Question from Deborah

Are there toxins in wood pallets? I’m thinking of making a pallet garden using some vegetable plants. Thank you. Deborah

Debra’s Answer

Yes, there are toxins of various kinds in pallets. However, it depends on the pallet.

Here are some articles with points to consider about pallets:

How to Determine if a Wood Pallet is Safe for Use

Apartment Therapy: Upcycled Wooden Pallets: Green Resource of Toxic Trend? discusses various different types of health concerns associated with pallets

And just for interest sake: Here’s a copy of a historical document from 1959 about why pallets SHOULD be treated with preservatives, written at a time when they were not. They recommend treating with chlordane and DDT, pentachlorophenol and copper napthenate, all very toxic. DDT has been banned since. Preservatives for Wood Pallets

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