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Hand-crafted organic soaps, creams, and perfumes made with the best organic or wild-crafted pure essential oils for scent and certified organic oils. Soaps are made with the cold-press method that retains the natural glycerin. “Light Stone was created 21 years ago after a long and unproductive search for pure and natural skin care products. The products that I found either contained synthetic, harmful ingredients, or they were very poor in quality. So I began the on-going process of education, trial and error and long days of study about the process of soap making. Then came the study of the tremendous effects of essential oils (better known as aromatherapy) on the body and the mind. I think that we have combined our years of study, research and experimentation to create truly exceptional products. We have always used only the highest quality ingredients and we have always created our products with great consideration for the body, mind, spirit and the environment.”

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