This cloth-covered ethernet cable is sold on


Question from Lindsey

Hi Debra,

Can you tell me if you know of a lead-free Ethernet cable? There are cloth-covered extension can red (links found on your site) & cloth-covered USB but I can’t find any Ethernet cables. Thank you!

Debra’s Answer

Here’s one: Vandesail Cat7 Ethernet Cable, Cat 7 RJ45 LAN Network Cable, High Speed Durable Nylon Braid STP.

It’s nylon. Not perfect, but no lead. 🙂

Also here is a “cable sash” you can use to cover PVC cables or bundle cables together. And another cable sleeve with a zipper. Both nylon.

I have been known to wrap cords with wired floral ribbon, which comes in pretty colors. The wire in the ribbon helps it stay in place.

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