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Toxic Free is the culmination of 6 books on toxics, continuously in print for 29 years

Free Yourself from the Harmful Effects of Toxic Chemicals with

TOXIC FREE: How to Protect Your Health and Home from the Chemicals That are Making You Sick






“A competent reference tool for those concerned about the explosion of toxics in our daily lives.”

— Kirkus Book Reviews “The World’s Toughest Book Critics”


Toxic Free is a fantastic book. It reveals the sources of hazardous exposures around the household, and offers practical, cost-effective, and healthier solutions. An impressive and important resource.”

— Anne Steinemann, Ph.D.
Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and
of Public Affairs University of Washington

Today we know that exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products underlies virtually every symptom and illness. Whether you have headaches or cancer, asthma or impotence—or any other body problem—reducing toxic chemicals in your home and your body is now necessary for good health.

We are all exposed to many more toxic chemicals than our bodies can handle as we go through our daily lives, chemicals that can cause problems in every part of our bodies. When these chemicals build up in our bodies, illness results. The solution to good health is two-fold:

  • Reduce the amount of toxic chemicals you are exposed to
  • Increase your body’s ability to process and remove the toxic chemicals already stored within it, and the new toxic chemicals you are exposed to out in the world that you can’t avoid.

If you are living on planet Earth today and care about your health, you need to read this book.

Everyone is now affected by toxic chemicals in consumer products and the environment.


Toxic Free tells you how to reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals in your home and in the world at large. It gives 50 easy steps everyone can do to reduce a significant amount of toxic exposure in your home plus how you can begin to reduce your exposure to toxics in the environment. You’ll also learn about your body’s detoxification system and how to support it, along with instructions for removing toxic chemicals from your body that are making you sick. Appendices give the basics about toxicology and show how toxic chemicals affect every one of your body systems.

Toxic Free is easy-to-read, with practical information you can use today to solve the problem of constant exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products and the environment, and the build-up of these chemicals in your body. Take the first step to good health. Buy and read Toxic Free today.



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