Question from Washed Cat

Hi Debra,

I’ve recently moved & am in the process of sorting the pantry. I’ve been looking for storage containers which are the safest to use but are lightweight. I’m finding that glass & ceramics are to heavy for modern kitchen shelving but what are the alternatives? I’ve read your articles on stainless steel & containers made from wooden materials are difficult to find. I’m looking to store flours, sugars, lentils & pasta / spaghetti. Do you have any suggestions?

Debra’s Answer

Here one made of bamboo that I easily found on It only comes in one size (5.5-Inch Diameter x 7.6-Inch H) but it’s intended for bulk storage of coffee, tea, beans, spices, noodles and other dry food. Includes a removable, food grade plastic lining.

Here’s another one that is glass with a bamboo lid, also on Looks to be a rather lightweight glass rather than a heavy glass like a jar.

If you want wooden containers, look for bamboo. There are many affordable products now made from this fast-growing wood.




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