with good whole foods and homeostasis, a supportive and enriching environment in order to thrive.

And then when you inject a toxic chemical, what it does is it robs – not only is it toxic, but it robs the body of nutrients that the cell needs, that every cell needs to function in the way that it was designed to function. And when that design is thwarted, when it can’t do that, it’s a cascade event.

And this is chronic. I mean, if it’s once in a while, of course, you’re not going to suffer probably. But when it’s chronic such as it is today because of the environment that we live in and if we don’t know how to protect ourselves, when it’s chronic, things start going bad. And when they go bad, first, we’ll have a series of symptoms and then of course, they’ll develop into disease if we don’t intervene.

So toxins don’t belong in the body. That’s the bottomline. They steal, they rob nutrients from the body and they destroy tissue as a result. They destroy the cells as a result.

And it’s not only that. It’s what they do to our bacteria. We’re actually 10:1 bacterial over cells. Don’t get a little bit too much in the limelight. What’s happening today is with GMO foods and the toxins in our food, the chemicals in our food, it’s wiping out our good stuff.

There’s the American Gut Project. Everybody should look up the American Gut Project, the group of rockstar scientists that are taking samples from people all over the world and putting a lot of data together. These chemicals, our gut flora, we have lots of bacteria, healthy bacteria, microbes that were there a hundred years ago that are no longer there because they’ve been chemically destroyed. So that gives the bad bacteria, the gram negative mostly, more opportunity. You just give it a little bit. You give it an inch and it’ll take a mile.

And I’ll tell you being a practitioner that’s been testing my patients, because though I only use supplements that don’t kill people, I’m more careful than psychiatrists. I test everybody. I test every functional aspect of the human body, what’s going on under the hood, the gut health, the endocrinology before I write up targeted nutritional therapies and strategies for them, treatment strategies.

Fifteen years ago or twenty years ago when I started my private practice, I rarely saw bacterial dysbiosis, rarely. And today, I rarely don’t see it.


GENITA MASON: Yeah, that’s a wow! And I can tell you from the GMOs, the chem trails, the radiation now that we have, it’s an epidemic problem. We need to learn if we’re going to survive while the government wise up (give them time to wise up) to strategize how to survive. That is identifying your routes of exposure in your home and workplace and diet and protecting yourself, getting rid of it, making wiser choices.

DEBRA: Well, we’re about to go to break, but before we do, because I know if I ask you another question, you’re going to talk for another few minutes, let’s take this short period of time to say that you have a new book, The Science of Losing Weight, which we’re about to talk about when we come back and I have an advanced copy here, a PDF, I’m looking at it and it’s incredible! It’s not available yet, but if you go to her website, you can get an advanced copy and she will send you a password so that you can read it right now even though it’s not available. I mean, she can’t send you the actual book. You can read it online with a password just as soon as you buy it.

GENITA MASON: And I actually think it started right away on the program because the Solution section is pretty much done and as well get a free copy of A Gut Feeling, the small intestinal bacterial overgrowth recipe book that collaborates with it.

DEBRA: Right! And you only get the free ebook of A Gut Feeling if you order it within an hour of the end of the show. So you can go order it right now if you want during the break or you can wait until the end, but order it right away. Go to It’s right there on the front page. You have to kind of scroll down a little bit, but you’ll see it. It’s really easy to find.

So you’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Genita M. Mason. She’s the founder and medical director of the Biosanctuary Health Clinic and Retreat and we’re going to be talking about the The Science of Losing Weight. Stay tuned.



DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Genita M. Mason, founder and medical director of the Biosanctuary Health Clinic and Retreat. I’m going to keep giving her website over and over,, so that you can make sure that you can go there and order her new book and get immediate access by special password. Nobody else in the world has this yet except you, listeners. She’s giving us this, very special.

So Genita, I’m just going to let you start talking because I know you have so much to say.

GENITA MASON: I have a battery of words.

DEBRA: Go ahead!

GENITA MASON: And by the way, I would love to share some of the warmth and the heat here in Costa Rica, the clinic with you there in Florida.

DEBRA: Oh, thank you. What’s the temperature there?

GENITA MASON: Pardon me?

DEBRA: What’s the temperature there?

GENITA MASON: It’s humid. It’s 85°, 90° or so. It’s warm. It’s warm, but it’s great. It’s great for losing weight.

DEBRA: That’s right! You don’t have to go in the sun. All you have to do is sit outside.

GENITA MASON: Right, right. Well, yeah, or both.

DEBRA: Or both.

GENITA MASON: So the first thing that I want to – and I want to lay the foundation, the perspective.

DEBRA: Okay.

GENITA MASON: Everyone is trained in all diets (most or all diets generally speaking), the approach is everyone is concerned about calories, reducing calories and burning them. That’s the traditional view of how to lose weight and we need to stay exact because the core value now is that if you have –

You know, everybody fluctuates by over 10 lbs. We have holidays, we get sedentary sometimes and we’re usually, “Argh! I’m just a mess.” But if you have 20, 30, 40 and anything above to lose, you have likely – and I say that, because I’m a scientific, I can’t do 100%, but there’s a strong indication, very strong (I’d say 90% strong indication) that you have an actual underlying medical condition or metabolic disorder.

That disease or metabolic disorder needs to be exposed through testing and then in evidence-based way, strategize a solution and a targeted nutritional therapy to correct it.

How many people do we know that diet, that reduce their caloric intake by 500, 1000 and a long-term, they are dedicated, they’re doing the work, they’re exercising and they’re not losing?

DEBRA: A lot of people.

GENITA MASON: Yes. Yes! My daughter included when she got hit by the mold infection. And it broke my heart. She’s a young woman, 23 years old, had the world at her fingertips, never had to think about what she was eating and here, she was locked in a prison – I called it ‘prison’ and depravation. You can’t have things that you want without paying dearly for it.

DEBRA: I know that story.

GENITA MASON: I think everybody that has the weight to lose knows it today. And that’s because it’s not about – these diet books, if you look, we have more diet books, we have more gyms, we have more personal trainers, we have more theories, we have more different – it’s like rearranging furniture on the Titanic. None of it is working! If it works, it works a little while and then you’re just seeing it right back, right?

DEBRA: Right.

GENITA MASON: So we need to look at why, ask the question why because we didn’t have this problem a hundred years ago, we didn’t have this problem 50 years ago. It’s an epidemic now. And the reason is – me being a toxicologist, being an orthomolecular and epigenetic practitioner, I’m a toxicologist, I have to look at people’s environments and how it’s affecting them to heal them, any condition – schizophrenia, addiction, cancer, you name it. You have to look at the organism’s environment. I’ve been doing that for 20 years to develop strategies to help people heal.

So when I started looking at the weight issues of today, how people are gaining weight, can’t lose it or lose it and gain it right back – and I did this with my whole heart because my daughter was affected. We have to remember that. That’s what woke me up to all of these, to help my daughter. So I used everything I know about the environment and how it affects humans. I was asking the question in my research, “What has caused this?”

My daughter never had an extra pound. She was an athlete, a second degree black belt. She trained almost every day for 12 years. She was a cheerleader. She had solid muscles. And bam! On 5”3 ½ frame, she gained 50 lbs.

DEBRA: Wow! That’s a lot for that size.

GENITA MASON: Yeah, mold infections, mold infections. So through that, the truth started surfacing. And then I started treating people specifically to losing weight. I would never treat when people would come to me for losing weight, they’d say, “You know it’s not about losing weight. It’s all about soul, body, mind wellness.” Well, you tell that to a person that’s been trying to lose weight for 10, 20, 5 years, they’re like, “No, it’s about losing weight.”

So anyway, I’ll tell you a list for your listeners so that they can start ingesting this and changing their perspective about what they have to address to get well and lose the weight if they want to lose. The toxic environment, both voluntary and involuntary, in the food with GMO’s, the chemicals, in tap water – even in showering in tap water, [inaudible 00:19:11] exposure.

GMOs are really bad because of what they do to the bacteria flora of the gut. All these toxic chemicals being ingested, being delivered breathing them – even your saliva, when you breathe, if you’re in a toxic environment like Los Angeles, New York, swallowing your saliva is actually toxic. And we can’t avoid that, but we can do things to protect ourselves and get rid of those toxins efficiently before they accumulate into our tissues.

But all these toxins, collectively, they’re called ‘body burden’. It seems there’s actually a name now for the bio accumulation of the toxic chemicals in your environment and diet.

So this bio accumulation, which by the way, the gut is the first one to solve and the first one taken out, which is very unfortunate because gut health just feeds into the health of the entire body. It says in Chinese medicine, “All health starts in the gut.”

So here’s a list of the things that these toxic chemicals are causing, the conditions and diseases that they’re causing that are preventing people from being able to lose weight and causing them to gain weight when they shouldn’t be.

And what I mean by that, I know many people at eat healthy, that are exercising, that have active lifestyle and they’re paying [inaudible 00:20:34] trying not to gain weight and they are anyway.


GENITA MASON: So here’s a list. Intestinal inflammation. These toxins cause these things – intestinal inflammation, leaky gut syndrome, digestive malabsorption, insulin resistance, sluggish liver and pancreatic function. When you can’t release enough enzymes to break down the fats, proteins and carbs that you eat, what’s going to happen? You’re going to deposit, right? And also, they’re going to sit around in the gut and cause bacterial dysbiosis, which gives you another cascade of problems.

DEBRA: And I have to interrupt you. Wait, wait, wait. Before you go on with the list, we have to go to break and then you can continue.

GENITA MASON: Okay, thank you.

DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Genita M. Mason. She’s the founder and medical director of the Biosanctuary Health Clinic and Retreat and author of her new book, Science of Losing Weight. During this break, you can go to her website,, order the book. And if you order it within the next hour, you’ll get a free ebook of recipes that go along with her way of losing weight. You can also get immediate access through a special website with a special password because the book isn’t in print yet. But you can, as a listener, get it today. We’ll be right back.



DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Genita M. Mason. She’s the founder and medical director of the Biosanctuary Health Clinic and Retreat and author of her new book, Science of Losing Weight, which is available to you, my listeners, today by a special password if you go to her website, and order it. You don’t have to wait until it’s out in a couple of months or whatever it is. You can get that information today and start using it to lose weight.

So tell us more, Genita. You were telling us about the list of body conditions that are produced by toxic chemicals that affect your ability to…

GENITA MASON: Exactly, disorders actually.

DEBRA: Yeah, disorders, yes. So go on with that list.

GENITA MASON: So we ended with adrenal fatigue when you are actually low cortisol. Cortisol helps to convert food fuel to energy as well. So that could be a product of weight gain. Blood sugar disregulation, which of course, is another metabolic disorder.

So there’s a cascade of events that happen especially when you hit on the neuroendocrine system because the neuroendoctrine system, your glands that produce the hormones in your body, which are also affected by your ability to digest that is impaired with this toxic chemicals and what they do to your gut, they cannot help the body convert food to fuel.

So the next one here on the list is bacterial dysbiosis, which is huge. It’s the big one today. And you can look this stuff up. There’s plenty of information on the Internet now these days. You can look this stuff up. These little polysaccharides have been in a clinical trial, injected into rats and literally, in weeks, it made them obese. And that is actually the most popular gram negative bacteria that people express when they develop bacterial dysbiosis. So it’s a great theory. You’ve got an evidence-based direct link.

And then we create toxic gut syndrome. This is something I’m very familiar with because I’ve worked with mental health patients for many years and I was clearing the gut. That’s the foundational ethic in my program – first gut health and neuroendocrine health. And through clearing the gut, I have actually cleared schizophrenia through clearing the gut toxicity syndrome.

That’s how these toxic chemicals, the bad bacteria (usually gram negative) output goes through the intestines, through to the bloodstream straight to the brain and completely disrupt brain chemistry. So that’s another one. And they also will cause you to gain weight or make it very hard because collectively, these toxins, not only do they hurt the gut, but they also impair or completely disable the mitochondria, which is the energy processing center of every cell. It’s like the nuclear power plant. It impairs the bio accumulation of toxins. It impairs or many times, it disables that mitochondria from being able to burn fats, carbohydrates and proteins. And that’s actually evidenced in the lab test that I’ve done.

Let’s see here, yeast and molds and fungal infections. Of course, my family was hit by the mold infection once. Let’s see. So all of these combined will cause multiple chemical sensitivity, which will also cause people to gain weight. The list is endless, but those are the highlights that I’ve been working with.

DEBRA: I used to work in a doctor’s office with people who had multiple chemical sensitivities. Well, that happened after I knew about my own chemical sensitivities. But in my own body, I gained a lot of weight after I started being chemically sensitive. I didn’t used to weight as much as I ended up weighting. I weight a lot less now, but at one point, I weight 299 lbs.

GENITA MASON: Hmmm… you’re thinking, “Before I’m going to go to 300,” right? Everybody’s got their limit.

DEBRA: No, it actually said on the scale 299 lbs. But I could see people, a lot of the patients that came into this office that I was working in (this is many, many, many years ago), a lot of them would either come in overweight or I would just watch their bodies just balloon up. And it wasn’t because they were eating a lot of junk food. We had these people on elimination allergy diets and stuff and they would just get fatter and fatter and fatter. And so I know it’s the chemicals. I know it’s the chemicals.

GENITA MASON: And you know, we don’t not only now have the chemicals, but that sets the stage for insulin resistance because insulin resistance alone, it causes false hunger because by the nature of this metabolic disorder, if the insulin cannot get the fuel into the cell to set off the brain’s hunger alarms, you’ll just continue to eat far more than you need to be satiated. So you have to shut off the brain’s alarm system that made you hungry in the first place, right?

But also, if the fuel cannot get into the cell, guess what? It’s going to get deposited.

DEBRA: Yeah.

GENITA MASON: And also, the visceral fat issue, the [inaudible 00:32:23] belly – I love how these things are so common now, they have their own name. The liver will convert all carbo – well, not all, but carbohydrates that are not used, it will convert those to fat. And that’s usually where you get the start of your visceral fat, that fat around the gut.

That’s just one of them. But if you have insulin resistance, that means you’ve been eating a lot of processed food, which also means that you have a chemical toxicity issues as well – inflammation, leaky gut, et cetera, et cetera. There’s a list of possibility, which is why really you want to test. You never want to go into any kind of health program without finding out what is going on underneath, so you can really get the best reward, the best kickback from your effort.

My heart goes out to people. Honestly, my heart goes out to people. I have friends that I know how they eat, I know how they take care of themselves, I know how it hurts. It hurts their self image, it hurts how they view the world, how people sees them change. It’s just sad, it’s a superficial world. But I’m not approaching it from that, I’m approaching it from truly a health issue. It impairs your quality of life. It impairs them what they can do. And also, going into older age with the issue really sets you back.

So we want to look at the solution, the truth, the real solution to this. We can’t just be dancing in the dark. The calorie burning is not going to happen while you have these metabolic disorders. You’re just going to have to work hard and people give up. They’ll do exactly what they’re told to do on a diet and it barely works. So the sacrifices that they have to make, they’re huge and you can only do that for so long until you’re going to give up. Come on, we’re humans.

DEBRA: We need to eat.

GENITA MASON: We’re not [inaudible 00:34:21] to do something regardless of what the input is.

DEBRA: Right. We need to go to break again. This is Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Genita M. Mason, founder and medical director of the Biosanctuary Health Clinic and Retreat. You can go to her website, and get her new book, Science of Losing Weight. It’s not in print yet, but if you buy it today, you’ll get a password so that you can get access to it online.

I’m looking at right now. it’s full of information. All the things that she’s talking about, she gives the solution, so you get all the understanding on how the toxic chemicals make your body not able to lose weight and to gain weight. All the solutions are there. So it’s We’ll be right back.



DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Genita M. Mason. She’s the founder and medical director of the Biosanctuary Health Clinic and Retreat. Currently, she’s in Costa Rica. Is your clinic now in Costa Rica or do you have other locations?

GENITA MASON: Yes, it is. That’s Dr. Thomas who I mentored with for five years now. He’s 74 years old. He’s been in service to others for 44 years and wishes to retire and made me his successor here. So I’m actually taking over the clinic here – the clinic, retreat and ecospa, a gorgeous place in Sta. Theresa to help him retire and there’s going to be changing of the guards.

I do practiced still in the States, but that is on a very specific timeline. I come in to do the 10-day retreat for people who simply cannot make it to Costa Rica. But it’s more fun and much more beautiful and enchanting here.


GENITA MASON: You know, Debra, I know we don’t have much more time. I really want the solutions out there. I want to help people engage and tell them what they need to do and start looking at to start getting well.

DEBRA: That was exactly what I was going to say. I want to make sure that you tell people what they can find in your book with that regard and also about the 10-day intensive treatment cycle for the Science of Losing Weight. It’s beginning on February 10th. Go!

GENITA MASON: Sure, absolutely! Here’s what I’m giving away. What I want to see is just change the entire ground, folks losing weight globally, how people look at how to do this. I’m actually giving away in the book the entire solution. Well, I practice here at the clinic if people are handed here in the clinic. The only thing that ican’t do in the book is provide the individual part of the nutritional therapies and strategies, but there is foundational program here because a lot of people can’t even get their tests done before the come in. So we use a foundational protocol while we wait for the test, something to get more specific to their individual biochemistry.

But everything that I know that is causing weight gain and making it hard to lose is in the foundational protocol, which I share and process. It’s a 60-day strategy that I share in the book in the solution section. All the instructions are there, everything from your diet through your targeted nutritional therapies, what vitamins and minerals that you need to be taking, your smoothie in the morning, the juicing in the evening, the bug pillars, how to get rid of bacterial dysbiosis. That actually leads in to some of the solutions, what they need to start addressing.

And of course, it’s always best and I encourage even when they’re working on their own to get your lab work, which I tell in the solution section which labs to get.

So you want to eliminate small intestinal bacterial overgrowth – if it’s present, any fungus and mold. This, you want to look at, intestinal inflammation as well as inflammation elsewhere because that can be disrupting your neuroendocrine system and making it hard to lose weight.

DEBRA: Right.

GENITA MASON: You want to look at toxic gut syndrome. If you have a lot of mental fatigue, physical fatigue, you’re really depressed a lot, anxious a lot, you want to look at toxic gut syndrome because that also causes weight gain, but it’s an indicator that you’ve got some serious mitochondria issues going on.

You want to replace the helpful microbial gut flora and that’s with the use of probiotics and organic colostrum. You want to feed your mitochondria. The B vitamins, by the way, are consumed – many of them are consumed by gut bacteria. Do you know because gut bacteria is a living being, it has a diet? And its diet is actually get access to the nutrients before you do because it sit on the wall of the intestines. They consume these nutrients, so they never get a chance to get into your blood system.

DEBRA: Oh, I suddenly understood that just now when you said that. The mitochondria, which are not – I mean, not the mitochondria, but all these microorganisms, which are co-existing in our bodies with their separate organisms (they’re not our cells), they’re robbing our cells of the nutrition because they’re right there to eat it up right where we’re eating it, right where the food is coming down. They’re the first ones to get it and grab it and then there’s no nutrition for us.

GENITA MASON: And specifically for the mitochondria. The B vitamins, they love the B vitamins.

DEBRA: Oh, geez! I just never understood that before.

GENITA MASON: I love it when people get the aha especially someone like you, the queen of green who’s been asked this for how many years. I love it when I get to share an aha, something so cool!

DEBRA: Oh, my God! No wonder my body is not getting nutrition. We could be taking all these supplements and everything and…

GENITA MASON: You know what? You go get a Myer’s – here at the clinic, I provide Myer’s cocktails, which are intravenous IV’s in the 10-day program because I have to bypass the gut. To get the show going, I have to bypass the gut. While we heal the gut and get that working well, you just go in and get some Myer’s cocktail. We also do the intramusculars. I just say drench people with the B vitamins to wake up that mitochondria.


GENITA MASON: You want to do liver, kidney, skin and lymph detox. It’s just general detox that we’re using – infrared sauna, a lot of ozone. I have my patients drinking ozone. That kills the anaerobic bad bacteria. It’s very specific. It’s beautiful. Ozone does not touch at all the healthy cells. It is very specific to anything that’s not supposed to be there.

DEBRA: Great!

GENITA MASON: I love the intelligence of the human body. I love it!

DEBRA: Yeah, I do too.

GENITA MASON: You want robust antioxidant support because of oxidative stress. It’s of course married to toxic assault. The antioxidant support will protect you from lots of exposures while you study yours and eliminate them. And of course, there’s radiation, chem. trails, fluorides, pesticides, VPA and particularly GMO detox and protection that you want to look at.

I give instructions in the book for all of this. It’s a 60-day program that is detailed in the book with the SIBO food phases (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth phases) because you want to eat foods that are easily digested in the small intestine, so they don’t drift down into the larger and sit around and make more bacteria for you.

Now, real quick before we sign off here because I know we’re getting close, I want to share with people that…

DEBRA: Four minutes, we have four minutes.

GENITA MASON: Okay. There’s a documentary that’s being done on this. I’m even trying to get the Environmental Working Group to get involved. There’s a documentary being done on this because this is a groundbreaking approach. The evidence-based, scientifically evidence-based approach to losing weight is groundbreaking. And also, it’s comprehensive as it is here in the way we practice the solution here in the clinic. We have phenomenal results here in ten days. I have a patient, I have a doctorate patient here right now. She’s only five days in. She came up to me yesterday. She’s British and she says, “Genita, I’ve lost an inch off of my waist!”

Anyway, it is groundbreaking. So what I’m offering because I want to get a big group in here. I want to get 10 people, which we’ve already got three sign-ups, but I want to get 10 people here to go through the 10-day program.

Now, this 10-day program that I provided, usually, it’s $5400. It’s accommodation, lab testing, it’s all included. Everything is included. The supplements for 30 days, the detox diet, the SIBO diet, the education, all the infrared sauna, the ozone therapy, the IV’s, it’s all included. You could see it on my website. But I’m actually offering this you have to sign releases that we can do all the interviews and show your before and after’s and everything. It’s just ten days. And then there’ll be a follow-up at 30 days. We’ll reach out to you at home.

So I’m offering this program for $3600 and that’s everything. That’s accommodations, everything for ten days to be in the weight loss program, The Science of Weight Loss for the documentary. So that’s a real big opportunity.

DEBRA: That is a big opportunity.

GENITA MASON: That will probably never happen again.

DEBRA: Yeah.

GENITA MASON: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, when you look at the therapies, I’m pulling a rabbit out of my hat, but that’s all I’ve been doing for 20 years.

DEBRA: What a great opportunity!

GENITA MASON: Pardon me?

DEBRA: It’s such a great opportunity.

GENITA MASON: Yeah, yeah. It absolutely is. And it sets the stage, it really locks you in. I had people call it the ‘5-star human carwash’ and that’s exactly what it is. You come in feeling however you feel, loaded down, fatigued, et cetera, et cetera and you leave literally with the consciousness of the ‘cosmic 3-year old’, I call it.

DEBRA: Yeah.

GENITA MASON: Life in its infancy again. When you’re in solution mode, when you find a solution and you see it actually working finally, it’s like a world that’s flat. This bowling ball just lifts off people’s soldiers and their whole consciousness and perspective shifts. There’s hope again. There’s joy again. You’re not loaded down with this monkey on your back. We don’t want to be there.

DEBRA: And it’s something…

GENITA MASON: Well, there’s one thing here that I do want you in my back, but…

DEBRA: You’re doing it all at once when you go do a program like that. You do it all at once and you see the big change, then it’s much easier to then come home and continue to do it than doing it in little bits and pieces over time.

GENITA MASON: Exactly! And because it is new information and a new approach for people, there’s a learning curve especially when you do it at home. It has to be your hobby base, that’s what I tell people. It’s a whole new hobby, learning the mechanics of this, following the program, making time for the mechanics of the program.

So when you come here and we engage you and you get into the rhythm and you get into the flow, the daily flows here…

DEBRA: I have to interrupt you just because we only have ten seconds left and I want to make sure that I give your website again. It’s Thank you so much for being with us. You can go to her website and find out more about the book, find out more about the program. You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. Be well!



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