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Weighted Blankets

Question from Kiersten

I’ve been searching for a weighted blanket to find and am having no luck finding one that doesn’t include some kind of polyester. The best I’ve found is this for example, with glass beads and certified toxic-free fabrics, but they still say the use a thin layer of polyester batting to hold the beads in place:

Have you done any research into weighted blankets and found one that is made entirely with toxic free materials?


Lisa’s Answer

Here is one that was recommended by a reader.  It is not organic, but it is 100% cotton with glass beads.

Coil Mattresses

Question from Viki

What is your opinion on organic mattresses with coil inner springs in them? Does it work like an antenna, collecting waves? (I have heard that before but never researched it.)


Lisa’s Answer

I am not an expert on EMFs (although I will be trained in it this coming summer).  But, based on what I have read a steel mattress coil by itself does not emit EMFs. And it also does not attract or concentrate EMFs. This can be measured with a gaussmeter.

Bad Smell

Question from Vangie

A friend of mine made me a coffee table out of an electrical pole, its beautiful but it smell very bad and as if its toxic from where I read about electric poles… can Zinsser Bull’s eye shellac  block the smell?


Lisa’s Answer

Shellac may block the smell but it will also contribute chemical off-gassing.  I would try a non-toxic sealer like AFM Safecoat, which is designed to seal in toxins.

Pressure Cooker

Question from Edy

I found this pressure cooker online supposedly toxic free.  Any thoughts?


Lisa’s Answer

The product looks to be non-toxic and they do independent testing for lead and cadmium.  I don’t have personal experience with it.

I have an Insta Pot but do not use it very often and never use it to cook acidic foods like tomato sauce.  Some people, particularly those with a nickel sensitivity, chose to avoid stainless steel.  Here is more on my thoughts on stainless steel.

Enameled Steel Tub

Question from Tami

Hi I am wondering if you know anything with the Kaldewei enameled steel, porcelain bathtubs. We are going to have our bathroom redone and I am looking for a non toxic tub to replace a fiberglass surround. Any advice would be appreciated.


Lisa’s Answer

I don’t have personal experience with the brand but it looks like a good option.

New Refrigerator

Question from Audrey

I may need to get a new refrigerator.  I called Needs in Syracuse and they said that the moso bags will not help with the outgassing/plastic smells in new refrigerator.  She had no suggestions except keeping the door open and putting an air cleaner in front of it.  Can you please post this question to see what mcs people have done to outgas the inside of a new refrigerator?  Thank you so much.


Lisa’s Answer

Readers, any suggestions?


Question from Sandy

I am looking for safe dinnerware sets that would be heavy metal free as possible that is affordable? Is there any brands I could check into that you would know of? I did check with corelle and they said it meets prop. 65 but I know no amount of heavy metals are safe. So just want to see what else may be out there that I dont know about.


Lisa’s Answer

I use Fiesta dinnerware.  IKEA is also a good, inexpensive source for dinnerware.


Question from Shirley

I read the comments from people hoping to find unscented or garbage bags without fragrance. Why did the makers of household products and trash bags start adding fragrance anyway? In most places a garbage can is provided or used for trash disposal. Where I live, we put our trash to the curb in bags, Paper is not an option due to our wet climate. I sympathize with the people who are sensitive to fragrances. I call the laundry aisle the “Aisle of Death”. How do those sensitive to the overly fragranced world we live in survive? Where can we find truly unscented Garbage Bags? Costco is not an option anymore. Neither is Walmart. I suggest calling Hefty & complaining.  Thanks for listening


Lisa’s Answer

Click here for a thread with readers offering several suggestions.  Readers, any other recommendations for unscented garbage bag?

Eczema and Furniture

Question from Bryan

I have very severe eczema and sensitivity to all things. I’ve noticed that i tend to break out badly whenever i touch a couch with my bare skin. Same goes for carpet, rugs and stretchy fabric.

I’ve heard that this is because of synthetic fabrics.

How on Earth can I find furniture with all natural fabrics? I’ve searched your site but couldn’t find anything regarding furniture.


Lisa’s Answer

There are more and more companies offering couches made with natural fabrics.  Here are some on Debra’s List.  I’m not sure what you are sensitive to, but I would also look out for treatments on the fabrics/rugs as well as chemicals inside your couch.    For example, a couch with a cotton fabric can be treated with stain resistant chemicals and is likely filled with polyurethane foam that can contain fire retardants, formaldehyde, benzene, and toluene.

The best option is to get a custom-made couch that uses only natural materials but this can be costly.  I recommend working with your doctor to find out what you are sensitive to so that you can avoid those specific irritants.

Safe Finish for a Table

Question from Stacey

I am trying to find a safe kitchen table. Is a table with a lacquer, or water-based polyurethane finish safe? Is one safer/preferable over the other?


Lisa’s Answer

It really depends on the specific product used.  Some lacquers are now water-based.  You might consider buying a floor model that has already off-gassed.


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