Question from Sheri

I just bought a 3qt sauce pan made by Chantel. It is called Stainless Induction 21 Steel. It is for use on all types of stoves including magnetic tho I don’t have that type. I just needed something that would sit flush on my coil burners.

Here is what the info on the tag says: Metal Composition 21/0 21% Chromium, 0 Nickel. The Nickel has been eliminated since it can leach during boiling. It is NSF approved. “Stronger, improved construction resists stress cracks. ” It has a few other metals listed too but at lower amounts than 18/10 for”extra corrosion resistance”. If you need to know about them let me know.

I just want to know if this is a safe pot to cook from? I am not allergic that I know of to Nickel but don’t like the idea of leaching so I was attracted to these claims.

What do you think? Thanks so much for all you do, your work has made my life much better.

Debra’s Answer

As far as I know, chromium and any other metals listed can also leach into the food that is cooked in them. I use Xtrema Cookware because it is ceramic through and through and there are no metals to leach.

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