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Custom sofas built with your choice of materials—made in 4 weeks in Los Angeles. “None of our fabrics have fire retardants or stain finishes and we even offer 100% natural like cotton, hemp and wool, and some certified organic textiles as well..” This is a morph of the custom sofas that used to be at Viesso, by the original founders. “Realizing there is still so much more to do to disrupt the furniture industry, we knew it was time to break off our collection as its own brand.” Like Viesso, Stem lets you customize every aspect of your sofa, which gives you a lot of choice and requires that you make good choices. Standard materials are better than average but not really toxic-free, so skip those and go for the natural latex, organic cottons, They will send samples, and let you live with the finished sofa for 100 days. Free shipping (both ways if you return it). And they finance.

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Pine Street Natural Interiors

This is the interior design website of my friend Rowena, who I have known for years. She knows absolutely everything about toxics in interior design products and carries only the most natural, organic and pure. “We strive to create beautiful, colorful, and environmentally friendly living spaces using healthy materials that are also socially responsible.” She carries furniture, beds and bedding, area rugs and carpeting, window coverings, upholstery fabrics, accents, lighting, outdoor furniture and accessories, nursery and children’s bedrooms and playroom, and beds and toys for pets. Also home office and storage.

Listen to my interviews with Rowena Finegan, BBEC, Managing Partner and Interior Designer of Pine Street Natural Interiors

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Kalon Studios

Simple sustainable furniture made from domestic hardwoods, organic cotton and wool, latex from organic trees, and other natural and nontoxic materials. “Based in Los Angeles, California and in Germany, Kalon Studios is a design studio focused on contemporary form with a particular aesthetic of simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty. Kalon Studios’ design focus is as much on quality of design as it is on material, method and process. All of our products are non-toxic, fully sustainable, and domestically produced respectively in the in the US and in Europe. Each piece is handcrafted to order by traditional furniture makers. The ancient Greek concept of ‘kalon’ meant beauty linked with moral worth and usefulness, a value we seek to express in our designs.” Oh,, I love this! “Materials + Methods” is the first item on the main menu.

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“Modern artisan furniture” made with nontoxic and earthwise materials: certified fabrics, organic cotton and wool, durable hemp, FSC-certified wood, natural latex, hand-tied recycled steel coils, and water-based no-VOC adhesives. They make “premium quality, natural, hand-crafted, stylish, and comfortable upholstered furniture manufactured in an environmentally conscious manner with materials sourced from local suppliers whenever possible. Ecobalanza independently manages all aspects: from design to material sourcing to manufacture, to ensure the quality and integrity of every piece our artisans create.” Choose from a variety of styles and fabrics or ask them to make your own custom design.

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Carolina Morning

Natural, affordable, adjustable furniture designed to support  your body. The innovative Eco Backrest™ adjusts to six positions and can be placed on a bed or directly on the floor for a truly comfortable chair. It can also be used as a laptop workstation. The modular couch (stuffed with organic kapok/wool)  doubles as a guest bed, a simple desk chair made of all natural materials, and more. Lots of pieces that can be put together in various ways, all designed to support your body.

Listen to my interview with Patrick Clark from Carolina Morning.

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“An extensive line of chairs, sofas, loveseats, and ottomans for people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity…Many healthy, ecology conscious individuals are also purchasing our products because they prefer to live in a clean, unpolluted environment.” These are top quality products with classic designs made by a family-owned company with third- and fourth-generation furniture makers. They will even make custom pieces to your design specifications. All pieces are made with 100% organic cotton barrier cloth, frames made from kiln-dried, untreated, hard rock maple, water-based glues, chemical-free wood finishes and organic or non-organic natural fiber upholstery fabrics (pre-washing option to remove fabrics finishes available).

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