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Eddie-StoneMy guest is Eddie Stone, Founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials. I’ve been using and recommending Touchstone Essentials’ zeolite detox products and wholefood supplements since the company began in February 2012. Eddie created Touchstone Essentials with the vision that only real farm-fresh food offers real improvement in body, mind and personal well-being. On this show we’ll celebrate Touchstone Essentials’ third anniversary in business and talk about how their PureBody liquid zeolite is helping people improve their health around the world. We’ll talk in detail about how zeolite can help everyone from infants to elders, learn about their two zeolite products, and what to look for in purchasing a zeolite product. We’ll also talk about how their wholefood supplements complement liquid zeolite to help your cells detox every day, and how you can get your zeolite and supplements FREE (I do!).









The Amazing Benefits of Doing Daily Detox with Liquid Zeolite

Host: Debra Lynn Dadd
Guest: Sonia O’Farrell

Date of Broadcast: February 10, 2015

DEBRA: Hi. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. This is Toxic Free Talk Radio where we talk about how to thrive in the world and live toxic-free.

It’s Tuesday, February 10th. We’re having a lovely winter day here in Florida. And we’re going to be talking today about one of the most important things we can talk about, which is how do we get the toxic chemicals out of our bodies.

There is a product that I’ve been recommending for about three years and I’ve been taking myself every day. I think everybody should take it. I am going to take it for the rest of my life because what this product does is that it gently, easily and affordably removes heavy metals, radiation and other substances from your body that accumulate in your body.

The Centers for Disease Control now has a word for it. It’s body burden. These heavy metals are substances that we’re all exposed to everyday. We can avoid them to a certain degree by choosing our consumer products wisely.

But they are so widespread in so many places. I mean even just breathing the outdoor air, you’re going to be exposed to heavy metals. And they get in your body. They just stay there until you do something to remove them. They can cause all kinds of health problems.

So the situation in the world today is that people are walking around, doing just their daily life and they’re breathing in and they’re eating and absorbing through their skin all these heavy metals that are piling up and piling up and piling up and causing harm in your body. And then people go and take a drug or go to an alternative practitioner and do some kind of natural remedy, et cetera. They try to do something to alleviate the symptoms and the illnesses that are caused by these heavy metals.

I’m waving my arms around in the air like you can see what I’m saying, but one hand and the other hand. So one hand, we have the heavy metals causing harm. And on the other hand, we’re trying to do things to alleviate the symptoms and the illnesses that we’re experiencing from being exposed to heavy metals.

But those things don’t work because as long as you have the heavy metals in your body, you’re going to have the harm. And what this product does is that it removes the heavy metals from your body. It’s just something that everybody should do. Everybody of every age can take this.

Today, we’re going to talk about this product. We’re going to talk about the benefits of it and why you should take it.

Originally scheduled and announced as my guest today was Eddie Stone. He is the founder and CEO of Touchstone Essentials who makes this product. But he is having a family medical emergency in this family. My prayers are with him and his family.

That being said, we have Sonia O’Farrell who is the Chief Marketing Officer for Touchstone Essentials. And I’ve known Sonia for three years since the company started. She knows all about the products.

So we’re going to hear about Touchstone Essentials’ Pure Body Liquid Zeolite, from Sonia’s viewpoint today and my viewpoint as well.
Hi, Sonia.

SONIA O’FARRELL: Hi, Debra. Thanks for having me on the show today.

DEBRA: You’re welcome. I’m very happy that you’re here. So tell us a little bit about the history of Touchstone Essentials, how it got started, then how you came into the picture and why it’s important to you that you work there.

SONIA O’FARRELL: Touchstone Essentials began really with the founder and CEO, Eddie Stone. He was really embarking on a journey to solve the big problems that people are facing in living healthy fulfilled lives.

Even though he had been in the nutritional supplement industry for over 20 years, he could really see that the promise and the potential of supplements were to be met. Even though half the population is taking supplements, we’re still seeing the rising issue of chronic disease and obesity. All these issues are still taking place.

So the status quo that was taking place within supplements was really not working. Three years ago, he set out to change that.

As you’ve been talking about in your introduction, the problems of toxicity and all of those issues are very complex in terms of their sources and origins. But we strive to offer solutions that are pure and simple, really capturing the earth’s gifts and then transforming those into natural health solutions.

As you were mentioning, really an area focused for us is toxicity. The dirty little secret of human progress is the fact that we have, as a by-product of it, all of these toxins, some of them natural, some of them man-made. We have this legacy of toxins and we wanted to find the solution, a simple solution so that people would be able to live healthier, happier lives.

DEBRA: You’ve done a really good job. And I do want to say, just in a nutshell here, that one of the things that I admire so much about what Touchstone Essentials is doing is that before your company even existed – do you know that phrase, “Great minds think alike.”


DEBRA: Before your company existed, I wrote my book Toxic Free in which after 30 years in this field, I came upon the idea that what’s really wrong is – two things. One is too many toxics, and the other is not enough nutrition. We don’t even have enough nutrition to be healthy, let alone deal with the extra nutritional needs of being exposed to toxic chemicals.

So in my book, I said what we really need is pure toxic chemicals and more better nutrition. And then low and behold, here comes Touchstone Essentials that is focused on removing toxic chemicals and giving us perfect nutrition. So you and I are just so totally in agreement.

SONIA O’FARRELL: It does really go hand in hand. I mean as you mentioned, with those toxins in the body, really every process in the body is disrupted. No matter what, you really can’t optimize your health.

So it’s so important to get those out. You can only avoid them to a certain degree. It’s so important to get them out of the body and on the other hand to really then restore and replenish the body with good nutrition so that your body can really replenish itself.

DEBRA: That’s exactly right. That is what is needed by every single human body on earth today. No matter what the age or the economic strata or whatever health condition or whatever, even if you think you’re healthy, every single person needs this.

And whether you buy these products or you detox and get the nutrition in some other way. This is the easy way to do it. It’s easy. It’s quick. It’s affordable. Everybody’s health would be improved by whatever your health condition is. Everybody’s health can be improved by this.

So Sonia, how did you get involved with the company? Why is it important to you?

SONIA O’FARRELL: This is an issue that’s near and dear to my heart really from when I was growing up. I grew up in Ireland.

At that time, a lot of homes were actually heated with coal fires. Inevitably as evening falls, you would have the shroud of cold tower smoke descending on the town.

As you’re probably aware, but maybe your listeners are not, coal is actually a major source of mercury. So when that’s released – when that’s burned, it’s released into the atmosphere. So unwittingly, me and anyone else who’s really exposed to coal burning is really exposed to mercury.

So what I found is – this is true of everyone growing up in that environment – I was susceptible to colds. I was susceptible to infections or respiratory infections. You wouldn’t look and think, “Oh, there’s something wrong with me.”

I felt it was normal. But of course, it wasn’t normal. And that’s a thing really about toxins. They’re sneaky. They make you – it’s very slow. It’s very insidious. It makes you think, “Oh, you’re just a little rundown or you’re just experiencing this.” But that’s actually not normal.

You should be feeling good. You should have energy. You should be able to sleep well. You should be able to have a glowing skin complexion. Those are all the normal healthy states for us.

So I grow up with that. I was first introduced to zeolite. And I really had a dramatic experience.

DEBRA: Hold on just a second. Wait. We need to go to break. Sorry to interrupt you.


DEBRA: If we don’t, the commercial just plays over you. You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Sonia O’Farrell. She’s the Chief Marketing Officer for the Touchstone Essentials.

If you want to get more information about that, go to and look for today’s show and the link to my website. My Touchstone Essentials website is there. You can click to it anytime during the commercials or after the show and find out more what we’re talking about.
We’ll be back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Sonia O’Farrell. She’s the Chief Marketing Officer for Touchstone Essentials.

To find out more about these products, go to Look for today’s show. You’ll see a link there where you can go to their website.

Now Sonia, go ahead and tell us about your experience of – what’s your experience?

SONIA O’FARRELL: I was introduced to zeolite a number of years ago. I really had a wonderfully positive experience in terms of detoxing heavy metals from my body, just experiencing better health, not being susceptible to those infections that I’ve been getting before.

Skin is looking better. I’m just feeling better, having so much more energy naturally. And I really, really believe that that’s something that everyone should have the right to experience because it’s something that everyone is exposed to.

You were mentioning that the CDC talks about our body burden, and that’s true for everyone. I mean they measure thousands of people’s blood and those average numbers are there. But it’s also true that that’s happening even before we’re born.

I’m the mom of two young children. They’re in elementary school. I’m just so thankful that I was able to detox my body before having my children.

We have that landmark study by the Red Cross and the Environmental Working Group that shows even before we’re born, children in the room are exposed to hundreds of chemicals. And it’s really at the most critical stages of development.

So I just believe that it’s still important that aside from the unconditional love we give our children, the next thing that we can do for them is to have them grow up in a really healthy environment. That’s not just making sure they eat their foods and veggies everyday. It’s also making sure that they’re detoxed and able to grow up happy and healthy.

DEBRA: Yes. I just can’t say enough at times and stress enough the importance of detox. As long as we have these toxic chemicals in our bodies and have those toxic chemicals on our homes and workplaces, we’re just working against the health that we’re trying to achieve. It really comes down to that. More and more doctors are recognizing that too.

I want to just talk about for a minute – I want to tell you about something that happened to me yesterday. It just made me very happy that I had a bottle of liquid zeolite with me, Pure Body Liquid Zeolite. That was it.

I was given a supplement by my doctor for a very specific thing. I take Touchstone Essentials, all the supplements and Pure Body everyday. In addition to that, because of my own body condition, I need to have more supplements for very specific conditions.

So my doctor, who I totally trust, gave me a very well-respected product, a completely natural product and a well-respected brand. I started taking it and I noticed improvement in my condition. I was very happy with it until I read the label. It had a warning label on it that said, “This product contains lead. It’s required by the State of California that it’s disclosed.”

Now, wait a minute. This product should not have lead in it. Why does it have lead? Why is there a warning label?

I called them up. Of course, the first thing that I did – I mean I take Pure Body Liquid Zeolite everyday. When I read that, I just grabbed my bottle and took some more. Because I had it on hand, I could do that.

When I found that I was having this exposure to lead, I said, “I want to get the lead out of my body right now.” So I could just take my zeolite.

Anyway, I’m pausing because I’m just watching somebody walking through my backyard. I think he’s probably checking the meter or something.

Anyway, back to the story. I called them up. I called up this company. I said, “Why do you have this warning label on here?” And she said, “Because our products are so concentrated that it tips them over into the amount of lead that is required to be disclosed by the State of California in food products.”

And she said, “All other supplements also contain lead, but they don’t have enough strength. They don’t have high enough dose to require the warning label.”

I thought, “This makes sense. But should I be taking this product that has lead in it? What about all the other supplements? How much lead do they have in them?”

What I ended up with was that I’m going to go ahead and take the product and take my Pure Body Liquid Zeolite. The issue is not that supplements get lead added to them. The issue is that, just being in the world, all the plants and animals are all being exposed to lead because of the background lead levels. Depending on where the plants and animals were grown and raised and how they were grown and raised will affect how much lead is in them.

They did make the point, by the way, that synthetic nutrients don’t have lead in them because they’re synthesized in a lab from petroleum. Anything that comes from a natural source is going to have lead in it.

Now, we need those nutrients, but it just happens to be in the world today that there’s lead everywhere. I can’t think of a more compelling reason to be taking Pure Body Liquid Zeolite than the fact that we’re being exposed to lead constantly.
There’s no safe level for lead. You just can’t. It’s not possible to avoid lead. So we need to do something to take it out of our bodies. With Pure Body Liquid Zeolite, I would do that.

So that’s my scary story for this week.

SONIA O’FARRELL: Debra, to add on to that because you’re right – I mean there’s no avoiding lead. It’s in the soil. It has a half-life of about 200 years.

Even the lead that was melted in big cities in the 1800s is still around in the soil growing where people even grow community gardens. The veggies stored probably in grocery shelves contain some measure of lead because it’s picked up particularly by green veggies.

But that does speak to the fact that it’s still important to have note-sourcing of the ingredients. For example, in our wholefood supplement Supergreens, we take great care about where those are grown.

Our greens actually come from this ancient lake bed. So in as pure as you can get in our environment, that’s where our greens come from. They’re highly nutritious and also pure. We undergo extensive testing on those to make sure that they have very, very low levels within them.

DEBRA: I need to interrupt you right there. We’ll be right back. You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Sonia O’Farrell, Chief Marketing Officer of Touchstone Essentials. We’ll be back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Sonia O’Farrell, Chief Marketing Officer for Touchstone Essentials.

To find out more about Touchstone Essentials, you can go to Just scroll down the page until you see today’s show. The information on the URL is right there.

Sonia, what are we talking about before the break? I got distracted here by reading an e-mail. It says that there is a New York City investigation that found that many of the popular supplements sold at big name box stores, including Walmart and Target, were fake. They didn’t even have any nutrients in them.

SONIA O’FARRELL: Yeah, that’s really an investigation by New York State that is showing that. Everyone’s looking for value, I’m sure, when they’re going to store and looking for their supplements. But these big box stores and their name brand supplements and really key supplements on those shelves don’t even contain those ingredients.

So it’s really, really important to know your provider and know the source of every ingredient that’s in there and as we do know the growers, know that the foods that are being sourced or certified and included and tested.

DEBRA: Right. So let’s talk about Touchstone products now. Let’s actually talk about the supplements since we’re talking about supplements. These supplements were actually designed to go hand in hand with the Pure Body Liquid Zeolite. Tell us about that.

SONIA O’FARRELL: We try to approach health from a whole body perspective. And as you were mentioning, to optimize your health, you want to detox continuously. And then you put the good stuff back inside in terms of really wholefood broad nutrition.

So Pure Body works to help continuously remove toxins from the body such as mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, all of those things that we don’t want to have in there. Those shelves are then looking for good stuff to be able to optimize their performance. So our wholefood supplements are developed with that in mind.

We have a general wholefood antioxidant supplement to really replenish our bodies with what we’re not eating everyday. I think by one measure, maybe 1 in 10 people gets the right amount of fruits and veggies everyday. So we have a wholefood antioxidant supplement to help to make sure that we’re getting the nutrition we need.

We have a green supplement with vitamin D. Vitamin D is so important for so many processes in the body. So if you’re not eating your broccoli and your spinach everyday, we have an easy, convenient way for you to get that in. Just three capsules a day. That vitamin D comes from organic mushrooms. So you don’t have to worry about [inaudible 00:29:57] in your vitamin D.

We have a natural energy supplement. We also have a joint and heart health supplement. So we really try to think about the whole body perspective and then of course a little bit of starting with the joint and heart health and energy for those that need it.

DEBRA: And they’re very pure. You tell us about where these ingredients come from because you know where your ingredients come from.

I think most people don’t understand that when most consumer products are made, they aren’t actually talking to the farmer, the people who assemble these products. It’s more like an assemblage than an actual making of a product.

They just call up a distributor. And they say, “We want some vitamin D.” And the distributor sends it over and they put it in the tablet or whatever. So those people who are making that brand name, they don’t know where the stuff is coming from. They don’t know anything about it.

I found that out because for 30 years, I’ve been asking manufacturers where their ingredients are coming from, and they don’t know. But you do know where your ingredients are coming from.

SONIA O’FARRELL: We do. To your point and also the point about discovering that many of those big box supplements didn’t have those ingredients, they were also made of formulas either because it will probably be made in the same facility. But they were all sourcing their ingredients probably from the same place.

That’s true of most supplement makers. All those multivitamins, all those synthetics, they all come from the same place. And they just have a different label on them. So you really have to take a great deal of care in terms of selecting your ingredients.

We work with co-ops in terms of when they’re getting the broccoli. It’s harvested right there and then. It’s cold processed. You probably know this. But for those listening, what happens when you open our camp foods, you can actually smell the food. They don’t have a chemical smell. They actually smell like broccoli or spinach or some fruit elements in them.

These are actual real ingredients that are cold processed. The water and the fibers are removed. So what’s left is this very concentrated whole food element. That’s so important because there’s this really complex interplay between all of these nutrients and how one balances the other for the body.

So we believe that the plant and its whole form is best. And we see that in so many stories and testimonials we get all the time in terms of how people feel great, how wonderful they feel, how much energy they have, how great their skin looks when they’re taking those supplements.

DEBRA: We just have about – we’ll just start this question because we have about a minute and a half.

So now, let’s talk about Pure Body Liquid Zeolite. There are other zeolite products on the market. I want people to understand how Pure Body is different. There are two products. What are the two products? Which one should we take and why?

So let’s get started. And I’m going to interrupt you, and we’ll continue after the break.

SONIA O’FARRELL: Sure. First of all, zeolites really represent nature’s way to clean up toxins. It’s a natural mineral. It’s mined. When it is mined, it is actually full of toxins because it comes from nature.

DEBRA: Because that’s what it’s doing.

SONIA O’FARRELL: That’s what it does. It does in nature what we wanted to do in the body.

DEBRA: I want to just inject something here. It might take us right to the break. One of the things I found that was so interesting about zeolite is it occurs naturally near volcanoes.

So when the volcanoes are spewing all those combustion by-products out into the air, the zeolite is right there to absorb them.

SONIA O’FARRELL: Yes. It’s using soil remediation. So it’s an incredible mineral. It’s actually used in a lot of different applications for cleaning up pollutants in the environment. So it’s just an amazing mineral.

To your earlier point, a lot of companies jumped on that bandwagon, “It’s zeolite. Great, let’s just package it and go.” But what they don’t know is that zeolite in its raw state doesn’t actually work.

So right after the break, we’ll talk about that.

DEBRA: We’ll talk about that. Yes. You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Sonia O’Farrell, Chief Marketing Officer for Touchstone Essentials.

To go to the Touchstone Essentials website, you can go to and click on the link which is right there next to the description of this show. We’ll be right back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Sonia O’Farrell, Chief Marketing Officer for Touchstone Essentials.

We’re talking about Pure Body Liquid Zeolite and how it removes heavy metals and other toxic substances like radiation from your body so that you can be healthier and happier.

Okay. So go on, Sonia, about how zeolite is processed.

SONIA O’FARRELL: Zeolite is such an effective detoxifier. It really gathers up all of the toxins in the environment where it is and that includes in the ground. So when it comes out, it’s really actually full, if you will, of existent pollutants. It’s really, really effective at grabbing on to that mercury and that lead.

So the problem is most providers just take raw zeolites, which have those levels of pollutants in it. They just grind it up, and that’s what they sell as a supplement.

It doesn’t mean to say that if you ingest raw zeolite, it’s going to harm you. Those toxins are really tightly held inside the zeolite. But what it does mean is that the zeolite is already full of toxins. It will not have any room to take up toxins in the body.

So what happens is if you put a bowl of zeolite in, you’re putting in a dirty zeolite. A dirty zeolite comes out. And what you really want to do is to put a clean zeolite in and have the dirty zeolite come out. That’s how you know it’s really working.

So we have a proprietary process, highly secret that takes out those existing pollutants on the zeolite and replaces them with calcium and magnesium. What that actually does is even the process is highly secret, the results are not.

We actually are the only company that we know of to undergo third party testing on our finished product. And then we post those test results on our website because we want everyone to know that what you’re putting in is a clean zeolite that is highly effective that will attract and bind to that lead, that mercury, that cadmium in the body and then just get flushed out.

So it’s really, really important to make sure that you have a cleansed zeolite that’s going in the body.

DEBRA: Thanks for explaining that. So now, there are two different kinds, the original one and then there’s the Extra Strength. Tell us what the difference is.

SONIA O’FARRELL: Pure Body is of course really easy to use. You’re mentioning having it right there available with you.

DEBRA: I have it in my hand.

SONIA O’FARRELL: So Pure Body is really easy to use, just a few drops, three times a day. What it does is that it’s designed and developed to support detox in both your digestive track, as well as throughout the body.

So you need to have a cleansed zeolite. And then you need to have a zeolite that is sized to be able to be absorbed in the body. Pure Body is sized so that some will go into the digestive track and some will go into the bloodstream.

That’s really important because we know that our vitamins are water soluble or fat soluble. And zeolite is neither. It really relies upon size to be able to get into the bloodstream. So it’s got to be small enough. That’s another important element to look for in a zeolite.
So Pure Body does both of those things. It gets into the digestive track as well as the bloodstream. Pure Body Extra Strength takes that step further.

We take that cleansed zeolite and use a really breakthrough technology to create the world’s first hydrated zeolite. It’s highly technical. We use the sound wave technology.

What it does is it delivers cleansed zeolite particles inside water molecule clusters. It means that that zeolite can access a much deeper detox that reaches throughout the body. That’s so important because toxins actually get stored throughout the body.
We know that they’re in our fat cells and that makes it hard to lose weight. We know toxins get into our bones. That’s where lead displaces calcium. We need toxins get to our brain. That’s where lead and mercury and neurotoxins are in our kidneys. And that even further reduces our ability to detox.

So Pure Body Extra Strength is in a spray form. It’s a powerful yet very gentle way to detox a body. It’s completely clear, odorless and tasteless. You simply spray it. It really gets down to that deep cleansing to help those accumulated toxins.

DEBRA: Now, I know because I have been to all the conferences and I meet everybody. I know that there have been some amazing stories about how people’s health has been improved.

I know for myself it just took I think less than a week for me to see this noticeable difference. A lot of my readers and listeners have taken this on my recommendation.

They write to me. They say, “I feel euphoric.” That’s the word I use. So many people say that I call it zeolite euphoria because they’re very soon after for many people. I’m not saying this happens 100% all the time.

As the toxic load leaves within less than a week, you feel so much better because those heavy metals are – just even in that short period of time, it makes that much difference.

When my husband started taking, he was like a changed man in terms of his energy level. He could work all day out in the 90 degree weather. He couldn’t do that before. He can work all day and then come home and want to go out with me.

I was just like, “Where did this come from?” And the only thing that could change was that he was taking your liquid zeolite.

We just have a few minutes left. But what are some of the kinds of things? I know it’s different for everybody, but what are you seeing?

SONIA O’FARRELL: It really is different for everyone because, of course, everyone’s toxic burden may be different and everyone is different.

It is important to know that Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength are not drugs. So we don’t make any claims about curing, treating or preventing any disease.

But there are some generalities of what we hear in terms of mental clarity, improved focus. A lot of people were in this brain fog. It set in until it was gone. They could think a little bit more clearly and remember things well.

Some people have found it makes it easier for them to lose weight. A lot of people find improved energy. Others find that they can sleep more restfully.

So because it’s so different for each person, we look upon it this way. Really by unlocking the potential of the zeolite, it helps to return the body back to optimal performance. That’s going to be different for each person.

But so many people report unexpected results even about health issues that have been bothering them before. Now, they just feel better.

I would like to also mention – I don’t know if you’ve mentioned this before, Debra, but we are really, really confident in standing behind this product. We do back every bottle of either Pure Body, Pure Body Extra Strength with a 30-day money back guarantee.
So really anyone who takes this has nothing to lose. And everything is gained in terms of feeling better.

DEBRA: I totally agree with you because what I see is the benefit of Pure Body is that – I don’t even concentrate on the symptoms. What I know is that Pure Body is going to remove toxic heavy metals from your body. That gives your body the opportunity to heal from having them in there in the body.

As your body heals, you’re going to be gaining health. I’m always focused on how I can have better health, not how can I get rid of my symptoms. As you move towards health, your symptoms just go away and your illnesses just go away if your body is building health.

Taking Pure Body Liquid Zeolite gives your body a chance to be healthy that it just can’t have if you don’t take it. As you said, there’s nothing to lose.

Everybody should just take it and see what benefit it has for them because it’s affordable. It’s something that anybody can take.

As I mentioned earlier in the show, if you have a toxic heavy metal exposure – everybody has been exposed to heavy metals. I was talking to one of my readers. I said, “You should take Pure Body Liquid Zeolite.” She said, “But I’m not exposed to heavy metals.”

“Yes, you are. Yes, you are. If you’re listening to the show, you’re exposed to heavy metals, toxic heavy metals that are affecting your health. I’m not just saying that to sell this product to you. I’m selling this product to you because you’re being exposed to heavy metals.”

Anyway, the point is that it is just removing the heavy metals from your body so that your body has a chance for health.

We only got about a minute left. There’s so much more I want to say. But I do want to say that once again, go to and get the URL. Go to the website. Take a look. Try it. If you are looking for a business, this is a way to help other people detox. You can take a look at that.

And Sonia, you’ve got 45 seconds. What else would you like to say?

SONIA O’FARRELL: I’d like to thank you for, first of all, getting this message out. It’s just so important for really being able to live your best life and live a healthy life. Just to let everyone know, even though the source of toxins is complex, the solution can be pure and simple.

DEBRA: Yes, I totally agree with that. Thank you so much for being on the show. And please tell Eddie that my thoughts are with him and his family.

SONIA O’FARRELL: I will. Thank you.

DEBRA: I’m sure that everything will work out as it should. Good.
You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. We’ve been talking about zeolite today and how it can remove heavy metals from your body. So go to And you can see the URL there to go click and find out more about it.

I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. This is Toxic Free Talk Radio. Be well. Here comes the music.


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