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The New Ultra-UC-DISINFECT is the Best PureEffect Unit Yet

Well, Igor has outdone himself! We now have the NEW Ultra-UC-Disinfect Water Filter/Revitalizer!

Five years in the making, this is Pure Effect’s most advanced multi-phase filtration system yet. It is a world-class filtration, disinfection, and revitalization “powerhouse,” manufactured monthly in limited quantities due to the attention to quality and detail that each system demands.

I just upgraded mine. (I really like the stylish new auxiliary faucet…which comes in three colors to match your main faucet!)

You can upgrade yours too, because Igor will give you a special upgrade discount if you already have one of his water filters. Just email your full name, email and order # from your previously purchased system and he will send you a special discount code.

(You can also sell your old filter to someone for additional savings. I had mine sold before the new one even arrived.)

And if you don’t yet have a water filter, this one is an excellent choice.

Let me tell you about it.


Removes Toxic Pollutants…Disinfects…

The new Ultra-UC-Disinfect Water Filter/Revitalizer has all the features of the best-selling Ultra-UC Water Filter/Revitalizer that I have been using and recommending for the past two years PLUS a high-potency ultraviolet lamp.

Now why would you want an ultraviolet lamp on your water filter? I asked this very question because…well…isn’t that the whole idea of chlorine and chloramines in tap water, to have it be free of bacteria and other micro-organisms that could be harmful to health?

Yes, chlorine and chloramines do generally do a good job at disinfecting the water, however, it’s not a perfect system. Bacteria, protozoa and viruses can and do get into public drinking water systems, and some are very difficult to remove.

Just last year there was an article in the New York Times that addressed this water quality problem. Here are a few interesting paragraphs that describe the micro-organisms in our water and how they can harm us:

Chlorine-based disinfectants destroy harmful cellular organisms that cause illness–eliminating infectious diseases like typhoid, cholera and dysentery– but to call the process purification is a misnomer. The researchers estimate that between 10 and 100 million free-floating, or planktonic, organisms survive in every quart of tap water.

Despite new genetic techniques, the federally mandated method for identifying what’s in drinking water focus on coliform bacteria, which can be indicators of fecal contamination. Water managers crank up the chlorine when the bacteria are found, although the vast majority of coliform bacteria do not sicken people.

Other microorganisms in drinking water–methylobacteria, sphingomonads, mycobacteria–survive chlorine-based treatment. And many scientists fear that the use of chlorine can result in the growth of resistant and sometimes harmful microorganisms, including Legionella, the cause of Legionnaires’ disease and Pontiac fever, and the nontuberculous mycobacteria, which can infect the lungs, skin and other organs.

Mycobacteria are common inhabitants in drinking water systems, and researchers are particularly interested in the estimated 20,000 infections they cause annually. When ingested or inhaled, mycobacteria can infect the lungs of the elderly or immunocompromised individuals. The infections are sometimes an occupational hazard at indoor pools, called “lifeguard lung.”

I’m very glad I got my new filter.

UV light is simply the best technology for removing all kinds of bacteria, viruses, mold, algae, and any other micro-organisms that may be in the water. And if your power goes off, there is a backup UltraFiltration Membrane that removes micro-organisms down to 0.05 microns, while still leaving beneficial minerals in the water.

Do you need this? If you have well water that is not disinfected, absolutely yes. If you have disinfected tap water…after reading the New York Times article, I would say yes for tap water too. You never know what might get into your water. It was only last August when 500,000 residents of Ohio were without drinking water when unsafe levels of the algal toxin Microcystin was found in the drinking water.


…and Breaks Down Extremely Persistent Chemicals That Cannot Otherwise Be Removed

The UV lamp also helps break down toxic chemicals, including pharamecuticals and chemicals in personal care products, pesticides, herbicides, 1,4 dioxane, fuels and fuel additives, VOCs, and endocine disruptor chemicals like BPA.

These are not simply filtered out by UV, but are broken down into their safe, elemental components.

In particular, UV light breaks down N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), which is a by-product of disinfection with chloramines. This cannot be removed by filtration, but is broken down by UV. Igor was prompted to add a UV light to this unit in response to a request from one of my readers who wanted to remove NDMA, and has now provided a solution. NDMA is very harmful to the liver and is a suspected human carcinogen. But it quickly breaks down in the presence of sunlight.

When using UV light for disinfecting, the key factor for effectiveness is flow rate. The Ultra-UC-Disinfect Water Filter/Revitalizer has a UV lamp rated for a flow rate of 2 gallons, but the flow rate of the unit is only 0.5 gallons. So there is plenty of UV power to be extremely effective.


Don’t Have A Water Filter Yet? Get This One

As a consumer advocate and author of seven books on safe,
nontoxic products
, I’ve been researching, using, and writing about
water filters since 1982. I’ve looked at a lot of different filters
during that period of time and understand how to evaluate water
filters for effectiveness.

I installed the previous model–Ultra-UC Water Filter/Revitalizer made by PureEffect Advanced Filtration–in December 2012. It caught my attention because it removes
a wide variety of pollutants
(some of which are not removed by most
filters) at an affordable price.

I still highly recommend this filter as the most affordable choice that can be used for every household.

If you are willing to spend a little more, the new Ultra-UC-Disinfect Water Filter/Revitalizer is even better.


Water Pollutants Removed

To the best of my knowledge the Ultra-UC Water Filter/Revitalizer and the new Ultra-UC-Disinfect Water Filter/Revitalizer are
the only All-In-One systems of their kind that remove:

1. Radioisotopes that get into our water from Leaking Nuclear
Plants, Fukushima Fallout, and Uranium/Plutonium Mining (these are the
only filters I’ve ever seen that remove radioactive particles). They also remove wide-spectrum radiation, both positive and negative ions.

2. Drug Residues that are not required by law to be removed at water
treatment plants (again, these are the only filters I’ve seen that remove
drug residues).

3. Fluoride using an all-natural alumina-free activated carbon
bonded with calcium, shown to be 20% more effective at removing
fluoride than the commonly used activated alumina.

4. Disinfection Chemical Additives including both Chloramines and Chlorine.

5. Disinfection Chemical By-Products such as Trihalomethanes (one of which is Chloroform), and the new Ultra-UC-Disinfect also removes NBMA.

6. Heavy Metals including Lead, Aluminum, Mercury, Barium, Iron &
Other Positively Charged metal ions.

7. VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as benzene, xylene and
other solvents that are byproducts of the petroleum industry.

8. Agricultural Contaminants such as pesticides, herbicides and insecticides

9. Microbial Cysts including Giardia & Cryptosporidum, which survive disinfection, plus any micro-organism down to 0.5 micron in size (and the Ultra-UC-Disinfect removes all micro-organisms to zero)

10. Sediment down to ultra-fine size of 0.5 Micron (approximately
50x smaller than a grain of beach sand)


Filter Cartridges & Independent Water Test

The Ultra-UC Water Filter/Revitalizer is made up of three filter cartridges and the new Ultra-UC-Disinfect Water Filter/Revitalizer has four (click on the links to see what they contain and what they remove)


Anti Radiation cartridge
(Alumina-Free) Fluoride Reduction
SuperBlockTM 0.5 Micron
Dual-Catalytic Activated Carbon Block
Absolute 0.05 Micron Particulate Removal
Ultra-UC-Disinfect only

Comprehensive Water Test Showing the Output Water Quality of the Ultra-UC System


The Most Advanced Carbon Filters on the Market

All PureEffect filters come standard with their exclusive DualCarb-Superblock 0.5 Micron Catalytic Activated Carbon cartridge.

Here’s why this may be the most advanced carbon filter yet.

1. Up-to 15X More Chemical Decomposition Power: Unlike most carbon blocks on the market which use only one type of regular activated carbon, PureEffect’s DualCarb-Superblock features two types of Premium Grade Catalytic Activated Carbon, compression molded into one block. This results in about 15 time more chemical decomposition power than regular activated carbons. The term “Catalytic” means that the surface of the carbon has been specially modified to react with hard to remove chemicals like chloramine, hydrogen sulfide and others to speed up their molecular decomposition on contact. Regular activated carbon cannot do this, and is not adequate to remove the complex and persistent contaminants we face today.

2. Super Wide Range of Chemical Absorption: By combining two different types of catalytic carbons they achieved an unparalleled diversity of pore sizes, which now includes micro, macro and meso pore sizes within the carbon block structure. The various pore sizes capture a much wider range of chemical molecules than ever before. It also absorbed at least 50% more chloramine than their previous cartridge.

3. Built-in Natural Bacterial Protection: Most carbon blocks on the market do not offer anything to discourage bacterial overgrowth inside the carbon structure, or the ones that do use silver, which we think isn’t the best option, since silver must be listed as a pesticide with the EPA. Instead, they have impregnated the carbon with the proven, safe, natural, NSF Certified and Patented KDF55 media. This safely discourages bacterial growth throughout the cartridge, maintaining superior performance and preventing fouling issues that commonly occurs with low-end carbon blocks, and it also helps to remove chlorine (if you have chlorine in your water).

4. Superior 0.5 micron Micro-Sediment & Microbial Cyst Removal: Because we compressed this block into a very fine 0.5 micron density, it can capture microbial cysts that survive disinfection, e.g. Giardia & Cryptosporidium and extremely fine sediment, many times smaller than beach sand. Further, such a compression allows for more thorough overall filtration, since the water has to make it’s way through a much denser material than say a 5 micron carbon block.

5. High-Quality, yet Reasonably Priced: PureEffect doesn’t compromise on quality, and only sources their carbon from the best suppliers, never from China or other questionable sources. All the cartridges are freshly manufactured in the USA, are BPA and Phthalate-Free.


Other Benefits

* Raises Alkaline pH naturally. In nature, water is naturally balanced between 6.5- 9.0 pH (pH stands for the Potential of Hydrogen, which is a measure of how acidic or alkaline something is). Using nature as their guide, the manufacturer saw that rain water makes it’s way down to the ground, then is filtered through the earth and over riverbeds, where it picks up it’s mineral/electrolyte ions and becomes naturally balanced. Taking this process into consideration, they developed their filter systems to pattern this effect naturally.

* Improves water’s antioxidant potential by approximately 25%. This water has the potential to “give” electrons (subatomic negative charges) to protons (subatomic positive charges) it comes in contact with. When these electrons bond to the protons–also known as free-radicals or oxidants–these oxidants can then be reduced and neutralized.

* Quality Components made to last. I was very impressed with the high quality of materials, even the little lever on the auxilary faucet moves with exceptional smoothness when I move it to retrieve the water. No part of this filter is made in China. All filtration cartridges are Made in USA. Comes with a 2-Year Hassle-Free Warranty and personalized customer care and service.

* Requires no electricity (when not using UV lamp).

* Uses advanced Flow Regulation Technology. This ensures water does not pass through the system too quickly, and has sufficient contact time with filtration media, allowing optimal contaminant filtration.

* Uses high-quality nontoxic materials. BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free plastic, lead-free metal components and highest grade filtration media.


Better Than Bottled Water

Having my own filter in my home gives me the cleanest water possible
on-demand, and saves a significant amount of time, effort and money by
eliminating the need for purchasing and carrying bottled water from
the store. After a few months of bottled water savings, the unit pays
for itself.

In addition, water bottles have been known to leach BPA, phthalates
and other petroleum-based chemicals that are known
to have harmful health effects.


The Manufacturer

This filter is made by a small family-owned water filteration business based in the USA, focused on designing, testing and innovating reasonably priced, yet high-quality drinking water filtration/revitalization systems, both point-of-use and whole-house.

“We create filtration systems that are simple, elegant, and extremely effective at reducing the widest possible range of common contaminants. Our PureEffect Water Filter Systems protect your drinking water and help restore it back to it’s ‘naturally pure’ state, and by that we do not mean laboratory sterilized H2O stripped of everything but the water molecules, instead, our filters can make the water that enters your body ‘whole’ and ‘nutritious’ again.”

Their filters are specifically designed to remove toxic substances while leaving essential alkalinizing minerals, electrolytes and negative electrochemical “charges” that neutralize positively-charged free radicals found in toxic tap water.

“We truly love what we do, and build water filter systems which you and your loved ones can enjoy for many years to come.”


Your Body Needs Clean Water

Water is essential to life. Our bodies cannot live more than three to five days without a replenishment of water because water is constantly evaporating from our bodies. Our bodies are 50 to 70 perent water, depending on age. So we need a steady supply of clean and balanced water available.

Tap water is full of contaminants. All tap water contains at the very least disinfectants that kill micro-organisms both in the water and in your body. Tap water wipes out virtually all the beneficial bacteria that aid in digestion, for example.

In order to function, every organ and cell in our bodies need water.

I drink three to four quarts of pure water every day to keep my body hydrated. I keep a water bottle on my desk at all times and sip from it as I work. It’s just a basic of building good health.

In the past, water filters that remove pollutants as well as the Ultra-UC Water Filter/Revitalizer and the new have been very expensive.

These are the only water filters I know of that remove such a broad spectrum of pollutants, restores water’s natural pH, isn’t made in China, and is affordable for most households. And if you move, you can bring it with you.

Clean drinking water for everyone.


Click here for more information and to order

Listen to my interview with Igor Milevskiy, Founder of Pure Effect Advanced Water Filters, a small, family-owned company that makes exceptional water filters which remove fluoride, radiation, and pharmaceuticals as well as chlorine, chloramine, lead, and other common pollutants…at an affordable price. We’ll be talking about pollutants in your tap water, how they can affect your health, and how to choose a water filter that will remove them. Even if you have a water filter, it may not be removing water pollutants as effectively as you think. Also find out how you can pay for your filter by selling these exceptional filters to others (and there’s no fee to join).

Debra 🙂


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