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This is currently the wood finish I use. High performance water-based wood finishes made using whey, a by-product of local cheese making. Whey “has a high BOD (biochemical oxygen demand) that can increase the burden on waste treatment facilities and can pollute rivers, lakes, and even the ocean…By reformulating whey into a durable, natural wood finish, a potential waste product is taken out of the waste stream and put to a useful purpose.” The VOC level is about 180g/L (grams per liter), which is lower than California’s 250g/L–the toughest indoor air quality standard in the United States. I smelled a sample and it is remarkably low in odor (though it does still contain small amount of toxic chemicals, according to their MSDS). Once cured, it is very “food-safe”, not toxic if child or pet chews on it. Cans are made with post consumer materials which can be recycled when discarded.

Listen to my interview with Vermont Natural Coatings Founder and President Andrew Meyer./a>

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