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frank-langeMy guest today is Frank Lange, President/Owner of ECO-BOND Adhesives, manufacturer of the best nontoxic building adhesives and caulks. We’ll be talking about the toxic exposures from ordinary adhesives and caulks and how ECO-BOND products are different. ECO-BOND Adhesives was formed out of the need for a REAL, toxic free, zero VOC off-gassing, child and pet safe adhesive and sealant. While building his home, Lange, one of the founders of ECO-BOND Adhesives, found that his wife was getting sick from the odor emitted by standard adhesives and sealants. Concerned about the long-term effects this may have on his family’s health he searched for a non-toxic, low odor alternative. While he found some options in the market, they were either considerably more expensive, much less effective for bonding and sealing or the low odor/low VOC claims did not hold true. After much research he turned to the commercial and industrial world and discovered an adhesive technology that could be used in manufacturing and commercial construction as well as the DIY market. Working with that basic formulation and technology used in the production of the commercial grade adhesive the ECO-BOND Adhesives’ line of products were honed. Today, ECO-BOND is now the market leader for non-toxic, lowest odor, fastest shower ready time and best bonding and sealing line of adhesives and sealants. Additionally, ECOBOND provides a full product assortment as an alternative to any toxic Caulks, Adhesives, Sealants and Silicones. ECO-BOND is taking off as the best non-toxic option on Earth and soon in space as ECO-BOND will be utilized on the International Space Station in May 2015 In addition to launching ECO BOND, Lange spent over 22 years working in advertising marketing from Clear Channel Worldwide to his current Senior Partnership position at Achieve Marketing and Entertainment, he has brought that experience and knowledge to launching and building ECO-BOND.





Toxic Free, Child and Pet Safe Adhesives and Sealants

Host: Debra Lynn Dadd
Guest: Frank Lange

Date of Broadcast: March 18, 2015

DEBRA: Hi, I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. This is Toxic Free Talk Radio, where we talk about how to thrive in a toxic world and live toxic free.

It’s Wednesday, March 18, 2015. We’re having a beautiful, beautiful spring day here. This Saturday is the spring equinox, which is the middle of spring. I know it says in your calendar that it’s the first day of spring but it’s actually the middle of spring. Just like summer solstice is the middle of summer. Winter solstice is the middle of winter. It’s the point where the season is at its peak and then it starts moving out of that season and into the next season. So that happens today – well, not today, but this Saturday, the 21st, spring equinox. It’s really feeling very springy today.

And in fact, if you happen to hear little birds in the background  I don’t know if the microphone will pick them up, but I hear little birds. I live in a migratory path in Florida. And so in the spring, we have whole flocks of birds. Sometimes I have a couple hundred birds, all of one kind, in my yard, just chirping away. And it’s just a wonderful thing to happen in spring.

So, that’s what’s happening here today. What’s going on in the show today is that we’re going to talk about caulk and adhesives. Now this is actually one of my most frequently asked questions. What kind of caulk can I use? Anybody that’s doing any kind of building or remodeling needs caulk and adhesives. And the standard products have some of the most toxic chemicals there are in this products and it’s very difficult and it has been very difficult to find toxic free caulks and adhesives in the past.

However, now there is one I can actually say is toxic-free. Actually, this morning, I cut up the top of one of these caulk tubes I have here made by this company, I smelled it and there was no odor – a little tiny, tiny thing, but not anything like when you cut off the top of a tube of caulk or adhesive and you just get this big whoosh of toxic chemicals that knock you over. It’s nothing like that at all.

I am so happy to have the founder and creator of this product here on the show today because this is going to help so many people build and remodel in a less toxic way. My guest is Frank Lange, he’s the President-Owner of Eco-Bond Adhesives. Hi Frank.

FRANK LANGE: Hi Debra. Thank you for having me. I really appreciate it.

DEBRA: Well, you’re welcome. I really appreciate your taking the time to speak with us today. Now, you have a story about you came to make this wonderful product and so tell us about that.

FRANK LANGE: It’s kind of the old American story. We see a need, we fill a need. We were building our house and we were noticing that just after we built it, we were having a lot of problems with my wife not feeling that she could get a full breath and feeling like there was a smell. We couldn’t detect it. It’s something of a mystery to try to place where everything was happening and where it was centralized.

And then we researched it and many devices and many consultants later, we found out it’s basically the toxicities coming from caulks, adhesives, carpeting, things that we don’t think are really toxic, but are adding to our intake of air every second of every day.


FRANK LANGE: So with that, we set out on a venture of  and I say ‘we’, there’s many more than just me. I have a sidekick that I rely on as the brain power of the operation, Heidi McPhee who is dear to me and has helped me on the quest along with others who had been with us to make this happen. We set out to get the cleanest possible formula that we could to try to change the way that building is done in United States and then eventually abroad.

We searched through formulas and formulas. There are many producers out there. We worked tirelessly to come up with a combination of a near-odorless adhesive. There’s no such thing as odor free. Anybody who’s promoting that is being very false. Although we super service the chemically sensitive crowd, we always recommend to cut the tube and place them out in a well-ventilated area and make sure that you are comfortable with it and that you don’t have any residual effects from anything we have in our adhesives and sealant.

So with that, we eventually found the formula, that undeniably is better than anything out there in the market as for being non-toxic, bonding strength and having nearly no odor. It was a long climb. We started this back when recession in the building was happening for the retail line. It was a lot of knocking on doors. There’s a good old boy network in place that’s used to using this and they don’t want to change and they don’t want to hear about it. So we kept plugging away and plugging away.

And then eventually, thank God for the internet and information and people like you that know how to spread the word and get to the people that need it, we really started to thrive and getting some more mainstream acceptance as the way to go because the label of actually being ‘eco’ in a lot of ways hurt us at first. These people, as I’ve said, that they’re used to using what they’re used to using, we got into a situation where some of the companies that make adhesives and sealants got a low VOC, but not really a toxic free. And it’s not the same thing as we all know.

DEBRA: Yeah, it’s not the same thing.

FRANK LANGE: So we battled against that perception for a very long time. I’m sorry, go ahead.

DEBRA: No, I don’t want to cut you off. One of the things that impress me about this was that not only is it extremely low odor (like practically odorless), but you can also just go down the home depot and buy it. It’s not something that you have to buy from a special eco store or things like that.

And on your website you talked about how this product actually has better performance. It’s not just that its less toxic, but it’s actually is better performance.


DEBRA: So, tell us a little bit about how it’s better performance. I think that this is one of the things that sometimes eco products or non-toxic products, people say that they don’t work as well. And sometimes that’s true.

And one of the things, I used to work as a consultant many, many years ago when green products first came out, I used to consult with companies who are planning to create green products. One of the things that we found was that in order for a product to sell, the first thing is it has to work, that people are not going to buy green product if it doesn’t work.

And I think that is also true with a toxic-free product, that people want these other qualities, but it really has to work.

So, it was just spectacular to me to see that your product is not only the least toxic caulk and adhesive I’ve ever seen, but it also works better. So tell us how it works better?

FRANK LANGE: Well, it’s a polymer. It’s got a polymer base to it. It sure is different than anything else that’s out there. It’s funny that you bring that up. You actually zeroed in on one of the biggest problems in our industry. A lot of the products that are out there that are low VOC or came out early as being very green products that really are not hitting the non-toxic side came out more expensive and at a higher price than the regular stuff that was out there. It turned out to be more of a, for lack of a better word, watered down version of the toxic formula that they had and didn’t perform.

So we came into a bunch of shuttered doors at the big retailers. They say, “Well, we tried it and that stuff is more expensive and it doesn’t work as good as the toxic stuff.” We have to beat on the door for a very long time. “No no, no, you don’t get it. We’re nearly twice as strong, bonding-wise, than most everything out there that says ‘heavy-duty’ on it. And we bond to more surfaces and we are more flexible than silicone. We’re different. And we’re in that same price range as the toxic stuff, not higher.” So, there was a huge perception out there.

I need to correct on one thing, we are available on some Home Depot. We’re still working with Home Depot to get accepted nationwide. And how we got to where we are with Home Depot right now was based on people commenting on us on the and saying, “Hey, look, this is the real deal. We need this. This needs to be available to us.” That champion of people like you and people that listen to your radio station is how we’ve gotten as far as we have because there is that real perception out there that low VOC is non-toxic and it’s really just not.

DEBRA: It’s not.

FRANK LANGE: We’re a completely different animal than anything else that’s on there on the shelf.

DEBRA: Yeah, absolutely. Well, I’m so glad that you’re doing this. I’m so glad that you’re getting the support. I can buy it at my local home depot. This is actually a big thing for construction products because there are so many less toxic things that you can get if you order them online. But I’ve done a lot of remodeling and I just want to go down to Home Depot or Lowe’s or wherever my local store is and buy the right thing on the shelf. It’s so much easier. And so, hooray for you!

We need to go to break. When we come back we’ll talk more with Frank Lange. During the break you can go to his website and start to take a look at his products. We’ll be right back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Frank Lange. He’s the President/Owner of Eco-Bond Adhesives. That’s at, which are the least toxic adhesives and caulks I’ve ever seen. Actually, the way I found out about these is because my readers started writing to me and saying, “Have you used Eco-Bond? I can use it. I can use it. I can use it.” And that made me pay attention to this. And when I cut the top off the tube this morning, I smelled it and it was very, very low odor, very, very low.

Frank, can you tell us about some of the toxic chemicals that are commonly in caulks and adhesives?

FRANK LANGE: Oh, yeah. Silica is probably the biggest offender. A lot of what you see, what I say is there’s a lot of great companies making adhesives and sealants and they do very well. If that’s for you, that’s for you. I don’t want to ever bad mouth anyone in the industry because we’re all trying to work together. And there’s very good relationships between us all.

But you know, the glycols, then some formaldehydes and the silica are among the worst four that we found that we needed to make sure weren’t a part of when we put our formula together. So, we went for a clean polymer that is similar in nature. It’s closest thing I guess I could attribute to that’s very similar to the way that you would bond like a Vitamin C pill together. It’s got that kind of a base chemistry to it, so that it’s safe.

And then, when we found that, we branched out. We put it into many different levels from caulk to non-toxic silicone to heavy duty adhesives and sealants. The neat part about our product is because of its formula and how it is better than most of everything in the market is it will do both. It will be both a caulk and an adhesive. It will do both.

So there are caulks, there are adhesives, there are silicones and acrylics, most of which, almost all, 98% are toxic. We found a formula that could do a lot of those purposing in just one formula, which was unique to the market. And at the same time, bond and seal under water, which is normally, for a tube like ours, $13 to $14. We don’t have any tubes that are priced up that high at all.

So we were able, with this unique formula, to revolutionize having kind of an all-in-one formula and making it available to the mass market and in a more inexpensive price. And that’s so boxy and salesy, but getting back to what you should look out for in adhesives, my rule of thumb is if the panels for warning are longer than the directions on how to use it, it’s probably your first warning sign.=

DEBRA: Well, yeah. I think that that’s a good idea. There are warning labels on products and so often people don’t even look for them.


DEBRA: I’ve been looking at products for so many years and I would say that the absence of a warning label doesn’t necessarily always mean that it’s safe. But if somebody knows they need to put a warning label and they put on the warning label on the product, believe them!

It’s like, “Why use this toxic thing if there’s something less toxic right next to it?” especially with caulks and adhesives. That’s a very good product category to be reading the labels. Read. Read. Read. Read. Read.

FRANK LANGE: It affects your air more than you even know. Really, I’m sure you know because you are a veteran and really the guru in this area. But from carpet, to paint, to the surfaces that your air flows over, as we see it from the California schools that have the problem with toxic contamination and had to actually move the school, almost everything in your house has airflow and most everything has adhesives or sealants that’s the part of the culprit, part of the problem.


FRANK LANGE: And the binder in paint is really contributed to the most toxic part of it. So it really is something that we’ve unknowingly lived with and had been sick about and not really been able to define until we had people like you standing up and defining it and saying, “Hey, let’s wake up and let’s put a face to it…“


FRANK LANGE: “…let’s realize what we’re dealing with.” And it’s not necessarily to demonize anything or anyone…

DEBRA: No. No.

FRANK LANGE: …but just be aware before you make a purchase.

DEBRA: No, it’s just about having information and being able to decide whether you want to use a toxic product or not a toxic product and consumers having a choice.

Just to show you I did my homework, I did go to your website and find your material safety data sheet. And I went to see what it said. It indicated that the product was made from silanes. I went and looked up silanes. And actually, I think most people don’t know what a silane is and so I then went in and looked on another site and it’s very, very simple compound that is basically just hydrogen (like water is made from hydrogen) and silicone and those are both just elements. They’re basic elements in nature. And so it’s not…

FRANK LANGE: They’re elements that are almost microscopic type of Velcro that is a key component in a lot of, like I said vitamin C pills. That’s kind of a rough palatable bonder that is out there. And that is the secret that’s almost giving you the recipe to the chicken there, it gives you the…

DEBRA: Well I’m not wanting to go about your formula. I don’t think that I can because you probably don’t want to let it get away in some way.

FRANK LANGE: No, that’s okay. That’s okay. We believe in the better disclosure. We try to post more about our product than anywhere than anyone.

DEBRA: Right.

FRANK LANGE: We really know that we super service that non-toxic consumer and we want them to be very aware. We want to be able to understand and know what they’re getting into. We do everything from bonding strength to getting down to our basic chemistry.

DEBRA: Well, we need to go to break, but I want to finish my sentence and say this is not a petroleum product. It is not made from crude oil. It’s made from entirely different material. We’ll just finish up with that when we come back from the break.

I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. My guest today is Frank Lange. He’s the President and Owner of Eco-Bond adhesives and and we’ll be right back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Frank Lange. He’s the President and Owner of Eco-Bond adhesives and that’s at And in some Home Depot stores across the country, you can actually help him get into more Home Depot stores by going to the home depot website and find the Eco-Bond product and leave a comment that you would like to see it in your local store, that it’s important that Home Depot carry these less toxic products.

And if you don’t have it in your local store, just specifically say, “I want it in my store” and mention where you are. Let’s get this product in all the Home Depot because everybody should have a choice to be toxic free in every product that they need to use every day.

And this is a product that works well, is practically odorless. It’s in the same price range as buying a toxic product, which is not always the case. And so we need more products like this and we need companies like – Home Depot is great that they have it in some stores. But let’s get them in all the Home Depot and all the stores that sell caulks should have them on the shelf. I’ll get off my soapbox now.

FRANK LANGE: Thank you, that was great. We need to sign you up. We appreciate that. We use Home Depot as an example, but we’re in the Ace system, Ace Hardwares. They’re great! We love those guys for their informative power. They’re really good about trying to really know a product and do the job of informing consumers.

All of the people that have support us so far and put us in their stores and worked with us, we have small hardware distributors and people that are green stores, they jumped on board. They’re the ones, they’re the life blood that really informed.

FRANK LANGE:The big mall stores are great because they obviously have a distribution, but the ones that we cherish probably the most are the hardware stores and the little guys that take the time to know the product that really try to walk people through an aisle and give them the whole story on everything that they’re needing.

And we’d like to be a part of that story in informing that there’s a choice out there to make and it’s a good choice. It’s not less, it’s actually more.

And that’s usually where we went and that’s just not just being non-toxic, but trying to compete against all the toxics out there. There’s that we fought to be better and bond and do more to get past that, “Oh, it’s just a green product… Oh, it’s just this product”.

So that’s been our story and that’s where we really work hard, just to able to stand by our product and say, “We’re just proud, we’re just proud to have it. We’re proud to be a part of it. We’re proud to be able to put it out there.”

There’s my second soapbox for us to start.

DEBRA: Well, I agree with you about the small businesses. If you look on my website on Debra’s List at, so many of those websites are small businesses and they’ve been around for a long time. There are new ones like you. There are people that I’ve known for 30 years and they still have their businesses because these small businesses say, “We need to do something different” and that they make something different.

Years ago, all these businesses were standing on their own and selling to whoever would listen to them. What I’ve seen over time in all different sectors, different kinds of products is that now that we have all these small businesses and me and other people who are talking about these kinds of products, that the larger companies are starting to listen and that there starting to stock it.


DEBRA: But they don’t innovate, they don’t innovate. It’s us, it’s the consumers that need to be…

FRANK LANGE: You’ve got it. It’s you, the funny story of how I found you. I was…

DEBRA: Yeah, tell them the story!

FRANK LANGE: A customer called and got through to me. They wanted to yell at me, “Tell me, why are you not talking to Debra?! What’s going on? Why is Debra not aware of you?” I actually called. I got ahead of steam. I’m like, “Yeah! Why doesn’t Debra know about me.” I got on your site and I’m reading about you and I’m like, “What?! How are we not being covered here? What’s going on?”

And, so I actually called or I think e-mailed or called…

DEBRA: E-mail, through e-mail.

FRANK LANGE: We got a hold of each other and I had a little bit of an attitude, “How do you not know about Eco-Bond out there?!“

DEBRA: Yes, you did.

FRANK LANGE: We need voices like this, we need the consumers because consumers make all the difference.” And you’re like, “Uh… I covered you. You’re already here.” It really was like going ahead of steam and you had already gotten on our wagon and really covered us already and put something on, so we really appreciate it.

This day and age with Pinterest to Facebook to just their own sites, the big boxes and the hardware stores, they are using that as a gauge as to what product. Any time we’re in front of the any of the people that we’re asking for distribution through, they take a look at how are we rated, what are people saying about us and what are they saying about us on their side. It makes a difference that really tips the scale and gives them kind of a finger in the water to test so see if it makes sense, to do something with it.

DEBRA: It really does.

FRANK LANGE: It’s an important voice. You’re doing a good thing by really rallying people.

DEBRA: Thank you.

FRANK LANGE: It’s one thing to think about it, it’s another thing to take the time to support and try do something about it. And the people that do, whether they know it or not, I can tell you, as being somebody that is a part of it, it makes a difference.

We appreciate it, we really appreciate it. I take the time every day to talk to consumers. I know a few of them by their first name, I can tell their phone numbers even when they call. I take the time to really try to keep my ear to the ground on tech calls that come in and so does Heidi and so do others. We try to really listen and keep our ear to the railroad tracks to see if there’s something we’re missing.

We’re finding that the companies out there are doing the same thing and it’s online. It is their Facebook page, it is their consumer page, their rating, their Amazon. It’s doing a tremendous job on consumer feedback with their verified purchase system and knowing that they’re really talking to real people.

So you guys are making such a difference to us, you don’t even know.

DEBRA: Thank you for saying that because I think consumers don’t understand that the whole market place runs on what we buy. And we’ll talk about this a little more when we come back. We need to get to break.

You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio, I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Frank Lange. He’s the Owner of Eco-Bond Premium Non-toxic Adhesives and Sealants – that’s what it says on his website – at We’ll be right back.


DEBRA: You’re listening to Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. My guest today is Frank Lange of Eco-Bond Adhesives, And before the break, we were just talking about the power of consumers help. And I just want to say this again because it’s so, so, so important. Retailers put on the shelf what consumers buy and you have to believe that if they put a product on the shelf, and nobody buys it, it doesn’t stay on the shelf.

They are looking for products that are going to give them the maximum amount of sales for that shelf space. And so if we buy toxic free products, then that tells them, they need to stock more toxic-free products. And if we write good reviews about toxic-free products, then they’re going to put more toxic-free products on the shelf.

And that’s how this is going to happen. I don’t think it’s going to happen by regulation. It can all happen by consumer power, each of us finding out where are the toxic free products and buying them. And then more and more of them will end up in retail stores.

This is what I’ve seen over the course of the last thirty years. And we totally have the power in our hands. Totally! Anyway…

FRANK LANGE: More than you know, more than you know. While being a lot of frustration for a lot people because the regulations aren’t catching up to where they should be, this is the time where your voice is so much bigger than you know. Making the time to meet the demand for, not just our product, but for any product that’s toxic free, making that little extra second to say something online or make a call to the store to demand it really is the difference.

A lot of products like ours and others out there are still looked at as kind of like a specialty product, even though we’ve gone through the real change to be both price competitive and better than most of our competition out there on the market for just bonding and sealing and flexibility and bonding under water.

In a sense, just our name can sometimes be our detriment because they look at as, “Oh, well, that’s just a green product and it’s just…” But the way that we become so much more is consumer voice.

DEBRA: Absolutely!

FRANK LANGE: You have that ability. It’s like voting, not to be political at all because I don’t think that toxic has political implications. I think it’s health. It’s totally different. It’s like talking about exercise. There’s no politics to it. It’s about living what’s the least amount of chemicals that you can.

If you have an option and it’s better than even the toxic option, make it a part of your life. Don’t worry about the politics of it. That consumer voice really changes things from being considered specialty to being considered mainstream.

It’s totally within your power to do it. And again, I compliment you on being a champion of that because it does make a difference. It’s why I picked up the phone after talking to somebody that follows you and then them yelling at me for not being a part of it because that’s how much it means to me. We see it. You may not see it or hear it from us enough as a product, but you guys really do such a heartfelt difference in the minds of buyers at retail level.

DEBRA: Well, before we run out of time, I’d like you to just tell us about the different  at the beginning, we were talking about how you can use one formula for all these different uses. But tell us all what are the different products that you have (because you have about eight or ten products) so that people can get the idea that they turn to you for these different uses.

FRANK LANGE: I will give you such quick soapbox. It might spin your head.

DEBRA: It doesn’t have to be that quick. You have five minutes.

FRANK LANGE: I don’t want to give you a commercial because I really just believe on what you’re doing here.

The products themselves, our flagship products is Heavy-Duty. Its real call-to-action is it has over 400 psi bonding strength. Compared to the normal heavy duty on the shelf that’s about 125, it is stronger, more flexible than silicone and it bonds in so strong. It can be used on nearly any project. And because it bonds underwater from doing a landscape pond outside to putting [inaudible 00:45:25] on your house to gluing down – we have a version of it as a floor product to gluing down tile, carpets, putting up walls, gluing truss together, sealing around anywhere that you wanted silicone.

We have a multipurpose that’s the most inexpensive product in the market that bonds underwater. It usually retails in the $5 or less range. It’s toe-to-toe with any heavy duty and it can be used in almost any project that you would want to bond or seal.

We have a Kitchen Tub & Bath that specifically addresses, toe-to-toe, for caulk and silicone for your tub. We have an Ultra Clear, which is a really great product. It’s a non-yellow and clear. Because it’s not petroleum-based, it really is an ultra-clear seal for surfaces like marble, granite that you put a back splash and you want a nearly unbelievable finish for being transparent. It works great for sinks. It will seal like a silicone, but yet it will bond too, so you can bond up the sink, you can bond the granite down with it and then seal the granite with it, which is a really neat attribute.

Then we have Windows, Doors & Trim that is exactly what you would expect it does. It’s great for airflow points in your house, around your trim where you’re getting airflow and it’s in contact with your air.

We have a Flashing Roof & Gutter. A lot people would say, “Why does a non-toxic need that?” But because of our basic product being so rugged and so weather conscious, we have one of the best working times in the industry for being able to patch with it. And temperature wise, you can put us on a frozen substrate in the middle of winter and we’ll bond and seal. Most products, toxic products that have petroleum or water base, they will freeze up and explode. But all of our products are tolerant in really cold weather and really hot water.

And then we have a Non-Toxic Silicone that’s really toe-to-toe for people that just believe in silicone. It’s your non-toxic equivalent to that. We have two types that are very similar to each other, Pet Safe and Farm Safe. They’re really meant for animal owners, animal lovers that have anything from tend animals to animals that chew things and pull things apart that need to be glued back together.

When it’s fully cured, animals can chew it up. And even if they digest it, it won’t affect them because it’s completely non-toxic. They’ll pass it and it’s so safe. If you value your animal or your fish, it will bond in for aquatic use. It’s what I clear for fixing aquariums to again, that pond area or that water trough if it’s farm-related. You don’t have to drain the water out, you can actually patch and seal on the fly with it. It will bond and seal underwater like all of our products.

And last, but not the least, we have our new product that is the Floor & Tile Adhesive that is great for…

DEBRA: Oh, thank you. Thank you!

FRANK LANGE: Yeah! We all know that smell, that whole process, you leave your house for days and sometimes weeks at a time for it to temper down and to be breathable. We now have a product that you put down and not only is it great for putting down on tile because it has a non-toxic rubber base to it, it takes away the need to do a moisture barrier. So you’re actually saving on not having to do the moisture barrier and you can put it down with a trowel like a thinset and just pop you tile. It’s so strong it will bond. It will help you go up vertically with tiles too if you’re doing a shower or you’re doing a tiled wall.

DEBRA: One of the things about tile – I’ve laid a lot of tiles for many years. I would have to say this fast because we’re running to the end of the show. But when I first started, you can buy the cement, the thinset part separate from the latex side of it. And it’s hard now to get that…


DEBRA: But the reason, that you put the latex side of it in is to make it a little more flexible especially if you have a shower wall and going up a wall as oppose to a floor. But your product would be an adhesive that gives that flexibility without it being toxic.

FRANK LANGE: It does! It alleviates the moisture barrier. And because it has that kind of rubber non-toxic base to it, and it’s self-leveling, it won’t create those air pockets that would pop a tile after a few years…

DEBRA: Right, or make it crack.


DEBRA: Wow! Thank you so much, we’re ticking down the seconds here, so I just want to say thank you for making your products. Thank you for being on the show. Again this is…

FRANK LANGE: Thank you for having us! Thank you for doing what you do. We appreciate it in the industry, all of us. I speak for anyone who has a non-toxic product.

DEBRA: Thank you.

FRANK LANGE: We need more of this. We appreciate the consumer so much for championing and taking the time to make comments.

DEBRA: Thank you. We have to go. This is Toxic Free Talk Radio. I’m Debra Lynn Dadd. Be well.


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