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Privacy Policy

As of 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GFPR) of the European Union is in effect in the EU. It also pertains to any business worldwide who collect data from the EU.

Since I collect data from the EU, I am providing this Privacy Policy for my EU visitors. But it also applies to all visitors to my website.

There are no general laws in the USA.

I just want to outline what data I collect and what happens with it.

I do not sell or trade any information to others.

Newsletter Subscribers

When you subscribe to my newsletter, you grant permission to me to send you newsletters and other communications from me via the list you signed up for. This list is stored at At the bottom of each newsletter are links where you can manage your own subscription and unsubscribe whenever you choose.

Blog Comments

If you make a comment on one of my blogs, your name and email address is collected by my WordPress website and stored on my personal server. I do nothing with those names and addresses beyond using them to contact you about your comment if that is necessary.

Purchase via PayPal

If you purchase something directly from me on my website, your data is collected by PayPal, and is subject to the privacy policies of PayPal. PayPal is PCI DSS compliant, which includes being GFPR compliant. I never see your payment information, I am only notified that you have paid for the item you have purchased.

Purchase of phone consultation

If you purchase a phone consultation from me, then I take your credit card information over the phone. The credit cards are processed by, which is PCI DSS compliant, which includes being GFPR compliant. They also require me to be PCI DSS compliant, which I am for this use. I use these credit card numbers only for consolation fees that you authorize and for no other purpose.

Your information is safe with me.

This is true. Debra Lynn Dadd


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